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Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): Open Category

First, here is the originalPostfest IX(Brewfest 2008): Open Category announcement:

Hello all!

It is with great gladness that I make the announcement that Postfest has returned! Not only has it returned, but it will become a regular feature from now on. As its name suggests, Postfest is a “festival of posting”, and what better time of the year is there to celebrate such a festival of posting. Why, during the Greyhawk festivals of course, and so this Postfest begins once again during Brewfest(October 1-7) of this year. Everyone will have one month(until Nobember 7th in this case) to submit an entry for each Postfest, so get to writing already! The next Postfest will begin during Needfest(January 1-7), the next one during Growfest(April 1-7), and the next one during Richfest(July 1-7) so keep an eye out for future announcements.

Each Postfest usually will have a theme, but because it has been some time since the last Postfest, this one will be an “OPEN CATEGORYPostfest so that everyone can get their feet wet so to speak. Anyone who wants to can submit an article on just about anything, just so long as it has to do with Greyhawk of course. If you are not sure what to write about, think of something YOU like about Greyhawk and write about that. People always write best about something that they know about and like.

And now a few pointers for everyone: Be sure to at the very least SPELL CHECK your article. Then, look it over for any other mistakes that may still be there. To submit your finished article, follow the Submit Article link here , cut-n’-paste your article into the appropriate area and follow the instructions. Be sure to write a very short description of what your entry is about- a nice little sound bite blurb to put in the first section of the Submit Article page. Also, in the article title space be sure to type “Postfest:” followed by the title of your article.

And here are the submissions for Postfest IX:Brewfest 2008 :

*Hell on Oerth II
By Osmund-Davizid

"The lich-sage of House Darmen, Rexifer, has written many treatises regarding the relationships between this world and Hell. Herein is his latest summary of Hellish activity on Oerth."
Read the full article HERE.

*Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands
By EileenProphetofIstus

"The sun had just disappeared below the great pines looming before Redmod Dumple and his companions. Peering out from the shadows, the dwarf gripped his warhammer, his hands sliding back and forth around the leather grip as beads of perspiration fell from his helm and ran down his face. Redmod looked over at his companions and saw mixed expressions of fear and astonishment. Never had the party seen such a lair, the wooden palisade was monstrous in proportions; for they had finally found the Steading of the Hill Giant."
Read the full article HERE.

*A Natural Selection of Staves
By Wolfsire

"Dungeon Magazine issue number 85 contains a third edition adventure written by Matthew G. Adkins entitled “Natural Selection: Celadon Druids Vs. Urnst Rangers.” This article adapts, discusses and modifies one portion of the treasure in it to first edition with emphasis placed on and discussion of aspects of the Greyhawk setting and bowyery."
Read the full article HERE.
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