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Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): Ancient Greyhawk Sites!!!

Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): Anceint Greyhawk Sites has now ended.

First, we have a recap of the original Postfest XII(Richfest 2009) announcement:


Welcome to Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): Ancient Greyhawk Sites

This Postfest will focus on ancients sites scattered throughout the World of Greyhawk. You could write on an ancient burial site in the Cairn Hills, the ruins of a long forgotten city buried in the depths of the Amedio Jungle, or even about a mysterious monolith located on a small Island in the Dragon Sea. Your entry can take the form of a gazetteer entry, a tale of the site such as a sage or local old timer might relate to an adventuring party, or it may take the form of an actual adventure.

Now, on to the format. Your submission should be in the realm of 2,000-4,000 words or so in length(though adventure sized submissions will be accommodated as well). That is not set in stone, but it is a good average length for any article. Try to write on something that hasnít already been covered in too much detail anywhere, if at all. Creating something new and unique is highly encouraged! Hopefully we'll see a lot of submissions based on peoples' own campaign material that they have developed over the years. As usual, be sure to not only Spell Check your article but read it over yourself, as Spell Check will catch many things, but not always everything.

You may submit your article HERE. Be sure to write a short introductory teaser for your article and be sure to cite any sources you may have used as well. ***See the directions at the top of the Submissions page if you have any problems with the text not being accepted. Even if the text is not accepted, you must still submit the article on the Submissions page. When e-mailing an article to editorscanonfirecom, be sure that your article is in simple Word form, with no formatting of any sort if possible(the simpler the better). This just makes things a whole lot easier for us to deal with, so please take the time to do this.

Make sure you put the title of your submission in the following format:

Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE

***Submissions are due by September 30th, the last day before Brewfest begins.



And here are the submissions for Postfest XI(Growfest 2009):

*The Spire of Ice
by Oerthman

"The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - heard you of it?" questioned the sage. At our nods, he continued: "What of the Temple of the Earth Dragon? The Ghost Tower of Inverness? Hmmm?"

"Oerth is infused with magic. This magic is stronger at certain places - Castle Greyhawk, for example. I believe the builders of the Shrine, the Temple, and the Tower tapped into a line of such strong magic - a ley line as it is known on other worlds. Nothing else explains the placement of three such sites in exact north-south alignment."

"I believe there is at least one other place where that line was tapped, far to the north. The legends of the Rovers of Barrens speak of 'evil from the north' in winters when the Icy Sea is frozen solid. Tales of the same type of evil come from Blackmoor, only the evil comes from the east. The legends of Blackmoor even give it a name: the Spire of Ice."

Read the entire article HERE.

*The Oogga-Booga Bush
by wolfsire

"Rumor has it that down south in the Pearl Sea, there is an exotic inn nestled in the roots of a giant tree called the Oogga-Booga Bush. But you canít believe rumors."
Read the entire article HERE.

*Coliseum of Grrth'mar
by Icarus

"Ancient colliseums hold the secrets of their Masters and of those who fought and trained there. There is one in particular which holds the secret of crossing time and place. Within those ruined walls trained a warrior who was forced to make a choice; choosing between his tribe fade into obscurity and die, or giving up his way of life and foregoing his memories and becoming one of the greatest mercenary leaders from the time of Caerdiralor, a Captain of the Nameless Legion."
Read the entire article HERE.
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