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    More news frome the far west - Ataphads (2/2)
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    Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:03 pm  
    More news frome the far west - Ataphads (2/2)

    Island of Atios (also named Island of Blood)
    Atios is the southern Island of the Ataphad Archipelago, and so it is the closest to Ekbir.
    Leader: Knygath Zhaum (Prince of Atios)
    Main city: Harbour of Atios
    Navy: The ships of Atios are recognized by their green sails

    Island of Gorshareb (also named Island of Death)
    Gorshareb is located in the northern part of the Ataphad archipelago.
    Navy: The Damned Fleet of Gorshared, is said to be composed of ghost ships manned by undeads.

    Politics (Strengths and weaknesses)

    Despite the great powers of the different Princes of Kazurka, none of them has been able to threaten Ekbir, or the other countries/islands since the reign of Prince Karzaphon one millenium ago.

    Geography: In this area of the Dramidj the streams are strong and dominantly oriented toward the north, making navigation to South if not impossible, at least uneasy.

    Economy: The islands have few woodlands, and without wood no ship can be constructed. As dangerous as might be the fleet of the Ataphads, it will never be as numerous as the fleet of Ekbir whose shipyards are fueled by the ressources of the Udgru Forest.

    Population: Overall the population of the Ataphads is quite limited, even if we add the slaves and the undersea Sahuagin colonies. However the population also includes a fair number of individuals possessing extraordinary abilities, and some very powerful individuals (Lords, monsters and all kind of creatures).

    Ataphad nobility: Even if Kazurka has suzerainty over the other ataphad cities, each Ataphad Lord (or Prince) keeps some degree of autonomy, especially when it comes to the lords of Atios and Gorshared.

    Allies (outsiders): Alliances with evil entities are never reliable, event if these entities are Lawful.

    Allies (Janasib Pirates): The Janasib Pirates are not "unwelcomed" in the Ataphad Islands, as they are suppliers of slaves and as they are hunted by both Ekbirite and Zeifite fleets.

    Ennemies (Ekbir): The ataphads are matched by Ekbir, one of the most powerful "good" state of all Flanaess, if not the "most". Ekbir is the second city in size of the Flanaess, the Caliph of Ekbir is probably the highest ranking priest in the whole region (Cleric 16th in the original Greyhawk Box), and further to the population of Ekbir, the caliph can call to the help of worshippers of Al'Akabar in Zeif and Tusmit.

    Ennemies (Zashassar): The magical order of the Zashassar, is the second magical academy after the academy of Greyhawk. The members of the Zashassar are said to know the ancient secrets of both Suloise and Baklunish mage of powers.

    Ennemies (Guardians of the Pinacles): Centuries ago, Azor'alq protected the first baklunish dynasty, then after the cataclysm, some greater powers of good (dragons, good air and water genies) settled in the pinacles (of Azor'alq). The area of the Pinacles is avoided by the ships of the Ataphads as when they enter the mist of the pinacles they are never seen again. The Guardians of the Pinacles have acted as a shadow power during the last centuries, trying to discover and prevent ataphad undercover operations. More recently they took a major role in the fight against Fragorox.

    Ennemies (The Qayah-Bureis isles): The Qayah-Bureis isles are the nearest archipelago from the Ataphad islands, however the eastern part of the archipelago is littered by reefs and cliffs preventing a direct invasion.

    Armenfrast, Sage d'Ekbir<br />aka Belvor_x (Greytalk / AOL 1995-1999)<br />aka 100523.157 (Compuserve 1994 - 1995)<br />

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    Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:03 pm  

    An excellent little gazetteer Armanfrast, very nice indeed. Quite informative. I hope you have more of this "wealth" to share with us. Happy

    Thanks for your participation in "our" community. Keep it coming. Wink
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    Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:01 am  

    Awesome effort. Thanks!
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    Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:05 am  

    Thanks so much Wink

    I speak for those mono-lingual people that appreciate the translation.

    Rest assured I will incorporate the information into the manuscript and reconfigure the regional map to coincide with the material. Though it will take some effort but not as much at first blush as I envisioned the ataphads as a trio of necromancer city states.

    As the Ataphad Isles need some more detail; I thought we all could help.

    Name of the Princes of Kazurka and Gorshareb
    Also a chilling but dramatic name for the fortress of Kazurka.

    We should be able to come up with some suggestions Smile

    Is there more to come (please...please)

    It really is nice work...

    Armenfrast once again thanks
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