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    Veteran's Day
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    Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:34 pm  
    Veteran's Day

    I would like to take this time to thank all the veterans out there for their sacrifice (for some, the ultimate) and service for our liberties and freedoms, none of which are, truly, free.

    Foremost among them I wish to recognize the following people:

    My two grandfathers, one who fought the Germans in Europe, the other who fought the Japanese in the Pacific, during WW2. Both endured great strife, and undoubtedly fear, while they participated in what was at that time considered to be a War against Evil (we can debate that point later, as some of the atrocities that came to light from that period are, to me, the embodiment of utter evil akin to what we DMs often challenge our PCs against). I especially wish to comment on my mom's father (God rest his soul now some twenty years after losing his battle against cancer), who left a powerful, indelible, and positive impact on my life until that wasting disease took him from us. He espoused the values of integrity, honesty, commitment, scholastics, and a hard-working ethic to all his grandchildren.

    I wish to thank and honor my friends who are service men and women in the various branches of the military, specifically Frank (Marines) and Ryan (Army, numerous tours in the Middle East), both of whom are among the finest examples of manhood and humanity whom I know. I am a better person for knowing you two. Even though they will never read these words, I hope that there is something to Karma and they are duly rewarded, be it in this plane of existence, or another...or both.

    Finally, I wish to give recognition to all my former students who have chosen to serve, whether briefly or as a lifetime career. Many of them have chosen to keep in touch with me, be it email, Facebook, letter, or even in person. Thank you all for honoring me with your continued contact and for doing something that I don't think I myself could do...

    And, to all you colleagues of Canonfire! those of you who either currently serve, or who have served. THANK YOU, regardless if you are a Heironean, Pholtite, St Cuthbertine, Trithereonite, agnostic, or athiest.

    with deep respect,

    Lanthorn (Jason)

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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:19 pm  

    My thanks to our veterans, as well.

    Specifically my two grandfathers, both of whom fought the Japanese Imperialists in the Pacific. One was an Army airplane mechanic and participated in battles to retake the Aleutian Islands. The other was a Marine (BAR man) who fought at Guadalcanal, Peleliu, and Okinawa, where he was taken out of the fighting by a grenade that severed his Achilles Tendon. I had the pleasure of growing up with both of them and hearing their stories of life, though neither talked much of the war.

    I was disqualified at the age of 19 from serving in the military when I became diabetic, but four of my 8 siblings have served, or are serving, in the various branches of the US military. Fortunately, they have also all returned safely from their tours of duty overseas.

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