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[Rogues Gallery] Liam Brassbutton

Liam Brassbutton (Bearclaw, around Crystal Falls)
3rd level Lawful Halfling, male, age 35; ST 13, DE 13, CO 12, IN 9, WI 10, CH 14; HP 12; AC 5 (Chain Mail); Money: 43 GP; Items: Sling +1

Liam is short, even for a halfling, standing just an inch under 3 feet, but he makes up in spirit what he lacks in stature. Always a gung-ho soul with little thought of fear, he's a hero of sorts in Crystal Falls, having once killed a large brown bear that had wandered into the field behind the Dancing Water tavern singlehandedly by perching atop the tavern's roof and pelting the beast with slingstones. He collected one of the bear's paws and had it turned into a necklace that looks comical on him given his small size, thus gaining the nickname Bearclaw among the town's residents.

Liam will gladly join an adventuring party, given that he sees enough risk in their endeavor to make it "fun". He's loyal and enthusiastic, not given to complaining about long marches or sitting watch at camp, but his penchant for gambling and tendency to react to encounters with a volley of slingstones, even when a more subtle approach might be better, may cause the party some minor headaches now and then.

Liam owns a small cottage in Crystal Falls, and will gladly offer it to PCs who enlist him in their party or befriend him in town, since lately he's taken to camping in the clearing in the shadow of the ruined tower atop Davishmouth hill, a place that most other folk in town are terrified to even approach given the tales of ghost sightings near the ruin. Liam is eager to explore the ruin, and the dungeon rumored to lie beneath it, and has started trying to encourage adventurers who pass through town to join him in "poking around a bit."" The tower's reputation around the town is a dark one, however, and so far Liam hasn't succeeded in rallying help. And, by the way, he can't get past the Wizard Locked gate to the tower, if anyone asks why he hasn't ventured in alone.

If encountered outside Crystal Falls, Liam will generally be on his way home, fresh with stories of his latest adventure, or may be in the company of other NPCs, eager to enlist the party in aiding in whatever quest they are off to undertake.
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