Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:22 am  
New Unearthed Arcana - Fighter Martial Archetypes

UA Fighter Archetypes

So, we got 4 new archetypes for Fighters in the new UA. Lets do a review:

*Arcane Archer: We have another 3.0 PC made into an archetype. This one seems nice. You get a 2/short or long rest ability to create a magic arrow that deals a plus force damage and some neat magic tricks. Also you can get proficency in some skills to make your fighter more "rangerish".

*Knight: This could (and i remark the "could") be a little overpowered. Basically this goes well with the "tank" style of fighter, were basically you became a kind of duelist and force your target to fight only against you or suffer. Also, you can get proficencies on skills to a little more "paladinish" (yay, a new word!)

*Samurai: This one is like the knight, but with a twist. If anyone of you play Legend of the 5 Rings sometime, you will find that the archetype fits perfectly with the L5R kind of samurai. could be quite interesting for an "Oriental Adventures" campgain.

*Sharpshooter: This seems like the most uninspired of the lot. You get to ignore covers, get a bonus to damage with ranged weapons and some other shenanigans. I prefer the Arcane Archer for a ranged fighter.

PD: Guys, if you read about the UA Druid Circles, dont forget to take the survey!