Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:07 pm  
The River Campaign - Chapter 3: Tiger & Wolf Nomads

Tomorrow, on Friday 4/7/17, Chapter 3 of The Great Flanaess River Adventure releases here:

This chapter in the river campaign is a hex-river crawl that covers the geographical terrain of the Tiger and Wolf Nomads. It takes the player characters down the Fler River to Lake Quag, by covering 7 hexes or 210 miles. The fact that the Fler is the dividing line between the two nomads plays an important role in this chapter.

The chapter suggests a bit of forecasting early on when the player characters paddle down the river and find a wolf and tiger engaged in combat. Pretty soon, the player characters are going to find themselves in the middle of a similar form of combat, only this will be full scale war. Where the Fler bends is a historic battleground between the Wolf and Tiger Nomads, and once again the two are poised for battle. And right before the first battle cry is raised the adventuring party comes paddling along and finds themselves in the middle of an impending war.

If they manage to survive the battle either by their wits or their brawn and continue paddling their way south, they will soon come across a gnome in need of help (don't they always?). If they render their assistance, they will find that 10 miles away, in the spur of the Yatil Mountains that reaches closest to the Fler River, another adventure awaits them in the Yatil Salt Mine.

Visit the dedicated website for The Great Flanaess River Adventure to download some good old fashion 1E AD&D.