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    Priests of Kelanen, The Prince of Swords
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    Tue Mar 01, 2005 8:28 pm  
    Priests of Kelanen, The Prince of Swords

    Priests of Kelanen (Hero-god of Swords, Swordsmanship, Balance)

    AB: Str 13, AL: N, RA: grey or blue-grey, with silver or platinum ornamentation, SY: nine swords in a starburst, Wpn: as thief, plus any sword; AR: chainmail or less, no shield; SPH: all, astral, charm, combat, creation, divination(m), elemental(m), healing, necromantic(m), protection, travelers, war; Spl: dancing sword*, sword control*, sword multiplication*, sword summoning*; Add: abjure, exaction, faerie fire, obscurement, protection from lightning, word of recall.

    *See hereafter for descriptions of these spells.

    Kelanen is the Prince of Swords, Champion of Balance, a hero-deity who once was a mortal man but who has through unknown trials ascended to the ranks of the immortal. It is only recently that his followers have been able to manifest any sort of true clerical abilities. Kelanenís clergy always seek to maintain balance among the order of things, though they do not focus upon the balance of nature in the way that druids do. Even still, priests of Kelanen are known to cooperate with druids from time to time when their main goals coincide.

    In addition to being champions of balance, priests of Kelanen devote themselves to the mastery of bladed weapons such as swords, daggers, and other similarly bladed weapons. Temples to Kelanen also function as schools that train supplicants in the art of the blade. Priests of Kelanen are granted certain powers as they advance in level. At 3rd level, they gain the ability to use the spell alter self 1/day. At 5th level, a priest of Kelanen may perform a sword blessing, which imbues one sword or similarly bladed weapon with an actual +1 enchantment bonus lasting for 1 turn for every two levels of the priest. At 7th level they may identify sword 1/day. This ability functions similar to the identify spell, except that it can only be used to examine swords or similarly bladed weapons, requires only the priestís holy symbol, and does not cause a drain on the priestís constitution. The priest may use this ability from a distance of 50 ft. + 10 feet /level of the priest (usually to identify a sword in the possession of an enemy). At 9th level, priests of Kelanen become immune to being controlled by sentient swords and other similarly bladed weapons that have egos. At 11th level, priests of Kelanen are granted the sword immunity ability. This power protects the priest from the special functions of enchanted swords and other similarly bladed weapons, such as vorpal, life stealing, wounding, the powers of an intelligent blade, resisting a cursed blade, or touching a blade of a different alignment. If the priest of Kelanen makes a saving throw vs. death, then the weaponís ability does not work upon them, though they still suffer damage as normal. A saving throw must be rolled each time the priest would potentially be affected by a weaponís ability- one successful save doesnít make the priest completely immune to a weaponís abilities.

    Due to the rigorous martial training that priests of Kelanen undertake with bladed weapons, they use the THAC0 and number of attacks of a fighter when fighting with such weapons. Priests of Kelanen also figure their number of proficiencies as if they were a fighter and may choose their proficiencies from the general, priest, and warrior groups. Priests of Kelanen have access to the weapon specialization option, which is normally only available to fighters, and by 4th level they must have chosen a type of sword to specialize in. Kelanen is served by some demi-humans (usually half-elves), who can freely multi-class as priest/thieves. They may also, and often do, become priest/thief-acrobats. Kelanen is not served by warrior/priests whatsoever, as the martial training of the priesthood assumes that role already. Priests of Kelanen turn undead at -2 levels.

    Kelanen is mostly worshipped by mercenaries and soldiers, and any that make a living by the sword. The most notable temple devoted to Kelanen was located in the city of Elred along the Wild Coast, where many followers of Kelanen died in defense of the city. Schools that train students in the use of swords and other weaponry often have a shrine in dedication to the Prince of Swords, and most large cities in nations with a strong martial tradition have at least a shrine or small temple dedicated to him as well.


    Spiritual Sword (invocation) Level: 2

    This spell functions exactly the same as the spiritual hammer spell except that a sword-shaped force is created instead. While the damage that the sword causes is the same as for the spiritual hammer spell, the type of damage inflicted is slashing instead of bludgeoning.

    Dancing Sword (enchantment) Level: 4
    Sphere: combat, creation Casting Time: 7
    Range: touch Area off Effect: one sword
    Components: v, s, m Saving Throw: none
    Duration: special

    This spell enables the priest to empower a sword with the properties of a sword of dancing. Once the spell is cast, the priest must fight with the sword in melee for four rounds. On the fifth round the sword will dance, and will do so until the end of the eighth round when it will return to the priestís hand. The sword empowered temporarily gains the magical bonuses of a sword of dancing. If the spell is cast upon a magical sword, then the swordís ďplusĒ is used instead of that of a sword of dancing if it is at any point higher than that granted by the spell. For every seven levels that the priest has, the sword will perform for one cycle of dancing. The material components for this spell are the sword to be enchanted and the priestís holy symbol, neither of which are consumed in the casting of the spell.

    Call Sword (conjuration/summoning) Level: 5
    Sphere: summoning Casting Time: 1
    Range: 100 miles/ level Area of Effect: one sword
    Components: v, s, m Saving Throw: none
    Duration: instantaneous

    Through the use of this spell, a priest of Kelanen may summon to their person a specially prepared sword if it is within range of the spell. The sword to be summoned must be prepared with a bless spell and have a prayer spoken over it. The caster then designates a keyword attuned to the sword which is uttered when the spell is cast. When the sword is summoned, all of the preparatory magic fades and it must be prepared again. The spell may be used to summon any type of sword, and multiple swords may be prepared at the same time, each having their own designated key word. Special wards or barriers, or factors that block the teleport or plane shift spells may also block the operation of this spell. Note that the casterís holy symbol is not necessary for the casting of this spell. In effect, the spell has already been cast except for the utterance of the final verbal component, which is the word keyed to the sword to be summoned.

    Sword Control (enchantment/charm) Level: 5
    Sphere: charm Casting Time: 5
    Range: 50 ft. + 1o ft. /level Area of Effect: one sword
    Components: v, s, m Saving Throw: neg.
    Duration: 1 round /level

    By means of the spell, the priest attempts to take control of a sentient sword in the possession of another person. The target sword is allowed a saving throw vs. Spells based on the saving throw of its wielder, with a -4 penalty. This penalty becomes -8 if the sword is true neutral in alignment If the spell is successful, the sword may be made to either attempt to control its wielder, use any powers it has against its wielder or others as the priest directs. The sword may also be made to refuse to strike anyone in melee combat. Any attempts on the part of the sword wielder to strike anyone with a controlled sword are done so with a penalty of -8, unless the priest wishes the wielder to attack that individual. The material component of this spell is the priestís holy symbol.

    Sword Multiplication (summoning/ invocation) Level: 7
    Sphere: creation Casting time: 1
    Range: 0 Area of Effect: special
    Components: v, s, m Saving Throw: none
    Duration: special

    This spell enables the priest to imbue a non-magical sword with the ability to duplicate itself. After the priest has cast the spell, they may immediately move and attack with it in the same round. Aster one round of combat, a second sword of exactly the same type will materialize in the air and fight with the same ability as that of the priest. This duplication continues until there are nine duplicate swords in existence. On the 11th round of combat, and each round thereafter, one sword will disappear until none remain. This spell may be prematurely ended by a dispel magic spell, or by rendering the priest unconscious. The material components of this spell are the priestís holy symbol, the sword to be duplicated (which is not consumed by the spell), and a miniature platinum sword worth 500 g.p., which is consumed by the spell.


    World of Greyhawk boxed set (1983), by Gary Gygax.

    Dragon Magazine #71, Greyhawkís World: Quasi-deities, by Gary Gygax

    Recommended Reading:

    Slavers, by Sean K. Reynolds & Chris Pramas

    Visit this link for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
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    Thu Mar 10, 2005 7:37 am  

    Thanks for this one Cebrion! I want to try out one of these priests sometime in the near future. Cool
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