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I couldn't find an old thread to put this in:

...apparently, the FBI was investigating something called the Fresno Gaming Company and a possible relationship to the Unabomber ( see p. 5):

Also didn't know about the bomb threats at TSR; probably why the FBI connected the Unabomber to TSR?

This discussion:

...and a discussion, here:

(from the comments section:

"[]Mistervimes65Ankh Morpork 4 points 1 year ago*
My money says that Lorraine Williams or one of the Blume brothers is REDACTED number one (informant) and Steve Jackson is REDACTED number two (target of investigation).
EDIT: JPat Brown (journalist) made a similar request in 2015.." )

...deduce that Lorraine Dille-Williams was probably the source (or at least one of them) but don't point out the foolishly unredacted "she" (pp. 1, 3, 5, 6) and her connection to the University of California, Berkeley ("UCB" p. 7) which is sort of a giveaway.


Comments section, here:

...the commenter noticed the "she".


Another connected file:

...although the site doesn't seem to understand the difference between the source's comments and the FBI's, and misses the fact that TSR had bomb threats.

...and another:


(concerning a narc investigation).