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    The Suel Pantheon: Fortubo
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    Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:33 am  
    The Suel Pantheon: Fortubo

    Priests of Fortubo(God of Stone, Metals, Mountains, Guardianship)

    AL: LG, RA: none particular, SY: hammer with a glowing head, AR: any metal, any shield, WPN: warhammer*, pick, mace, maul, battleaxe, staff, SPH: all, animal (m), creation, divination, elemental (earth, fire), guardian (m), healing, law, necromantic, protection, wards, Spl: none, Add: forbiddance.

    While Fortubo has human clerics and priests (20%) the majority of his worshippers are dwarves (75%), with a very few (5%) being lawful good gnomes. Males and females are welcome to his clergy; in fact, married couples are encouraged to enter the priesthood together. Fortubo demands absolute devotion from his priests; they cannot be multi-classed or dual-classed characters.

    Priests of Fortubo gain a +1 bonus to hit and damage with any stone or metal weapon. For each level they gain beyond 4th, priest of Fortubo also gain a cumulative +1 bonus on saving throws vs. petrification. Any hammer may serve as a holy symbol for priests of Fortubo, regardless of whether or not it has been consecrated. If a husband and wife are both members of Fortubo’s clergy, their offspring will all have wisdom of at least 13, constitution of at least 12, and a score of at least 11 in all other abilities.

    Priests and clerics of Fortubo are allied with the followers of Moradin and Berronar in their struggle against humanoids who harm the earth with their mindless tunneling. Human clergy of Fortubo may not advance past the 13th level of experience; only dwarves may advance higher. Fortubo always chooses one 14th level dwarven priest to be his high priest. Only one such priest will exist in the world at any one time. The current high priest is the venerable Dobfur, of the town of Dwarfhaven on Lendore Isle. Temples of Fortubo are often (75%) set up in natural underground cave complexes or caverns, sometimes associated with a nearby mining operation. A temple is sometimes (25%) built above ground in an area heavily populated by dwarves and/or gnomes. Fortubo is known to have temples in various places in the Flanaess, especially in the Flinty Hills, around Irongate, and on Lendore isle. Priests of Fortubo turn undead at -2 levels.


    Dragon Magazine #88(1984) "Gods of the Suel Pantheon II: Syrul, Fotubo, and Wee Jas" by Lenard Lakofka.

    Recommended Reading:

    The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds

    Visit this link for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
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    Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:49 pm  

    Found it rather odd, Fortubo (God of Stone, Metals, Mountains, Guardianship) premier temple guided by a 14th level dwarven priest, the venerable Dobfur is located on Lendore Isle?

    Am I missing something, Lendore Isle seems fairly prominent within your Suel priesthoods, is their a reason.

    Personally I would place the temple within the Iron Hills, close to Suel inhabitants and a Dwarf kingdom rather than on an island.
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