Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:33 pm  

From what I recall of Sagard the map from the first book is very "Ratik-like" (and it is mentioned by name), except that the western portions are all underwater — almost as if the strip of land presented is more of a peninsula. The subsequent books become less Ratik/Flanaess-like.

Granted, there was an article in Polyhedron #21 where Gygax suggested that Sagard the Barbarian took place in an alternate Oerth called "Yarth."

"By the way, action takes place on Yarth, a place somewhat similar to Oerth, the setting of GREYHAWK, et. al. It has fewer magical properties than Oerth but more than Earth. It is not impossible that additional works will be contracted for in months to come, action being set on Yarth or perhaps another alternate world, Aerth.* On Earth, magic is virtually non-existent. On Uerth,** dweomers are weak, chancy things. Yarth has a sprinkling of things magical, Aerth is highly magical, and Oerth is pure magic.

* As detailed in the "Epic of Ærth" sourcebook for Gygax's Dangerous Journeys roleplaying game.
** As mentioned in the 3e module, "Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk."