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    Moonshaes(FR) in GH
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    Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:19 pm  
    Moonshaes(FR) in GH

    Moonshaes and Korrinn Archipelago

    location relative to Flanaess:
    SE across ocean, in Oerik’s southern hemisphere
    subtropical in the Korrinn Archipelago, like Cornwall
    cool maritime in the Moonshaes, like the coastal Pacific NW or much of the British Isles
    origins of human ethnic groups:
    Korinn islanders: primarily Suloise, Aqua-Oerid and native influences
    Northlanders: ditto
    Ffolk: mixture of an ancient race possibly related to the Flan and Aqua-Oeridians, who have adopted the native cult of the Oerthmother (an aspect of Beory)
    Intermarried to some extent with Northlanders.

    The language spoken by Korrinners is like Lendorian, about 50% mutually intelligible.
    Northlander deviates further.
    The native demihumans worship the Oerthmother, not demihuman pantheons.
    Kazgoroth the Beast is a fiend lord from the Lower Planes.


    World of Greyhawk, boxed set
    FR2 Moonshae
    N4 Treasure Hunt, module
    Oerth Journal #1

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    Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:00 pm  

    Incorporating the Moonshaes into Oerth is an interesting idea. The setting wasn't originally developed with the Forgotten Realms in mind anyway—it was TSR UK's "Albion" setting, and originally meant to be standalone before TSR UK was shut down—so I suppose Oerth is as good a place for it as any.

    The Northlanders have essentially the same real world inspirations as the Thillonrian Suel, so I'd make them the same people. I think I'd put it in the northern hemisphere, so the Suel barbarians could access it more easily. Fireland could be part of the Korinn archipelago; if they're near the pole, the distance to the Flanaess is going to be shorter.

    I've been thinking about ways to expand Aquaria lately, so I like the idea of the Aqua-Oeridians populating a nearby island chain. I'd put the Moonshaes and Aquaria right next to one another, so they could feed off each other's cultural influences and make each other more interesting. The Aqua-Oeridians are supposed to be partly Flan in ancestry anyway.
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    Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:15 pm  

    The Northern hemisphere is a better fit for the Moonshaes as described in the sourcebook, agreed.

    I like what I took to be a subtropical Korinn archipelago from the module, Treasure, Hunt, though, so I thought I'd shift the whole thing far south. It does require some other changes, like swapping out hurricanes for the deep snowstorms of the northern isles and describing Snowdon's fertility more as a matter of the soil than the warmth.
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