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A Lendore Island Campaign
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 5:50 pm    Post subject: Trying to get back to Lendore Island Reply with quote

The group remains sidetracked in their attempt to get back to Lendore Island and free Peylae, the last of the true line of the Duke of Kroten, and overthrow Nebub.

Tathar Surion, Priest of Sehanine, and Morwen Alcerin remained at the Pholtus temple in Midmeadow while the rest of the group went on a side trek for the temple. Breymeer was geased by the temple leaders after being resurrected.

Breymeer's mission was to recover a holy sword carried by one of the church paladins who was now feared lost along with his companions. They were lost in the area of White Plume Mountain.

The group sent with Breymeer included:

Breymeer, 6th level male human (suel blooded) ranger, Captain of the Restenford Rangers.

Relmak, 4th level male 1/2 orc priest (Kord), Henchman to Breymeer.

Isiaweil, 4th level male half-elf ranger from Lendore Island, associate ranger to the Restenford Rangers.

Lexington Krupps, 4th level human male mage.

Mandellay Muffintops (AKA Speck), 7th level male halfling thief.

Markus, 4th level fighter/4th level cleric (Kord) half-elf male from Lendore Island.

Stahl, 2th level male human paladin (Pholtus) from Midmeadow.

Ergon, 2th level male human paladin (Pholtus) from Midmeadow.

Jandre, 4th level specialty priest (Pholtus) from Midmeadow.

Droget, 2nd level human male fighter from Midmeadow.

Those from Midmeadow were assigned by the church to accompany the group. Jandre was the church's leader among the group.

The group traveled through the badlands along the south side of the Rift. A random encounter with some hill giants was the demise of Relmak as he was crushed by a boulder.

In short, the group me Thingizzard, the Witch. She told the group the sword they seek is now in possession of another witch. Their friends were ambushed at the Dead Gnoll's Socket and the holy sword stolen. The thieves, in turn, met their fate in the swamp and the other witch recovered the sword.

Thingizzard offers the group a bargain. The group is told to go into White Plume Mountain and recover four weapons of power to trade for their holy sword. Also, Thingizzard was interested in the recovery of her sister and her cauldron. If the group could complete the quest, a trade for the holy sword could be arranged.

Figuring the witches were too powerful, the group decided to delve into White Plume Mountain.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:50 pm    Post subject: Into White Plume Mountain Reply with quote

I used several additions of White Plume Mountain and Return to White Plume Mountain to create this adventure for the group. The first level was essentially the same. The lower level from Return to White Plume Mountain was adjusted to fit my needs.

The group made it into the mountain and were able to complete the first riddle and move past the sphinx. They came to the flooded chamber and encountered a water (sea) hag. Droget fell victim to the hag and was pulled into the water and cut to ribbons.

The group didn't take kindly to this and were able to slay the hag. Unfortunately in their haste, they did not consider that this was Thingizzard's sister. Breymeer beheaded the beast and has much to fear from Thingizzard.

The group next encountered the spinning cylinder. Speck attempted to negotiate it and was surprised when Burket set it ablaze with a flaming arrow. Speck, nearly dead, made it out but was taken prisoner by Burket and Snarla.

The group came to his rescue and defeated the duo though Breymeer was bit by Snarla in the process.

The room contained a few prisoners (AKA help in the form of more PCs).

Gustaf, 2nd level human male Paladin (St. Cuthbert), his lacky Digwin, 0 level human male, and Seeler, 2nd level dwarven male fighter, joined the group. The Pholtus followers were none too happy to see a St. Cuthbert paladin. They refused to aid each other directly.

They continued on to the huge flooded cavern with the magical shell. Suspecting a trap, they retreated at the sounds of chittering.

They moved again past the sphinx successfully, this time going west.

Speck scouted ahead and got greedy. He was surprised by the ghouls and paralyzed. He fell face down in the water and drown.

The party defeated the ghouls and thought of a solid plan to get by the frictionless room using ghoul corpses dumped in the trenches and wooden doors to span the trenches.

They next encountered Sir Bluto and the river boat crew. They defeated this group; killing half and taking the other half as less-than-willing help. They had no love of the party but did wish for escape.

The party moved on to the multi-tiered chamber. The manticores were quickly dispatched with a series of web spells and coordinated attacks. Many of the other creatures were bypassed other than the sea lions. A broken glass wall brought them into battle and Breymeer was nearly lost. In his anger, his cloak transformed him into a bear. Markus and Breymeer were able to slay the sea lions.

The party moved on and encountered Qesnef. The party parlayed with him and won him over to their aid. Lexington Krupps was not on board with this and nearly attacked Qesnef on his own until Breymeer threatened to dispatch Lexington on the spot. The mage quickly submitted but remained very paranoid of Qesnef. Qesnef the halfling changed into a half-ogre. The group is suspicious of him and suspects his true nature though they are not sure what he is. They do believe him to be powerful.

In addition, the party recovered Blackrazer.

The party moved east and encountered the flesh golems. They answered correctly and the golem joined the group only to be sacraficed in the next encounter with the mud geisers and Clenmilr.

Using Qesnef's ability to fly, the group was able to get by the mud geisers. Seeler was almost lost but Qesnef saved him from a boiling fate. They uncovered and battled Clenmilr at the entrance to his lair. Using a silence spell and some quick actions, Markus, Isiaweil and a few others were able to defeat the vampire. Entering his lair, they destroyed his coffin. Clenmilr slipped away in gaseous form. His status is unknown. Markus and Isiaweil were drained a bit during the encounter.

The party recovered Whelm.

The party took one of their man rests. I rolled a random encounter with wights so as the group passed by the previously inanimate corpes in room #5, they came to life and battled the group. No one perished but some energy was drained.

During the battle, the uneasy cohesiveness of the group finally failed. Gustaf and Sir Bluto came to blows as Sir Bluto and his men were backing away from the encounter. Gustaf could not appreciate their perceived cowardliness.

Sir Bluto got the better of Gustaf before he and his men were held by a hold person spell.

It was one of the two encounters with the undead that Markus learned not to use Blackrazer against the undead.

Finally, they moved into the lair of the giant crab.

Isiaweil got too brave and charged the creature while others flanked it. The creature made quick work of the half-elf, clipping off his head and one of his arms.

The shock of it caught the party off guard. They made a desperate assault on the poor creature and slew it without further causalties.

They recovered Wave.

The group began to make its way back to the entrance.

Breymeer, 7th level ranger.
Isiaweil (dead)
Lexington, 5th level mage.
Markus, 5th level fighter/5th level cleric
Stahl, 4th level paladin
Ergon, 4th level paladin
Jandre, 5th level specialty priest
Gustaf, 4th level paladin
Seeler, 4th level fighter

Also with the group is Sir Bluto and a handful of his henchmen and Qesnef

Kinda of a short wrap up. Eventually, they should end up back on Lendore Island.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Forgot about:

Speck (dead)
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:38 pm    Post subject: Exit, Nope, on to level 2 Reply with quote

The party felt somewhat confident they were going to be able to exit the mountain but knew they were one weapon of power short.

At the entrance, they encountered the sphinx and an elderly human male.

The man, calling himself Nix, told them he unfortunately could not let them pass.

The party anticipated the man was more powerful than he appeared and they did not test him.

Nix advised his brother, Nox, had come under some type of mind control and now believed himself to be Keraptis.

Nox (Keraptis) was battling some type of enemy Nix referred to as Mossmutter. Mossmutter also appeared to believe itself to be Keraptis.

Nix explained where to find the valve to drain the first level of water. Once the water was drained, the party quickly located the hidden door that led deeper into the mountain.

Nix also offered to bring back one of their fallen comrades if the party wished. They voted for their meat shield Isiaweil, the fallen half-elf ranger. Isiaweil was suddenly returned to the party intact and healthy.

The party encountered Nox (Keraptis) in the indoctrination chamber overlooking the heart of the volcano. They volunteered to join his forces against the false Keraptis.

To ensure their loyalty, Nox mentally bound Markus to his will.

With the gnomes showing the party the way, they safely bi-passed the burning golems.

The gnomes pointed the way and the party traveled on alone. They moved north through several iron covered rooms with destroyed doors.

They explored one side room and recovered a cauldron they believed to be the one stolen from Thingizzard. They seized it and Breymeer hoped it would be enough to appease the witch knowing it was he who had slain her sister-witch in the level above.

Moving past a large hole in the floor that led to the unknown, the party encountered a large, though destroyed, mechanical device. They assumed it had something to do with the hole but left it for later examination.

The party encountered the first of the fungus hulks. They moved into melee with confidence but nearly lost Breymeer in the initial moments. They defeated the hulks but realized they were moving into dangerous territory.

The party moved into the mushroom and fungus gardens where they encountered the skin puppets. They quickly defeated the first conclave of a dozen puppets using a combination of web spells and fire.

With luck, they moved in the correct direction and encountered Mossmutter surrounded by dozens of skin puppets, an oversized full plate armored gnome with an ice sword and a fungus hulk.

The battle was long and fierce. Ergon and Seeler fled back to get aid from Nox. They met gnomes enroute to aid them (Nox sent them when he saw the party (through Markus' eyes) doing well against Mossmutter).

The party had convinced an invisibly and flying ogre-mage to fly in and snatch the gnome while the party attacked.

A fireball destroyed the skin puppets. Qesnef made his move.

The party was unprepared for the spell power of their enemy.

A lightning bolt felled Lexington Krups but Markus was able to save him at death's door.

Qesnef was eaten by Mossmutter and died inside the 50' towering plant creature.

Markus took Blackrazer to hand. Quickly overtaken by the intelligent blade, Markus charged in to battle the gnome in attempt to gain its soul for Blackrazer.

Markus was quickly in dire straights trying to fight the incredibly talented gnome with the ice blade.

Mossmutter placed a prismatic wall at the entrance to the chamber. Isiaweil went blind.

A recovering Lexington, brought to consciousness previously by the warrior/priest Markus, was able to dispel part of the flashing wall using a magic wand. He created a cone of cold directed at the wall.

The magic partially defeated the wall. Unfortunately, Markus was caught in the blast as well. The gnome put Markus down as the cone of cold washed over him. Markus was slain.

Sir Bluto, Breymeer, Gustaf (flying via spell) and Stahl engaged in the fight while Jandre attempted to assist with his clerical powers.

They attempted to breach the wall through the quickly opening and closing hole created by the missing color of the prismatic wall. They attempted to time it right and jump through the temporarily appearing hole. Stahl stumbled and was immediately slain by the power of the wall.

Sir Bluto also died quickly in the battle that followed.

Breymeer was quickly beaten down. Facing death, Breymeer used his bear cloak to transform into a bear.

Mossmutter attempted to breath spores on Breymeer but he was able to spare himself. All party members had the aid of cloths tied over their mouths and noses.

Gustaf went down but was saved before death settled upon him.

A back up unit of gnomes arrived in time to blast Mossmutter with spells including a lightning bolt.

The enemy was finally defeated. The party lost Markus, Stahl and the NPCs Qesnef and Sir Bluto, along with about a dozen of Nox's gnomes.

Ergon and Seeler never made it back to Nox as they encountered the burning golem and dared not face it.

The party recovered the plate armor from the gnome and Ergon was able to fit into it.

The party also recovered Frostrazer.

With Breymeer, Isiaweil, Lexington, Ergon, Jandre, Gustaf and Seeler remaining, along with two of Sir Bluto's henchmen, the party returned to Nox.

Nox commanded them to place the four weapons of power before him and then retire and rest.

The party hesitated and the burning golems rose from the burning pits. The entire party is severely weakened. Gustof remains unconscious.

The standoff continues until the next tabletop session.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:31 pm    Post subject: Final assault Reply with quote

Wisdom prevails and the party places the weapons of power down before Nox.

Nox allows them to regroup and rest. They take advantage of the situation. The party spends two days recovering under the umbrella of Nox's protection.

Once recovered, the party has a meeting with Nox again. Nox tells them he would like them to investigate down the hole on the north end of his area of control though Nox was not certain what force caused him to make this request.

Joining the group was Ek, a 2nd level male drow elf mage/theif, Cholakk and a 2nd level male hill dwarf fighter/priest. Ek was an underling to the drow elf hunters under Nox's command. Cholakk was their servant.

With all four weapons of power, now in the hands of the party, the group calculated how to get down the hole. They find the hole dark after the first 60'.

They attempted to lower the second to last of Sir Bluto's henchman with a torch and lantern with continual light cast upon it. The lantern dismisses the darkness revealing magma below with a small ledge around it. The hole is 240 feet deep.

A blade cuts across the hole severing the rope and depositing the henchman into the magma below. Lucky for the henchman, he died from the fall before burning up.

The party next lowered the cable down the hole with a make-shift gondola engineered from one of the rusty doors recovered from the room. The blade again shot across the hole but this time shattered upon the cable.

The party returned to Nox who decided to join the group.

Isiaweil, using the fly spell storing ring, was the first down. Finding the palm prints and placing his hands upon them, he was transported to the fane.

Once he arrived at the fane, he froze up and held his ground without moving.

The party quickly got down the hole, activated the transport and arrived at the fane with Isiaweil.

The ghost of the lost druid appeared and confronted the party. Nox claimed to be Keraptis but the druid dismissed him as an imposter. Nox, believing himself to be Keraptis, attacked the druid.

The party, seeing the obelisk with the images of the four weapons of power chiseled into it, made their move.

Placing the weapons of power into the obelisk, the party watched the baby Keraptis arrive and then immediately get slain and torn apart by the druid of the fane who identified it as the real Keraptis.

The fane begins to collapse as the party escapes. There were several tense moments while the party attempted to climb up the hole with haste. Nox promised Isiawiel a wish if the ranger flew him to safety. Isiaweil took him up on the offer.

The party escaped the mountain. Isiaweil used his wish to bring Markus back from death. Ek was abandoned by his fellow drow elves. He joined the party for lack of better options at this time.

Having recovered the cauldron and defeated Keraptis, the party returned to the Great Swamp in attempts to make a trade with Thingizzard for the holy sword.

The party was apprehensive to enter the Great Swamp. One night, while camped nearby, a troupe of trolls presented itself to the group. Instead of a fight, the party was encouraged to follow them into the swamp. They did.

Once into the swamp some distance, the trolls abandoned the party to their fate.

In the morning, the party realized the swamp had changed and they were lost. They kept getting a fleeting glimpse of a peasant girl in a dress darting away from them in the swamp.

They attempted to follow but unfortunately lost the last of Sir Bluto's henchman to the bog. The henchman fell through the bog and was suddenly overcome by a mummy The party nearly dropped the cauldron down into the bog as well.

Finally, they came upon a small island of soil that held a small wooden cabin surrounded by skulls set upon spears as a make-shift fence.

The group soon met a young girl, identified as Thingizzard, through the parlay. A second, massive hag, was also encountered though she did not identify herself. The party gave much respect to the witches and handed over the cauldren and relayed their story of what occurred in the mountain.

Much to their surprise, the large hag handed over the holy sword the party sought.

The party was able to exit the swamp and return to Midmeadow victorious.

The party now hopes to return to Lendore Island and continue their quest to recovery Peylae and defeat Nebub.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:27 pm    Post subject: Back to Lendore Island Reply with quote

The party made their way back to Lendore Island landing in Restendford.

Tathar Surion and Morwen were able to convince the Church of Pholtus and King Archbold III to send approx. 100 troops and mercenaries (along with a galley) to aid Baroness Andrella. The catch was they (Church of Pholtus) get to claim ownership of the Spiral. The church is funding the expedition at this point.

Breymeer had a side trek as he found himself battling Lycanthropy. He woke up in an inn owners room in Midmeadow. The inn owner and his wife were slain but the children unharmed. He later slew a shepard boy in the Nyrond countryside before he and his companions were able to beat the curse (or so he hopes).

Over the summer of 578 the group returned to Restenford where the campaign restarted as a play by email campaign.

Hopefully it is off an running again.

Lendore Island Adventures – Part 8 – The Return

They arrived at Restenford in three waves over the summer.
First, on Reaping 9th, came Tathar Surion of the Spindrift Isles, Lord and rebuilder of Tur Thar-guldar (AKA Bone Hill Keep), a Sehanine priest and guide to his fallen elvish comrads. The elf lord has sworn to recover Peylae from the clutches of hell iteself.

With Lord Surion is Lady Morwen, also an elf of the Spindrift Isles. Lady Morwen carries the title of advisor to Baroness Andrella and Lake Farmin Mayor Belina.

The two elves brought with them two companies of Nyrondese soldiers.

The first company was sent with the blessings of King Archbold III. It consisted of a war galley, a captain, two lieutenants, and four platoons of two squads each. Each squad had seven soldiers and one sergeant. A total of 67 soldiers of Nyrond. The church of Pholtus promised to fund the campaign.

The second company was sent by the church of Pholtus comprising of the church’s own mercenaries. It consisted of four squads, each with a squad leader and nine foot soldiers. A total of 40 soldiers of Pholtus.
Once ashore, Lord Surion met with Baroness Andrella. The baroness agreed to allow the soldiers to came on the fields just northwest of Restenford. She could not hide her sense of relief to have more defenders for the barony. Duke Nebub has continued to threaten the very existence of the Barony of Restenford. With the assistance of the neighboring dwarves, the elves of Tur Thar-guldar and some politicking, the barony has kept any further assaults forces from entering its borders.

Both Lake Farmin and Restenford itself have been slowly trying to rebuild after attacks late last year (557 C.Y.).

The Church of Pholtus, in return for the soldiers, received permission to investigate the spiral from whence Gosmel ad Nyrond-Rax was recovered from once Duke Nebub has been neutralized.

Baroness Andrella sent runners to the dwarves of the Thesdrorlum clan that guard the mountains to the northeast and the barony’s northern border. The baroness requested a meeting with the clan in Restenford to update them and plan a future campaign against Duke Nebub.

The second group arrived on Reaping 15th. This was the church’s overseers of the troops. The group consisted of Jandre, an adventurous Pholtus priest and field agent. With Jandre was Ergon, a paladin in the service of church and bearer of a holy sword of Pholtus. The sword was recovered from the witch Thingizzard after it was lost to her by a band of thieves. Ergon wears full plate armor and carries his shield with bravery. Stahl was among those that would have been in the leadership of the companies but he was lost in battle under White Plume Mountain.

The third and final group to arrive was the adventurers. They did not arrive until just before the harvest festival week of Brewfest. They arrived two full months after the others, landing ashore on Harvester 24th. They were much delayed by the studying of the mages, Ek and Lexington.

The group consisted of:

Breymeer the Bear, Captain of the Restenford Rangers. A northman, once lost to death, who wears a bear skin cloak of Llerg allowing him to transforms himself into a bear when provoked. Though he wields two axes in combat, his archery skills have saved the party on more than one occasion.

Cholakk, a recent addition to the party. The dwarven warrior/travelling priest has been a stout addition to the group.

Ek, a drow elf. He was recovered from the lava caves below White Plume Mountain. Having been cut off from his people he joined the group as it fled the erupting mountain. Very little is known about the dark elf but so far, he has been reliable. He possesses spell power.

Isiaweil the half-elf ranger and associate to the Restenford Rangers. Isiaweil, also lost once to death when he faced a monstrous crab under White Plume Mountain, was returned to the party through the power of one of the mountains denizens. Isiaweil remains greatly weakened from battles with the undead. His will is damaged and he suffers occasionally from a TBI received while fighting an ettin. Though badly beaten down and broken, the immensely powerful half-elf still fights like a savage. He bears a sword named Hoknuk Gnoth taken from a hobgoblin leader slain in battle.

Lexington Krupps the human mage. Though Lexington has had his disagreements with some other party members, he remains faithful to the group. He has been continuing to group in his spell casting powers. He carries with him two wands. One is a bone wand is quartz tipped and capable of creating several frost/snow related enchantments, much to his enemies demise. The other a wood wand with a glass tip that paralyzes his enemies.

Markus, a half-elf warrior and priest of Kord. He was nearly felled under White Plume Mountain but lived the day. He represents Kord well in battle once joined. The powers of Kord, channeled through Markus have often saved the day. He now carries Sir Bluto’s magical longsword and a steel shield emblazoned with a red border.

Lastly is Seeler, the dwarven warrior that joined the crew under White Plume Mountain. Seeler fears no battle.

Long remembered is Speck, the mischievous halfling. He was slain while battling ghouls under the mountain. His spirit appears to still follows the party looking for the day it may rejoin them in the flesh.

With the long-awaited arrival of the Restenford Ranger Captain and company, Baroness Andrella send an invite to the castle to the leaders of men and the adventuring party. Not one to waste time, the meeting was set for Harvester the 26th, giving everyone Godsday (Harvester 25th) to spend in religious observation. The middle day of each week is Godsday; it is a day of rest and religion during the week; even for the common folk.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:16 pm    Post subject: Baroness Andrella's meeting Reply with quote

The morning of Waterday, the 26th of Harvester, breaks with a light breeze off the sea and cloudy skies. Like so many days the adventurers have faced, the skies threaten rain.

Each of the members of the party prepare themselves for the meeting with the baroness and then make their way to the castle.

The soldiers at the castle gate are a more serious lot than they had been. The onslaught against Restenford cost many locals their lives and many buildings were lost to fire, including the castle’s barn and guardhouse. Both are in the process of being rebuilt.

The meeting hall is near standing room only before the three-tiered dais upon which Barnoness Andrella sits. The barnoness sits in her father, Grellus’, seat while her mother, Fairwind’s, seat sits empty. The barnoness is dressed in a fine gown with her long brown hair pulled up in braids that wrap around her head under her simple golden headband. She appears tired and stressed.

The Captain of the Guard, Gelpas, stands behind Fairwind’s thorne, at Baroness Andrella’s side wearing his shining chain mail armor. At his side is sheathed a decorative long sword. Gelpas gives a faint sigh of relief as Breymeer enters. It is good to have the Captain of the Restenford Rangers back, along with the rest of his companions. Sorely missed is the two elvish blooded mages, Cirdan Saralonde and Grimlock; whose magic nearly single handedly saved both Lake Farmin and Restenford.

One the second tier of the dais sits the wizard Pelltar in his prescribed chair. He soberly nods at the arrival of the party. The only other chair on this level holds a smiling Dalic Steelcoat. Not one to hold his emotion, Dalic gives out a shout to his previous travelling companions, “Time ta be bringin’ out da ‘Fear Lantern’ me boys!” Pelltar quickly casts a disapproving glance at Dalic and he calms himself.

Curate Almon, from the Phaulkon Abbey, is upon the lowest level of the dais. Standing beside him wearing chain mail armor, with his hand resting on his weathered flail, is Krelar, champion of the abbey.
Finally, the last two persons on the third tier are Almax, the half-elf druid, who is seated, and Amos, his son and fellow druid.

The final person in attendance on behalf of the baroness is Belina, Mayor of Lake Farmin and Lieutenant of the Restenford Rangers; second in command after Breymeer. Belina stands at the base of the dais to the audiences right. She wears a dress instead of armor today befitting her political title. Her curly red hair falls upon her shoulders.

Belina’s emotions towards Breymeer are betrayed the moment she sees him; turning red with the comfort of seeing him.
The party enters the room without practiced etiquette.

Breymeer, being a captain of the barony, enters first. His eyes are immediately upon Belina. Breymeer winks at Bellina but refrains from taking her into a bear hug in order to not damage the professionalism of the moment.

Next to Breymeer is the heavily cloaked and hooded Ek; Breymeer’s henchman. The elf wears a hooded cloak low over his face and drops out of line near the back left corner of the room. Though not threatening in nature, the move in noticed by Gelpas, the Captain of the Guard. The captain makes other motion or indication of planned action.

Following Breymeer is the Elvish Lord and Sehanine Priest, Tathar Surion and the advisor Lady Morwan Alcerin.

Lord Tathar has his face blackened and his eyes surrounded with silvery moons, indicating he is about to depart on an adventure. He wears pants and a blouse the silvery color of the Sehanine elves and his elven chainmail can be seen, by the keen observer, underneath. He also wears a silvery floor length cape with the symbol of Sehanine on the back. He carries his quarter staff with his backpack and horn wood bow. These he deposits by the door, before entering the chamber.

Morwen Alcerin is with Tathar, but had no obvious travel gear. She appears to be ready for court. While she is normally a very beautiful lady, she has quite outdone herself today. Her hair done up, jewelry on and she wears a silvery Elvish gown with a red sash. She throws beaming smiles at the other members of the group that she knows.

As Tathar sets down his backpack and heads into the chamber, Morwen takes his hand into hers and walks in by his side. For those taking notice, Tathar gently tries to remove his hand but Morwen holds firm and Tathar quickly relents, letting the she-elf have her way. Morwen beams brightly at her victory, while Tathar blushes and looks somewhat uncomfortable.
The next to enter are Ergon and Jandre. Ergon’s armor is freshly polished and shines. Both stand as rigid as their deity’s moral code.

Markus and Isiaweil enter together followed by Cholakk and Seeler, the dwarves.

On the heels of the dwarves is a long-lost friend; the gnome Esned.
Lexinton Krupps enters. The teenage human appears wise beyond his young years. He is inwardly pleased to see Pelltar present; knowing the wizard is sometimes known to take in fellow mages for study and training.

Lastly, enters Vicros, the half elf rescued from the sea-side orc compound. Set free by Grimlock and Noble Circan Saralonde, Vicros was advised by them to sail to Restenford. His sense of adventure, and name dropping, has brought him to this meeting.

Lady Andrella makes her greetings. “Captain Breymeer. It is good to hear of your return and see you are well. Your new friend there, she nods to the corner in which Ek has placed himself, is not an overly welcome guest. However, we survived the introduction to Dalic Steelcoat so, therefore, Breymeer, if you vouch for this elf’s worth, he shall remain unmolested by my forces.”

She continues speaking to Breymeer, “I wish to speak to you in private at the conclusion to this meeting.” Her face is calm and her voice even. Nothing is betrayed to indicate if the meeting bodes well or not.

“Tathar Surion, Lord of Tur Thar-guldar and honorable priest of Sehanine, welcome.”

“Lady Morwen Alcerin. I am grateful to see you and Lord Surion back. I see your travels together have brought you closer together.” The baroness smiles kindly.

“Isiaweil. We will be truly blessed if you have returned home to the island to continue your services to the Restenford Rangers. We may be looking for more commanders in our unit should this interest you.”

“Esned. Your bravery in the past is commendable. If you should wish to continue on serving the interests of Restenford, you will be very welcome to do so.”

“Lexington Krupps. You still have the bearing of a young man but you appear to me to be much more worldly. Your travels have served you well I imagine. Your service to Restenford would also be greatly welcomed.”

“Vicros. You are a stranger to me. It has been told to me that you were rescued from an orc compound by none other than Grimlock and his noble companion Cirdan Saralonde. This barony remains standing because of the actions of those who rescued you. It is by name alone that you are welcomed into this court at this time. If it is adventure you seek, you have come to the right place.”

“Markus, you remain relatively unknown to me. You travel with heroes. I shall assume you are of the same caliber. You wear the markings of a priest of Kord. I can only assume you have earned such a position. We can only benefit from one of you fighting spirit.”

“Cholakk and Seeler. Though you are not of the local Thesdrorlum clan that aids in protecting our northern border, you are welcome at my court. Until recently, I have had little to do with dwarves and their ways. I have learned this though, you are a brave and honorable people that once set upon a task, do not relent until the task is complete. I hope you choose to give us your aid.”

“Finally, Jandre, honorable priest of Pholtus and Sir Ergon, holy warrior of Pholtus. I welcome both of you and the warriors you have brought with you. I hope this new alliance bodes well for Restenford and your church.” Baroness Andrella looks out of the corner of her eye at Pelltar who returns her look with a blank face. Meanwhile Curate Almon looks upon the two Pholtus followers with guarded curiosity. Almax, the druid, shifts uncomfortably in his chair. The contempt on his face for the followers of such a rigid deity is obvious.

The baroness, having finished her greetings, asks a simple question, “I must know who wishes to stand and fight for Restenford. I assume that those in attendance today stand for the freedom of Restenford against the evil forces that have taken over Kroten. I ask of each of you, do you pledge to continue the fight against the fiend, Duke Nebub?”

“If each of you affirms this commitment, you may remain here now. Those that wish to continue with their lives elsewhere are free to leave this court. You must now choose. Shall you stay or shall you go?”

Morwen nods her commitment.

Esned as well, “I am ready for more adventuring!”

Cholack speaks, “I honor a temporary call of service to the causes of the barony. However, I chose to remain behind and aid with local defenses, patrols and possibly as a liaison to the local dwarven clans. If you find need of my services Baroness Andrella, please send for me. I shall be staying in town for the time being.”

“I dare not leave my companions to their own devices without my aid,” comments Markus. “I pledge my loyalty to them. I find the plight of the barony a most worthy affair and for a priest of Kord.”

Jandre quickly takes a step forward and adds, “Pholtus’ name shall also be honored. Ergon and I shall fight against the dark forces in your defense and for the glory of Pholtus!”

“I am in!” boldly states Breymeer. “I vouch for all present. I assure you that Ek has his reason for not wanting to be front and center. He will cause ill will.” With that, Breymeer glances at Ek with a look letting him know misbehavior is not an option.

Isiaweil’s will being broken, lacks much for enthusiasm. He simply nods. Isiaweil is in.

Lexington Krupps confirms he is in.

Seeler, showing the bravery of the dwarves, is in.

Vicros stands solemnly, knowing his verbal contributions would not help the situation. He looks around, watching for others answers. He watches Cholack back out of the quest. Vicros briefly considers leaving himself. He shifts a leather bag he carries around his back. The load the bag carries is heavy; likely books. His sword is sheathed in a very plain sheath that barely pokes out from underneath his cloak. He carries it generally concealed.

After a pause, Vicros, with conviction in his eyes, agrees to aid the quest.

Tathar clears his throat. "I hold in my hand written proof of the lineage of Paylae, daughter of Ledago. She is the rightful heir to the throne in Kroton." Tathar holds up a bone case scroll. "I now present this to Baroness Andrella for safekeeping. I trust, baroness, that you will know what to do with it at the right time." Tathar turns to Breymeer and hands him the scroll to present to the Baroness.

Breymeer moves forward and hands the scroll to Belina, who, in turn, passes it up to Baroness Andrella. The baroness holds it for the moment without reading it. She waits for Tathar to finish speaking.

Speaking louder, and a bit more authority he continues. "Paylae died in the dwarven delve, or so we thought." Tathar pauses and looks over the people present to ensure he has everyone's attention.

"The Lunar Lady, Sehanine Moonbow, Lady of Dreams, has seen fit to bless me, her unworthy servant' with a vision!" He almost yells the last word, and all can see that the zealot is working himself up into a frenzy. As if noticing it himself, Tathar calms himself. He pauses for a moment, looks at the floor and takes a deep breath. Letting it out he looks up again and continues.

"Paylae was taken into hell itself by the bone devils that lived in the delve. She is there body and soul, but she is kept alive to be tortured as sport for the evil denizens that live there." Morwen gasps and covers her mouth at this news.

"Sahanine, The Mystic Seer, would not have shown me this if she did not wish me to right this wrong. I will do so or die trying."

Now, I do not know how to access the realm of hell. If I were to travel North to the Forbidden Island my superiors may know the way but I am hoping that one of the other priests present might know how to solve this riddle. Further, I am not so arrogant as to think that I could survive there on my own. I beg my friends and colleagues and anyone who will listen to lend your aid in this noble Quest."

He pauses again and looks around the room singling out the priests of the different deities that are represented. Please sirs, let us work together. We will do good for the world, and maybe learn about each other so that we may grow in our own faiths and in the tolerance of the faiths of others."

Lexington Krupp digs into his pocket and raises up the shriveled little finger of Speck, “I did not know him well, definitely not as well as some here. If he were brought back, his prowess’s may be helpful in whatever your plans.”

Lady Andrella smiles, “If I had a way, I would certainly welcome Speck back. He has served this barony well. I wish you well in that quest.”

To the group she continues, “As I wish you all well on the defeat of Nebub!” She holds up the scroll case given to her by Tathar. “I will hold this until Nebub is destroyed. May Peylae reign in his stead.”

“I do not have any suggestions in regards to getting to Kroten. I am afraid the tactics and logistics will be up you all of you. I can tell you both roads into Kroten from Restenford are heavily guarded and fortified. My only advise is to try and find a way around them or by deceit and deception.”

“Rest well and may you be blessed on your quest. I thank you for all you have done and all you endeavor to do.”

Baroness Andrella closes with, “Captain Breymeer, please remain behind for a moment.”

With that, the group is dismissed to prepare for their adventure.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am enjoying the adventures herein, though I am not yet through the 2nd page.

Please tell me that Ide Otneaux is pronounced, "I don't know.". 😁

Additionally, I find it curious that the party is willing to split up so often. That tactic seems to have proven disastrous in the ruins on Bone Hill. Now, they are doing it again when assaulting the dwarven mine. 🤨

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes. I was attempting to get my ex-wife (we were still married at the time) involved by making a character for her. I asked her to name a character and she simply said, "I don't know." Ide Otneaux seemed appropriate.

As for splitting up, they do know better but find themselves apart often anyway it seems.

For a little while the game went away from play by email to tabletop and I didn't take very detailed notes so the story gets paraphrased and loses a lot of detail. Mostly for the White Plume Mountain side trek.

Winter has come early to Minnesota this year. I am hoping to get things rolling at a faster pace again soon. Kroten, here they come!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay, the party just got hit by a fireball in the dwarven mine. Some of the PCs made their Save and some did not, but all had some of their equipment destroyed by the explosion. I remember rules to the effect of only the equipment of individuals failing their Save need roll a Save of its own. I am not sure what edition of the rules you are using. Is it different than I remember, or are you 'house ruling' it?

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I guess I would have to consider that a house rule if it goes against the written rule. I played it that if the player saves, they have sheltered themselves enough to take half damage; however, their exposed armor, equipment, weapons, etc are still in the area of effect and, to me, therefore subject to a save as well.

For example, a character may hide behind his shield, exposing the shield. Or maybe the character balled up and hid his exposed body parts but his backpack, though sheltering the body, is exposed to the flame and heat.

Just the way I play it I guess.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I didn't mean to sound critical, just curious.

By the way, what edition of the rules are you using?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wasn't intending on sounding defensive, sorry.

I use 2nd edition (nod to Lanthorn) rules but still reference 1st edition a lot. I lot of my houserules are stolen from 3rd or 5th edition. I have a copy of player's handbook, dmg and monster manual from all the editions just out of curiosity sake if nothing else.
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