Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:48 pm  
Wormy in Greyhawk

Wormy in Greyhawk -

Gremorley the wizard has been a recurring NPC in my Greyhawk campaign for years. While most of the Wormyverse doesn't translate to Greyhawk (except for the incredible Trampier art which I use as much as possible) Gremorley is one of those arrogant, high-handed, self-serving NPCs that fit perfectly and had a thousand uses. He was a frequent patron of my players but immediately gained a reputation as untrustworthy, devious and completely unconcerned about the player characters well-being. When you worked for him you knew that you weren't being given all the information and that some kind of illeagal and dangerous activity would be involved, and if anything went wrong he would certainly disavow any knowledge and never, never, never come to your aid.

At one time the players realized that Gremorley had sent a group of NPC adventurers to releave them of an interesting Suel artifact they'd aquired and a reprisal raid upon the wizard's manor on the outskirts of Greyhawk's Old City resulted in a haul of exotic goods that turned out to be too hot for the player characters to handle. They found themselves wanted criminals for the crimes and thefts of Gremorley and a long and deeply held grudge-war began.