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    The Suel Pantheon: Phaulkon
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    Tue Feb 08, 2005 3:55 pm  
    The Suel Pantheon: Phaulkon

    Priests of Phaulkon(God of Open Air, Winds, Clouds)

    AL: any good, RA: varies, see below, SY: an outline of a man with large eagle wings, AR: chain mail and less, any shield; Wpn: bow(any)*, club, dagger, javelin, knife, longsword, short sword, spear; SPH: all, animal(flying creatures only), astral, combat(m), divination, elemental(air), healing, protection, summoning, sun(m), travelers, weather, Spl: none, Add: conjure air elemental(as conjure earth elemental), exaction, holy word, word of recall, wyvern watch, zone of sweet air, plus special(see below)*.

    Priests of Phaulkon wear headdresses of feathers in services and rituals, one feather for each level of experience. Phaulkon’s priests always wear at least one feather at all times. In addition to feathers, priests of Phaulkon always wear white during ceremonies. During travel and for everyday labors they wear various shades of blue. Priests of Phaulkon gain the bonus non-weapon proficiencies of weather sense and animal training (one avian of choice). Avian creatures (including hippogriffs, griffons, and other such partially avian creatures) will never attack a priest of Phaulkon unless the priest attacks it first. Priests of Phaulkon may use the following wizard spells as priest spells of the same level: featherfall, fly, fog cloud, gust of wind, ride the wind, solid fog, suffocate, whispering wind, and wind wall. Priests of Phaulkon also gain the following powers as they advance in level:

    Level/Granted Power
    5th: speak with animals(normal birds only)
    8th: fly 1/day
    11th : control winds 1/day
    14th: summon friendly 12 HD air elemental 1/ week

    Phaulkon is worshipped as a major deity on Lendore Isle as well as in Keoland, the Ulek States, the Yeomanry, and Celene. Many elves and half-elves also worship Phaulkon, who is on good terms with Aerdrie Faenya, the elven goddess of air and weather. Priests of Phaulkon cannot turn undead.


    Dragon Magazine # 87, “Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Kord the Brawler and Phaulkon, his father”, by Leonard Lakofka.

    Recommended Reading:

    The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds

    Visit this link for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
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    Thu Mar 24, 2005 4:29 am  
    The Daughters of Phaulkon

    Just as an added note:

    I created an order of warrior-priests to act as a sort of amazonian bodyguard to the priests of Phaulkon. I intended them to be a varient of the paladin - a holy warrior. I haven't put their abilities into games stats yet, I just use them to flesh out the religion a bit. I described them briefly here:

    A group of the Daughters of Phaulkon have set up in the Siege of Westkeep, led by a high level priestess. Their home is a temple high in the Good Hills. Again, these characters are just to give some flavor to the religion, but perhaps some gaming stats could be drawn up for them if there's any interest.

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