Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:12 am  
Ghost Riders Over Geoff

In 579cy the fight to reclaim Geoff from the giants and their allies who had swarmed down from the hills in 576cy had taken a major turn. In the south Sterich was finally secure and to the east Duke Owen with the aid of the Gran March and his army of volunteers from throughout the Flanaess had retaken Hochoch. But still most of Geoff was still giant-held.

At some point in the spring of 579cy a dark fog began rolling across the giant-held land. It was a dark-green swirling mass which blocked the moon and stars and limited sight even in the bright of day. Within this fog eveil things began to stir and above it the riders appeared.

The Ghost Riders haunt the skys above the fog-shrouded land for three nights during the time Luna is first full. They appear as a group of a dozen or score of the Duke's Own Guard, those killed during the escape from Gorna. Powerful clerics seem to be able to hold them at bay or drive them back and powerful magic or items of power can wound or dispel them, but each new Luna moon sees them return to hunt those who serve the Duke within the land which was once Geoff.