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    The Hidden Houses at Whisperhall
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    Sun Jun 13, 2021 3:49 pm  
    The Hidden Houses at Whisperhall

    Another settlement I have been working on for "Enoch's World of Greyhawk"

    NOTE: This is Greyhawk, but veers away from canon.


    Proper Name: The People of Whisperhall
    Ruler: Master Vaymin
    Government: Congress of Clan-like Houses
    Resources: Gems and minerals

    Coinage: The People do not mint their own coinage, but bits from Perrenland and Ket are common. The People are interested in receiving iron pieces, which in the Flanaess, they regard as equivalent to a copper piece.

    Population: Talaire (not public knowledge beyond the settlement), BOf, Dwarves, Gnomes
    Primary Languages: Common Tongue, Talaire, Baklunish, Dwarven, Gnomish
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, Neutral

    Religions: Rujsha (Justice), Gorn (Knowledge), (Mintar Honor), Xan Xae (Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, Mental Power), Zuoken (Knowledge, Mind, Strength, War), Delleb (reason, intellect, study) In my campaign the previous five gods are all aspects of the three Greyhawk gods Xan Yae, Delleb, and Zuoken.

    Allies: Politically neutral in the Flanaess. On very good terms with dwarves of the area, especially Caradhaker dwarves.

    Enemies: Their ancestral enemy since before their arrival on Oerth are the Illithids. Also, not all of the Hidden Houses live harmoniously amongst one another.

    Overview: Whisperhall is an independent settlement in the center of the Yatil Mountains. The city is not made up of isolationists, but the community is remote. The “difficult pass” between Ket and Perrenland, courses very near Whisperhall. To the outside world, the collective Hidden Houses refer to themselves as the People. There is an ancestral and religious connection between the Talaire and the Baklunish. All of the Hidden Houses of the Talaire are represented in the settlement of Whisperhall, but House Vaymin is the ruling sept here. A closely guarded secret, known only to the People and their dwarven allies, are their greenhouses within the mountains. These are constructed from a substance known as Toplaine (detailed in Beyond the Glittering Veil Below), of which they have a limited supply. The People do not hide their psionic abilities, especially in their home environs, but they do not broadcast them either. The People have been known by many Names: The Talaire, The Builders as well as the Mystics.

    Locales of Note:
    The Hidden Monastery Whisperhall, the center of Da’shon martial arts and Edel mental training

    Chapel of All Faiths, adjacent to Whisperhall Monastery, this is the clerical wing of the faith of the People.

    The Tower Colloquium, The meeting house and lodge of the congress of Houses.

    The Street of Temples: This street is an embassy of sorts, hosting shrines to various Gods outside of, but sympathetic to the People. Powers represented include: Istus, Rao, Celestian, Lendor, Trithereon, Al’Akbar, Keoghtom, Murlynd, Johydee as well as particular dwarven deities.

    Note: In my campaign, there are pockets of Underdark in other parts of the Flanaess, including far beneath the Yatils.

    Selected Inspiration:
    Nijineko’s Edel in Greyhawk and the Flanaess: An Overview of Psionics
    Beyond the Glittering Veil, by Steven Kurtz. Dungeon Magazine #31 September/October 1991
    The Portals of Torsch, by Rudy Kraft. 1980 Judges Guild Incorporated
    Mind Lords of Talaron, by Stephen Kenson. Dragon Magazine #281 March, 2001
    Mindstalkers, by Bruce Cordell. Dragon Magazine #245 March, 1998

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    Mon Jul 05, 2021 11:42 am  

    Two questions:

    1- Gorn? Never heard of this god.

    2- known as The Builders. Wasn't that the name given to the people who built Exag? The nickname sounds familiar. Are you implying the current people are descendants of that race?
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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    Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:50 pm  

    1. Gorn is not a Greyhawk god. He is from the Dungeon article I mention in my inspirations.

    2. Different builders. I pulled that from the Portals of Torsh module also listed in my inspirations.
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