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List of Published D&D 4e Greyhawk Products

Posted by @DMSamuel 22 October 2021 On CanonFire Discord

__Published D&D 4e Greyhawk Products:__

1) Return to the Moathouse (2008; written for use at Origins, released officially by the RPGA later; it is the ToEE Moathouse in GH)

2) Village of Hommlet (2009; reworking/re-statting of 1e Hommlet; released to D&D Rewards DMs)

3) Revisiting the Naga's Throneroom (2010; Dungeon Mag issue 183; re-stats the final encounters of N1; takes place in and around Orlane)

4) Tomb of Horrors (2010; reworking/re-statting of 1e ToH; released to D&D Rewards DMs)

5) Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (2011; reworking/re-statting of the 1e module; released to D&D Rewards DMs)

6) Beyond the Crystal Cave (2011; reworking/re-statting/re-envisioning of the 1e module; takes place on Porpherio's Garden in GH; released as a D&D Encounters Program season)

7) Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (2011; Dungeon Mag issues 197; Inspired by original, but not just a re-stat of the module; takes place in the foothills of the Crystalmists)

8) Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane (2012; Dungeon Mag issue 198; Inspired by Against the Giants, not just a re-stat; part 2 of Steading; takes place in the Crystalmists)

9) Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (2012; Dungeon Mag issue 199; Inspired by original, but not just a re-stat of the module; takes place in a chasm in the Crystalmists)

10) Hall of the Fire Giant King (2012; Dungeon Mag issue 200; Inspired by original, but not just a re-stat of the module; takes place in the Hellfurnaces)

11) Unfriendly Skies (2012; Dungeon Mag issue 205; takes place after the events in Hall of the Fire Giant King)

12) Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (yes, again!) (2012; Dungeon Mag issue 209; same as the standalone release, this time in the magazine)

13) Into the Pit of Madness (2013; Lair Assault 1-shot module, takes place in the Yatil Mountains)

14) Beyond the Crystal Cave (yes, again!) (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 211; same as the standalone release, this time in the magazine)

15) Village of Hommlet (yes, again!) (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 212; same stats as listed in item above released standalone in 2009, but with new are and editing)

16) Tomb of Horrors (yes, again!) (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 213; new restatting of the ToH, for D&D Next **and** 4e D&D)

17) The Last Slavelord (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 215; Takes place on the Wild Coast, after the events of A4, statted for 1e **and** 4e D&D)

18) Lowdown in Highport (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 221; takes place on the Wooly Bay, statted for 1e **and** 4e)

19) Battle of Emridy Meadows (2013; Dungeon Mag issues 221; literally consists of missions during the battle, actually statted for D&DNext, but released at end of 4e era)


a) Attack of the Tyrantclaw (2012; Lair Assault 1-shot module, ostensibly takes place on the Isle of Dread, so if you place the isle in GH, then it is there)

b) Never Say Die (2013; Dungeon Mag issue 212; takes place at the base of White Plume Mountain, but is mostly just inspired by the original, not having any other direct ties)

c) Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium (2011; Ostensibly a tome compiled by Mordy that describes magical items and contains his comments on some of them; Supposedly 8 copies were made (one for each in the circle). His former apprentice, Qort, introduces the book with a page from the last remaining/surviving book, which has been mostly destroyed; It's pretty much all there is, and since Mordy was a planar traveler, it doesn't have any direct ties to GH)

**NOTE:** Of course this list is ignoring all of the simple name (NPC) references that occur in D&D products (similar to the 5e, 4e also used a lot of the GH deities, spell names from Greyhawk, and references in spells and lore to NPCs from GH).