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    Canonfire :: View topic - Were the Oeridians from Lynn? (Discord discussion)
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    Were the Oeridians from Lynn? (Discord discussion)
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    From: Emigre from Mystara

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    Sun Oct 24, 2021 11:33 am  
    Were the Oeridians from Lynn? (Discord discussion)

    CanonFire Discord 24 October 2021
    Discsussion between @eradan @kalevi

    Sparkes by posting of this French blogpost:

    Roughly “This province of the Dreamrifts has Morgenstern as capital city. Germanic names, not latin ones, will be consistently used. When Lynn will be merged into the world of Greyhawk, it will be said that the inhabitants of Lynn, are of 'oeridian' origin, the germanic equivalent, but we can also notice an Orc territory named 'Orcreich'. One of the places on the map is called 'Vale of Frost', the author's signature.”

    I am wondering whether the people of Lynn are Oeridian. does that mean the oeridians have travelled from west all the way to the east until they reached the solnor ocean

    I'd say the Oeridians are from Lynn, butpart of them were enslaved in the Celestial Kingdom then fled to the Baklunish Basin, where they were displaced by the Bakluni later on. For me, it makes sense that the Celestial Empire is the great darkness that the Bakluni fled

    the celestial kingdom is still like thousands of miles away of lynn

    Nothing is really known about the celestial kingdom

    a 5 minute google search reveals that the lands are known as Sufang / Shaofeng

    According to Dragon 253 (author: Scott Casper), it's the Celestial Imperium of Kucera Kyrios

    but it was never called like that again it seems

    Nope, and it's just an entry about a supposed novel

    1/ The Oeridians were living as slaves before being freed by Johydee
    2/ The Bakluni fled a great evil, and in that flight found Tovag Baragu and founded their empire
    So It would make sense that the Celestial Empire is the real birthplace of the Bakluni, and that they followed (after some centuries maybe) the escaped Oeridians east. It would also explain why there's so few Bakluni deities, and most of them are either LN, N, NG or LG. Only part of the pantheon followed them

    That would also imply that the evil part remained there

    Yup. It may not be quite so evil after so much time has passed, or be even more so

    Or the Celestial Imperium are using Orcreich as breeding grounds

    Now, imagine if the Bakluni we know were originally from a province of the Imperium that tried to resist the evil of the Imperium, and they were forced to flee when the Imperium told the orcs that this province would now be their own kingdom

    well here we come into the dilemma of these territories being just too damn large. it would be the equivalent of gifting a people a territory the size of China

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    Tue Oct 26, 2021 5:46 am  
    Re: Were the Oeridians from Lynn? (Discord discussion)

    Interesting stuff, Artharn.

    ArtharnTheCleric wrote:
    well here we come into the dilemma of these territories being just too damn large. it would be the equivalent of gifting a people a territory the size of China

    Perhaps the portion of the Celestial Empire that rebelled/was given over to the Orcs was not so large, originally, but over the eons has expanded due to Orcreich's increasing strength and the Empire's decline.

    At this point, the Celestial Empire could be anything a DM wants it to be. It could be nearly the same after all these years, vastly expanded, or shrunken to far less than its glory days. It could be a neutrally aligned land, one of horrible evil, or one that has become a shining beacon of goodness in the midst of a dark landscape.

    Here's an idea.

    Going with the idea that a small portion of the Celestial Kingdom resisted the evil at its heart and were given over to the Orcs to conquer, and that most of the Baklunish left to escape such evil, there must have been a catalyst that would allow such a large group of people/slaves to leave en mass.

    Perhaps, there was a civil war. It appeared that evil would be triumphant, so the majority of the Baklunish people fled. The goodly people's left behind to fight the war eventually triumphed, unexpectedly, but retained a bitterness toward those who they see as having betrayed them (the Baklunish).

    Perhaps Stern Alia's third son (I forget his name) chose to take a side and that's what cost him his life. Perhaps it was the death of her third son in the war that prompted her to seek vengeance against the evil side. Perhaps her husband, father of her three sons, was also killed and his name was stricken from the records of the gods because of his direct involvement in the war on Oerth.

    The evil Baklunish gods stayed behind to finish the war. It is not over. Though the remnants of the Celestial Empire hold their own at this point, the gods of evil have control of all the lands surrounding them and are inexorably pressing in on what remains of the goodly lands.

    Taiwan or Hong Kong may serve as real-world inspiration for the above. Also, perhaps, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

    SirXaris' Facebook page:

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    Wed Dec 29, 2021 3:08 am  

    I have a sneaking suspicion that I read somewhere Gygax envisioned the Baklunish to be Central and Eastern Asian in appearance which would tie in nicely with their origins being in the Celestial Empire. Personally, I use the various Turkic ethnicities as a guide for Baklunish physical appearance.

    Xan Yae, attributed as a Baklunish deity, has a distinctly Chinese vibe to her name further suggesting a Celestial Empire connection. I have Xan Yae as also a goddess of that Empire.
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