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    The Suel Pantheon: Bralm
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    Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:12 am  
    The Suel Pantheon: Bralm

    Priests of Bralm(Goddess of Insects, Industriousness)

    AL: TN, LN, LE, RA: robes of dull brown or yellow speckled with numerous insects designs, SY: a giant wasp in front of a swarm of insects, AR: any non-metal, any non-metal shield, WPN: staff, club, staff-sling, dart, blowgun,, flail, dagger, spear, scimitar, SPH: all, animal, charm, creation, divination, elemental(air, earth), guardian, healing, necromantic(m), numbers, protection(m), summoning, Spl: none, Add: chant, insect plague.

    Priests of Bralm are ever busy, seeking to increase the influence of their deity. Priests of Bralm cannot use spells or magic items that in any way create fire, but they can use spells and items that protect from fire. Priests of Bralm gain access to spells involving insects as if the spell were one level lower. For example, a priest of Bralm treats the insect plague spell as a 4th level spell instead of as a 5th level spell for purposes of spell memorization. In addition to this, any spell involving insects that is cast by a priest of Bralm is treated as if it were cast by a priest of 4 levels higher than the casterís actual level with regards to duration, effect, and any other variables. Priests of Bralm turn or command undead (depending on alignment) at -3 levels. As priest of Bralm advance in level, they gain the following powers:

    Level/Granted Power
    5th: fly 1/day
    7th: shape change: giant warrior ant 1/week
    9th: shape change: giant wasp 1/week
    11th: shape change: giant scorpion 1/week
    14th: shape change: anhkheg (largest size) 1/week

    These powers are gained cumulatively. The shape change abilities function similar to the druid ability, except that each form may be assumed for only one hour.
    Bralm is worshipped in hot regions, especially in Hepmonoland and the Vast Swamp; also, those who remain of the Suel peoples in the Sea of Dust hold her in high esteem. Bralm is never worshipped by druids, for her motives are in conflict with the balance of natural order.


    Dragon Magazine #92 (1989) "Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Lydia, Bralm and Jascar" by Lenard Lakofka

    Recommended Reading:

    The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds

    Visit this link for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
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    Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:27 pm  

    Good articles, wondering if you could add the FtA Gods for those who don't have the supplement or in my case too lazy to go into the basement and dig it out Wink

    Bralm is Never worshipped by druids ?

    The old Faith article has bralm as a druid option,

    Perhaps this:
    Bralm is worshipped by few druids, for her motives are in conflict with the balance of natural order.

    Look forward to reading about the new priesthoods.
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