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    The Liberation of Geoff
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    Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:43 am  
    The Liberation of Geoff

    Hello all. I am currently working on a write up of the History of the Gran March and the Liberation of Geoff contains a large amount of relevant material. However, this seems to be a distinct divergence from the general canon timeline.... with the relocation of G1-2-3 and the exclusion of the D modules.

    Also, it does not seem that the Sakhaut has warmed anyones hearts as a force in the Flaness. Though they still contol Geoff, there is never any mention of them or any of the Giants. Why I wonder?

    Overall it seems it should be/is a supplment rather than a module. I know they wanted to rerelease the G series but the result is a chaotic jumble.

    I am looking for advice on effectively integrating this supplement into the overall history/description. Thoughts?
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    Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:39 am  

    IIRC, the supplement states it could be used either as a post-GDQ state of events, or as an alternate to the D/Q modules. I could be remembering that incorrectly, but personally the very LAST canon modules I'd try to contradict would be those which originated the drow, kuo-toa, and svirfneblin. Wink

    I always looked at Libertation of Geoff as a post-GDQ timeframe, but since the original modules are so well loved they wanted to provide an option to include those with the rest of it. Hence the hodge-podge.

    While I haven't yet used the supplement, I'd planned on events occurring like this:

    - The original GDQ modules take place. At this time the Sakhaut are to the west, possibly raiding the homes of dwur, other giants, or whatever over the Sulhaut Mtns.
    - As GDQ is successfully completed, the giants become disorganized. Some giants who were drafted into service flee back into the Sulhauts. While the giants maintain control of Geoff, an attack at this time was an opportunity missed by the human and their kin. I don't recall the timeline of when Sterich becomes free again, so possibly this occurs during the disarray following Snurr's downfall.
    - The Sakhaut interact with AWOL giants from Geoff, and begin their power-play.
    - The Liberation of Geoff takes place.

    Since I haven't actually used this yet, there may be some gaping holes in my plot that haven't yet occurred to me, but hopefully that'll spark better ideas for you. Happy

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