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    Prestige classes in Greyhawk
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    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Sun Jun 12, 2005 7:34 am  
    Prestige classes in Greyhawk

    where do each of the prestige (or at least some) classes fit in greyhawk?
    Mad Archmage of the Oerth Journal

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    Sat Jun 18, 2005 3:49 pm  

    Well that really falls to the DM. Though I am working on a short bit in that direction to list a few prestige class instructors in the Flanaess in an upcoming article.

    Beyond that Knight Protector hails from the old Great Kingdom area, Kinight of the Chalice also had obvious links.

    Loremasters can be found in learned cities.

    Archmages are a bit more tricky to find as I see them as seclusive.

    Shadowdancers I would have to say are an oddity but they could come out of the Valley of the Mage.

    Arcane Tricksters are more city oriented so any city with a thieves guild may have one.

    Arcane Archers are most definitely from any area heavy in elven ancestry or origins (Celene).

    Eldritch Knights and Spellswords would be a little rare, but I would imagine they hail from smaller societies over a place. Anywhere magic and warfare mix they "might" be found. The Great Kingdom, Hateful Wars era Celene, Duchy of Urnst, and such like that.

    Cavaliers would probly come from Furyondy, the Shield Lands, or Nyrond.

    Well theres a few examples off the top of my head. Hope that helps. =)
    -Rick "Duicarthan" Miller
    Editor-in-Chief, Oerth Journal
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    From: Orland Hills, Illinois

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    Sat Jul 23, 2005 10:23 pm  

    Embarassed Despite the fact that the "default" campaign of 3.0 is Greyhawk, more relevance might be desired. Some more of the classes could be said to fit in if you accept the reference indicated. Some are stretches, but some mentioned specific GH places or things.
    Sword and Fist
    Fist of Hextor - well, he is a Greyhawk God
    Ravager - Dedicated to Erythnul, another Greyhawk God
    Warmaster - Text claims they come from the Furyondian College of War in Chendl

    Defenders of the Faith
    Contemplative - The example Mausoleum Hall is a Temple of Wee Jas with example character Haufn Maerdyl (female half-elf Clr10/Contemplative 2)
    Hunter of the Dead - The House of Death church lists Philian Cadell (Female elf Ftr2/Clr3/Hunter of the Dead 1) as follower of Heironeous.
    Sacred Fist - The description of the class allows for Pelor and Kord to have them in their list
    Templar - Boccob, Wee Jas, Olidammara, Ehlonna, Obad-Hai, Kord, and Erythnul have them in their churches.

    Song and Silence
    Fang of Lolth - Greyhawk deity named
    Royal Explorer - The description states there is a Royal Library of Keoland with members from this class putting together a "a fascinating series of journals known as the Minutes of the Royal Explorers"
    Temple Raider of Olidammara - Greyhawk deity named

    Masters of the Wild
    Eye of Gruumsh - Greyhawk deity (yeah, kinda)

    Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
    Doomdreamer - Villian PrC

    I will get around to my 3.5 books soon.
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:20 am  


    I'm coming back to Greyhawk after a long absense (10+ years) adn as I peruse all my 3.0/3.5E books, I see that there is a lot of Greyhawk material -- but you have to comb through to find it. I'd like to start indexing everything Greyhawk-related from all the resources 3E and beyond. Particularly, the "Races" hard covers (Stone, Destiny, Wild), and all the "Complete" books (Adventurer, Divine, Arcane, Warrior). It's going to take some work.

    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Jul 22, 2005
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    From: Orland Hills, Illinois

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    Sun Jul 24, 2005 8:41 pm  

    Hi Ghul! Short time here, long time GH. There is not a lot of Greyhawk specific material from WOTC because when 3.0 came out, WOTC stated that the "default" campaign was Greyhawk. So example characters, towns etc. that would be described in WOTC products, unless specified as belonging elsewhere (like a book specific to the Realms) were assumed to exist in Greyhawk.

    Yeah sure.

    The problem is WOTC has not done much keep the pieces consistent with each other and prior Greyhawk. With the exception of Living Greyhawk Gazeteer and Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, there is not much specific material either. Therefore my references.

    More to come...
    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Jul 22, 2005
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    From: Orland Hills, Illinois

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    Mon Jul 25, 2005 9:39 am  

    I am not being systematic today. I do recall the following, I will read my books later in order to be complete

    Complete Arcane
    Warmage - not a prestige class, but a normal class. There is a sidebar description and a map of a stronghold in the Abor-alz where warmages are being trained, sponsored by the Duchy of Urnst, and looking on at Rary and the Bright Lands with suspicion.

    Suel Archanamach - It talks about the destroyed Suel Empire and a "lost" text with secrets. There is a notation that this is a Greyhawk specific prestige class and how to make it generic for any world.

    Races of Destiny
    Urban Soul and Urban Soul with City Bonded Substitution level - The eample character for EL17, Parthian, lives in Rel Astra.
    Adept Greytalker

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    From: the Free City of Dyvers (Kansas City, MO)

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    Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:32 pm  

    Just about all of the various prestige classes in the core books could be found in WoG. Many make specific references to places or deities in the Flanaess. Once the DM takes a little time to decide what he wants to use and where he wants to place them, the deal is done. Some obvious exceptions are things like Thayan Knights and Red Wizards - they're found in core products, but are obviously meant for FR. A DM wanting to use them, however, could alter the requirements to something like Valley of the Mage or the ruins of Rax. Again, its all up to the DM to decide.
    Journeyman Greytalker

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    Fri Oct 14, 2005 2:16 pm  

    You're the DM. Once you start writing, it's YOUR campaign. "With great power..." and all that.

    The Prestige Classes you want are where you want them, not where the book tells you to put them. If you don't want Shadowdancers, don't put them in. If you want to come up with your own Scarlet Brotherhood monk class, do it. Wanna get rid if the Suel Archanamanamanarch, and replace it with the Mage Slayer, go for it. Cool

    Personally, my players are limited to PHB classes, feats, and spells for beginning characters. Prestige Classes, splatbook feats, etc. are granted on a case-by-case basis, only after the player has proved that he's not a munchkin, and only after some game time and resources have been spent in pursuit of it.

    This is the beauty of Greyhawk in 3.5: It truly becomes yours.

    Telas, going to take his meds now...
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Tue Jan 24, 2006 7:33 pm  

    Humm yes. I guess the reason I asked was because while I'm a GH fan, I dont know all the back story on it. I was hoping those that are more knowledgable about it would place the prestige classes.
    Journeyman Greytalker

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    Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:03 am  

    Veth (Rhennee Wisewoman/witch)
    The glaive of Azharadian
    Silent one (from Keoland)
    Mask of Johydee
    Knight of the chase (Tritherians)
    Knight of holy shielding
    Knight of the watch/dispatch
    Darkhagard (Rhennee warriors)

    are all Greyhawk prestige classes from the Living Greyhawk journals.
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