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    The Baklunish Pantheon: Xan Yae

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    Black Hand of Oblivion
    Black Hand of Oblivion

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    PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:35 pm    Post subject: The Baklunish Pantheon: Xan Yae Reply with quote

    Priests of Xan Yae(Goddess of Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, Mind over Matter)

    AB: Str 11, Dex 13, Con 11, Wis 13; AL: any neutral, RA: dusty rose robes w/ gray cloak, SY: lotus bloom(black), AR: none, Wpn: chain, club, crossbow, dagger, dart, hand axe, polearm, sickle, spear, staff, sword(falchion); SPH: all, astral, charm, divination, elemental(m), healing, numbers(m), protection, sun(m, r), thought, travelers(m); Spl: none, Add: accelerate healing, aura of comfort, body clock, cure blindness/deafness, defensive harmony, nap.

    Priests of Xan Yae are ascetic warriors who practice unarmed fighting techniques, and seek personal enlightenment. To undertake such a path, one must be of very sound mind and body. Followers of Xan Yae are most active during the quiet twilight hours, either honing their physical skills or meditating during this quiet time. Consequently, priests of Xan Yae often cater to those who are also active during that time, such as thieves, young lovers, and those who do not wish to be seen for whatever reasons.

    Priests of Xan Yae gain access to the Rogue non-weapon proficiency group and gain the bonus non-weapon proficiency of Tumbling. Regardless of race, priests of Xan Yae may freely multi-class as priest/psionicists.

    The following base skills are taught to all priests of Xan Yae and are known at 1st level:

    All priests of Xan Yae are trained to deal lethal damage with their hands and feet as if they were weapons. This "open hand" ability begins modestly, but eventually allows the priest to strike multiple times per round, dealing damage equal to the deadliest off weapons. Their ability to evade and block incoming blows also gives them a bonus to their armor class, which increase by level.

    Priests of Xan Yae can move faster than a normal human due to their training and heightened body awareness; their movement rates increase as the gain levels.

    The keen senses of priests of Xan Yae allow them to perform several thief skills. Their thief skills and base scores are listed here:

    Climb Walls:................................50%
    Find (but not remove) traps:........5%
    Hear Noise:..................................10%
    Hide in Shadows:..........................5%
    Move Silently:................................5%

    Priests of Xan Yae start with 20 discretionary points to add to these abilities. At each level gained beyond the 1st, the priest gains an additional 10 points to distribute among these skills. Priests of Xan Yae prefer to fight unarmed, but are taught to use weapons to strike vulnerable areas of their opponents' anatomy. Consequently, they cause extra damage when using weapons against living creatures with discernable anatomies equal to the priest's level divided by two, rounded up.

    Once per day per level, the priest may attempt to stun an opponent with an open hand attack. The priest must declare their intent to use this ability before rolling to hit. Upon a successful hit, the opponent must make a saving throw vs. paralyzation or be stunned (unable to attack and losing all dexterity bonuses) for one round. • The priest may deflect an incoming missile or hurled weapon (arrow, bolt, dagger, etc.) by forsaking any other action and making a saving throw vs. petrification. • If the priest is attacked by an affect that requires a saving throw, a successful saving throw vs. the attack results in the priest taking no damage, even if the attack was a fireball, for example.

    Priests of Xan Yae also gain special powers, similar to monks, as they increase in levels due to their growing mastery over their minds and bodies.

    At 4th level, the priest gains the ability to kill opponents with a successful open-hand attack. The attack must stun the target, which must then make a saving throw vs. Paralyzation at +4 or die.

    At 7th level, the priest can resist ESP or other thought-reading attempts by making a saving throw vs. death magic at +2.

    At 10th level, the priest is able to fall up to 20' as long as they are within 1' of a wall. This ability assumes that the priest can make periodic contact with the wall to slow the fall. A tree or similar object counts as a wall for this purpose.

    At 13th level, the priest becomes immune to all diseases, as well as haste and slow spells. The priest's hands and feet are considered +1 weapons for the purposes for striking creatures that can only be hit by magic weapons.

    At 17th level, the priest is able to fall up to 30' as long as they are within 4' of a wall. The priest also gains the ability to momentarily accelerate the healing process of the body, repairing 2 points of damage per level of the priest. This ability may be used once per day.

    *Author's Note: you may want to add various Oriental monk weapons to the weapons available to priests of Xan Yae, if that is a feature of monks and other unarmed combat masters in your campaign.


    World of Greyhawk boxed set (1983), by Gary Gygax.

    The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds.

    Visit the following for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
    - Moderator/Admin (in some areas)/Member -

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    CF Admin
    CF Admin

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    PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 7:32 am    Post subject: Amended Table Reply with quote

    The following table represents the progression of the Cleric of Xan Yae, and is added here to supplement the above class information.

    1 &ndash; 3+115&rdquo;11d3Base skills
    4 &ndash; 6+212&rdquo;3/21d4Killing attack
    7 &ndash; 9+315&rdquo;21d6Resistance to <em>ESP</em>
    10 &ndash; 12+418&rdquo;5/21d6+1Fall 20&rsquo; safely
    13 &ndash; 6+518&rdquo;31d8Immune to disease, haste and slow; unarmed attacks are equal to +1 weapons
    17 ++621&rdquo;7/21d8+1Fall up to 30&rsquo; safely, Self heal 2hp/level(1/day)
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