Sat Jun 03, 2006 6:30 pm  
Warlords Battlecry 3 Source Code Available for Programmers

This is just a note to announce to any interested parties that Mr. Steve Fawkner has allowed a small group of individuals to acquire the source code for his award winning game, Warlords Battlecry III, with a signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

Any interested parties should feel free to contact me at the E-mail address listed below. We are also trying to make an arrangement with some of the people involved in the modding and creation of the Baldur's Gate Series of video games, to try to come up with a hybrid version (or two) of the two fantastic games. If you are interested in a private forum, please don't be a stranger.
Interested parties may also introduce themselves to the Forum Leader 'Maestorak' at the Battlefield, if they would like to begin use of a Private Forum (Currently undergoing an overhaul) for interested coders to exchange information.

The Project is free, and a Limited Source Project, for NDA signers only. This project began a just over a year ago, and has produced a handful of editors, unofficial patches, and even a little controversy. In spite of the latter, I, the project founder, work freely with Mr. Fawkner on my hobby time, to try to improve upon its {Project} expansion and balancing the issues between forums and individuals. As a precaution, I should also state that there is no charge to anyone who may wish to become invovled, nor will any requests for credit card info, or other, terribly delicate information be asked. We like to have a name and address on file, but we do not share the information with any individuals, public or private, nor is it sold, used, or distributed for anything other than Infinite Interactive's records regarding those who may possess the code.

Again, please feel free to contact either me, or Maestorak. We'd love to have you aboard if you are an avid Video Game RTS/RPG enthusiast with any level of skill in coding or programming.

My e-mail:

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards,
Jason Davis
St.Povis the Insane