Wed Feb 21, 2007 12:45 pm  
[New Monster] Kananicte

Archived here for reference.

Kananicte (Sleep Flower)
Small Lowlife (Uncommon)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1/2 (1d4 hp)
Move: 0
Attacks: 1
Damage: Special
No Appearing: 1d6
Save As: Normal Man
Morale: -NA-
Treasure Type: Nil
Intelligence: 0
Alignment: Nuetral
XP Value: 8

Kananicte are small, brightly colored flowers with thick stems and delicate leaves, found clumped together around the base of larger plants or trees in wet, muddy terrain. The flowers hide extensive root systems that are extremely sensitive to vibration, allowing the plant to sense the approach of any creature of halfling size or larger within 10 feet of the flower.

When any creature does approach within 10 feet, the flowers release a 20 foot radius cloud of pollen spores which on the first round of contact carry only a delicate aroma and peaceful sensation. Any creature who remains in the cloud (which will disperse after 1d12 rounds, or can be dispersed by use of the Create Air spell or similar magic) after the first round must make a saving throw vs poison or fall asleep (treat as if affected by the Sleep spell, though this effect is a poison and non-magical) for 1d4 hours.

Each flower can spray its pollen only once per hour, and since the plant is unintelligent, all flowers present will spray at once, invoking mulitple saving throws to reflect the higher concentration of spores in the air.

Some intelligent creatures, notably the Olman people and Lizardmen, will plant these flowers in or near patches of Kuumyak (see below), which will attack sleeping characters.

Adventure Ideas:
Some tribes of Olman and Lizardmen believe the dreams one has while sleeping off the effects of Kananicte pollen are prophetic, and the shamans of these tribes jealously guard the plants. PCs who are found destroying the plants will be attacked with the intent to capture them, to be sacrificed later to appease any spirits who may have been offended by the acts. On the other hand, PCs who are discovered asleep from their encounter with the plants may be carried back to the village, to be questioned by the shamans as to the nature of their dreams, providing an opportunity for the DM to introduce new plot hooks or twists.