Sat Mar 17, 2007 8:35 pm  
I Claim This Piece of Greyhawk in the name of Queen Isabella

Shocked Laughing

That got your attention. What it means is that there might be a new group working behind the scene in your Greyhawk campaigns.. Look to this group to take a secret hand in affairs of the region south of Greyhawk city near Hardby....or not...just an offer!!

Before the Greyhawk wars a large group of adventures formed an organization to promote the survival of all adventurers. This was accomplished by magical blood oaths that prevented the killing or betrayal of the group to any power inside or outside the group. They became the silent group that worked behind the scenes in the area of Hardby, and even extended into the wilds of the Pomarj.

The group established a flying castle that is continually is concealed by a bank of magical cloud. They created the Iron Dragon.....a great mechanical/magical constuct of huge proportions to export their brand of justice. The dragon docked under the cloud city. The group spread a spy/intelligence network far and wide about the World of Greyhawk. They even delved in the depths of Dramij for Power Gems and sought ancient crypts of fallen Suel. Through it all the balance of neutrality was maintained until the WAR came.

The group was not immune to the forces at work during that time and a great schism occured for the first time in the groups history. The forces strongly polarized to law, good, chaos, & evil battled, with many casualties in the group. They had numbered over 300, but after the smoke of spell battle cleared only a core of 150 remained. This group still works behind the scenes in Greyhawk for the forces of neutrality and maintain the balance.

In the new age travel to the stars became part of their works and they exported that same neutral attitudes to spelljammer space. The continue that work now...

They await you at the crossroads to adventure....what have you worked in the realm...of Greyhawk??????????????


Laughing Shocked

Lo there do I see my father,
Lo there do I see my mother, and my sisters, and my brothers,
Lo there do I see do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning,
Lo they do call to me,
They bid me take my place among them,
In the Halls of Vahalla
Where the brave,
May live,

Randomize it adds spice to a predictable games plot line (especially if they have read it before).

Have everyone roll their dice before the adventure and tick them off one by one, it helps speed up the game and allows the DM more time to think on his feet.