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The Celts & Indians Aren't the Only Users of WAR PAINTS!

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This set of magical war paints are from a number of sources. Mayfair Games Undead is the basis for the war paints below but there is also a section on Barbarian war paints from the Complete Barbarian Handbook. The idea is that you could make your favorite PC look like a Celtic warrior or tattooed Thayan mage for intimidation of others, and the look will have a certain bite to it.

The paints are found in stone jars and each has three applications in it. They are created by the Bontra dwarves. When activated by the simple need of the wearer, (which is not selective) the affect takes place. The size of the painting is a minimum of 4 square inches.

The primary types of war paints are:

Red: Offers protection from heat. This war paint enables the wearer to saved vs Magical Fire or intense heat attacks at +3 to their die roll for 6 rounds. Normal fire or heat have no affect upon the wearer

Green: This war paint allows the wearer to move twice as fast and leap up to 30’ horizontally and 15’ vertically for 6 rounds. Also doubles the number of attacks allowed per round for 6 melee rounds. This paint works at the will of the wearer.

Yellow: Gives a +1 advantage to tone save vs poison against any inhaled substance. The Effect lasts for 6 rounds.

Blue: Provides total immunity to a ear or confusion type of attack. Also adds +4 to a save vs. paralyzation. Effects lasts for 6 rounds.

Violet: Adds +2 to hit and damage on all attacks for 6 successive rounds. It begins to work when the wearer wills it to.

Orange: For 6 successive rounds, all attacks against the wearer are at -2 to the die roll and -2 to damage (1 being the minimum HTK of damage taken). This paint begins working when willed to do so by the wearer.

Black: The first hit by the character wearing this paint will do triple damage. It begins to work when the wearer wills it to.

The material is worth 5000 gp per jar.

The paints listed below are the paints that I have invented since I found the original material above. The war paints can be manufactured by a 7th level or greater True Alchemist with the proper training.

Blue/Black: On a successful attack touch roll this war paint will cause the creature touched to make a saving throw vs magic, or have one hit dice or level per level of the war paint creator. Those creatures who make their savings throw lose only 1/2 of the creators level from the attacked creatures current total. This war paint is mentally activated by silent act of will, and the drained hit dice or levels will be conferred on to the war painted individual. These extra hit points dissipate at the rate of one hit per turn.

Gray: This war paint is activated by the wearers silent act of will. Once it is activated it confers the equivalent of a wrathform spell for six consecutive rounds.

Brown: Upon the war paint wearers mental activation a war painted individual will have conferred upon them the affects of a Duo-dimen. spell for six consecutive rounds.

White: This war paint confer upon the wearer an "aura of power", which causes all viewing them to perceive them as a avatar or being of divine power. The affects of the war paint is equal to the lvl 6 Worship spell, which causes creatures of 4+1 Hit Dice or less with this power, which lasts for six consecutive rounds.

Copper: Upon the activation of this war paint will cause the recipient's skin to take on a coppery hue, including their equipment. For the next six consecutive blows the war paint wearer is under the affects of a Stoneskin spell.

Brass: Upon the casters mental activation the war paint wearer will be under the affect of the level 4 Fire Shield spell (either type chosen by paint composition). The fire shield last for six consecutive rounds.

Silver: Upon the mental activation of the war paint wearer will be under the affect of a level 4 improved invisibility spell for six consecutive rounds.

Gold: When the war painted individual is next targeted by a hostile spell, a globe of invulnerability springs into existence for the next six consecutive rounds.

Platinum: The war painted individual will receive the affects of and a level 8 Foresight spell for the next three instances affecting be wearer, when they come in to a situation which could lead to death or serious harm.

Mithril: This war paint allows the user to 100 % reflect or volley any incoming spell that is directed at the war paint wearer to be directed back at the spells in the original caster. Upto 6 spells will be reflected in this way before the paint wears off.

Orachalium: Upon activation of this war paint all spells cast by the wearer for the next six consecutive rounds will inflict maximum damage and cause all those affected by the spell to suffer a -4 saving throw penalty.

Adamantine: This war paint gives the wearer 3 individual dice rolls when situations require them, and taking the best result from them. This will affect the next six consecutive rounds of dice rolling, and in all facets of the game.

Tan: Upon the war paint wearers mental activation the caster will be affected by a level six clerical "Heal" spell upon themselves instantly.

Pink: Those viewing the war paint user must make a saving throw verses spell once per round or be afflicted by a passiveness towards the war paint wearer for six consecutive rounds. This passiveness allows no attacking directed at the war paint wearer. Once activated the warpaint will affect of viewers for three consecutive rounds.

Rainbow: The warpaint wearer burst in to any magical winking light show equal to a hypnotic pattern spell. The pattern causes blindness to anyone viewing it in a darkened area or for those unprepared for the spell which lasts for 2 rounds and causes those viewing it to make a saving throw vs magic spell or be hypnotized 2 rounds. The war paint is mentally activated by the wearer in one segment.

Barbarian War Paints.

This magical paint increases the wearer’s natural Armor Class. The amount of increase depends on the color of the paint, as shown tin Table 45; a human with a natural AC of 10 has effective AC of 1 when wearing god paint. The DM may choose a particular color or choose from Table 45.

At least half of the user’s skin must be bare to us war paints; in general, this means that his arms, legs, and head must be fully exposed. The paint must be applied to approximately 75% of the exposed skin. Additionally:

If the user covers more than half of his exposed skin with a blanket, cape, or other garment, he loses the benefit of the war paint.

The user receives no additional benefits from wearing armor. A war paint user may carry a shield however, which boosts his AC by the standard +1.

If available, two colors may be combined; the effective AC is determined by adding the bonuses shown on Table 48. For example, a character wearing white and red war paint receives an AC boost of 8.

War paints last for 1d4 weeks. If the wearer or other character with the artistic ability proficiency (with a specialty in painting) applies the war paint and makes a successful proficiency check, the effect last for 2d4 weeks. War paint is unaffected by rain, extreme temperatures, or the normal wear and tear of the road. Dispel magic and similar spells, however, can render it useless.

1-3 White +3 AC Boost 1500 xp
4-6 Yellow +4 AC Boost 2000 xp
7-9 Red +5 AC Boost 3000 xp
10-11 Green +6 AC Boost 4000 xp
12 Gold +9 AC Boost 7000 xp

If anyone else has more on the subject feel free. I always thought a good frightening face would intimidate lesser foes, and thus avoid needless fighting. Now with these war paints there is more of a kick to it.

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