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    Canonfire :: View topic - The chosen of the other gods…..Finally!!
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    The chosen of the other gods…..Finally!!
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    Wed May 30, 2007 6:50 pm  
    The chosen of the other gods…..Finally!!

    Shocked Cool

    The chosen of the other gods…..

    This was an idea I had thought of long ago when the chosen of Mystra were first presented to the game. With the use of the 7 Sisters (Storm Silverhand, The Symbul, etc.) & Elminster it seemed to me that the other deities of Faerun had been short changed greatly in the game setting.

    It was always possible to send an Avatar or Aleax of a Deity to the prime material plane, but it isn’t the same. The reason for this is the interrelationships between different deities and their conflicts. Both the Avatar and Aleax would be trackable by forces of other deities in order to hunt them down and confront them. The free willed chosen seemed more able to resist this direct divine intervention and attack, probably by the will of Ao.

    With the precursor it appear that W******oTC**** have come up with a nice idea that will keep Ol’ Mystra in her place. You see in one of their latest books, “Shadowbred” from the Twilight War, they have now introduced Cale a Chosen of Mask…..Nice touch it they hadn’t tried to link it up with the absurd idea about the Weave being able to be torn….what a crock, but that is another thread.

    Now you have the intervention of the other gods chosen throughout Faerun to spice up a mid to high level campaign, and who knows if that ol’ hermit with the staff on the road is an ol’ hermit or a Chosen of Azuth. It leads to a plethora of campaign hooks that can keep the parties clerics hopping about madly putting out fires created by the nemesis deity of their patron god. Quite an exciting idea!!

    Now why stop there. How about chosen for all the earth based, Dragon Lance, Greyhawk, Cerilia, & the entire Spelljammer plethora of deities getting into the mix with their own Chosen… will be a wonder if two stones are standing one on top of the other after the dust clears……Wow!!!

    (Does Ravenloft & Dark Sun have a deity base or is it only their powerful Lords for Ravenloft & the Dragon Kings for those settings!!!)

    With all this in the mix how can any PC of whatever level feel they have the power to rival the gods when they can’t defeat their Chosen.

    One other set of ideas related to the chosen is their unique abilities granted to them for being Chosen….for the Chosen of Mystra they have their silver fire……for our hero (or maybe demi hero/chosen) Cale he can shadow walk at will and exudes his own cloaking shadow from every pore of his body if he doesn’t concentrate on preventing the seepage…

    What type of powers related to an individual deities chosen can you come up with????

    Any ideas????

    More to come,


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    Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:53 pm  

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