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    Greyhawk no longer Core D&D world!
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    Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:49 am  

    Qstor wrote:
    theres now a Greyhawk 4e WOTC messageboard so maybe that means that Greyhawk will get a hardback campaign sourcebook.



    "Yeah?" Really? I don't think one follows from the other. Particular as we have not seen how well 4e does generally, and wih specific reference to FR (getting a MAJOR and controversial overhaul).

    What's more, do we want a 4e GH where Grazzt and his kid Iuz are mindless damage doers because that's what demons are in 4e? I'm thinking there is room for more than a little caution here.
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    Wed May 21, 2008 2:01 am  

    I seriously hope they don't drop Greyhawk. I'm a hardcore fan of the setting. I've played in every setting but GH has stuck with me the most, even over my own Embarassed

    I fear that if WotC drops GH it will become a relic. The only GH games I'll be able to enjoy are the ones I'm running. I've sold many Chicago & San Diego players on GH but then I moved. Now it's time for Sacramento. But the more WotC refuses to support it, the harder it gets.

    I haven't played in a GH campaign since I was in the Marines. The rest of the time I'm running the campaigns I'd like to be in Sad

    I feel that dropping the Setting is a Death Knell like it was in 2nd Ed.

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    Wed May 21, 2008 2:36 am  

    Atomic Pope wrote:
    I fear that if WotC drops GH it will become a relic.

    The latest word on Greyhawk and WOTC is that it will receive support. WOTC has yet to specificy what that support will be. Each year WOTC will put out a new D&D world, though the amount of support each will receive is likely to be reduced compared to previous years. This year they have stated it will be Forgotten Realms and next year will be Eberron. They have yet to make a formal announcement of the 3rd or 4th year of 4th edition. There is a reasonably good chance that Greyhawk will be the likely 3rd year campaign put out.

    Apparently they are developing a Players Guide, a World book, and module (s) to go with each world. If they follow this format, it is what we are likely to see as well, providing they are well received with the first two campaign worlds mentioned above. WOTC has been rumored to say that they are considering greater support but I cannot state that as a fact for I haven't read it myself.

    It is extremely likely that some Greyhawk will show up on the Digital Initiative website of WOTC. I would start looking here when they are fully up and running. WOTC did say they would put up the half-orc there.

    If you are interested in 4th edition this should be good news to you and any sources they put out on Greyhawk should be of value to you. If your sticking with a previous edition of Greyhawk, it is kinda a wait and see how well it works sort of thing. Either way, we all want to see Greyhawk continue, whether it be through WOTC, another company, or fanbase material. Hope you find what your looking for.
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    Wed May 21, 2008 7:16 am  

    I'm keenest to see something along the lines of the Places of Mystery articles that have been posted on WotC linked to the LG.

    I'd love to see some of the locations that featured in some of the LG modules gven a bit of historical treatment like the ruins of Steffenmoor, the Storm King's Keep, etc.

    Otherwise stat blocks and background for some of the major settlements would be cool.

    I think the problem with re-releasing stuff in 4e format is that they have to move the timeline forward otherwise the information is stale and largely identical to what was in the 3e version. Hopefully they won't change things too drastically though.
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