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    ENWorld "Unconverted Greyhawk creatures" project
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    Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:07 am  
    ENWorld "Unconverted Greyhawk creatures" project

    Over at ENWorld, someone, called Echohawk, has listed all of the OD&D, AD&D and 2nd edition AD&D creatures that haven't been converted to 3rd edition yet. He has done this in a single thread (for all D&D campaign settings) on their forums, but has also broken the information down into individual campaign settings. According to him there are 24 Greyhawk monsters (and another 2 unique monsters) that haven't been done yet. (His broken down list actually has 27 GH monsters on it. I've already quieried this.)

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to help get some of them converted and put onto Canonfire! Here is the stuff he says needs doing:

    Echohawk wrote:
    From Vale of the Mage (WG12):

    • Griveling - Outsider

    From Falcon's Revenge (WGA1):

    • Grythok - Vermin
    • Carpet Snake - Magical Beast

    From Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix:

    • Iguana, Giant - Animal
    • Plant, Carnivorous, Polyp, Giant - Plant
    • Raven (Crow), Huge - Animal

    From Falconmaster (WGA2):

    • Weisshund - Magical Beast
    • Yphoz - Vermin

    From Greyhawk Ruins (WGR1):

    • Diamond Golem - Construct

    From Treasures of Greyhawk (WGR2):

    • Darksider - Outsider

    From From the Ashes:

    • Lyrannikin (Black Treant) - Plant

    From Ivid the Undying:

    • Fiend-Knight - Undead

    From Star Cairns:

    • Blade Golem - Construct

    From Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad:

    • Burning Zombie - Construct
    • Carnivorous Wall - Ooze
    • Crypt Kobold - Humanoid
    • Fiery Face - Elemental
    • Greyman - Construct
    • Quickbiter - Magical Beast

    From Scarlet Brotherhood:

    • Gibbering Mouther, Greater - Unique Aberration
    • Onco - Animal
    • Ravenous - Undead

    From Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff:

    • Horag - Giant

    From Return to White Plume Mountain:

    • Crab Swarm - Vermin Swarm
    • Elevated Ghoul - Undead
    • Mold Wyrm - Magical Beast
    • Skin Puppet - Undead

    I wouldn't normally post links to other forums, but in this case, I think this project could be helpful to the GH community, so I hope the mods don't mind. Here are the two threads:
    Total number of unconverted D&D creatures
    Unconverted Greyhawk creatures

    If any mods have ENWorld accounts, it might be nice if you could pop over and say hello. (Unless you want to secretly fix up all the monsters over here and then surprise the ENWorlders! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Happy)
    David 'Big Mac' Shepheard My Greyhawk links
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    Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:51 am  
    Additional link

    I just found a "Converting World of Greyhawk monsters" thread at ENWorld where a team is working to convert these monsters.

    You might want to go to that thread if you want to join in.
    David 'Big Mac' Shepheard My Greyhawk links
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