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    Your Greyhawk characters wanted!
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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:50 am  
    Your Greyhawk characters wanted!

    For my own amusement/use IMC, I'm interested: who is your favorite Greyhawk PC? One you (yes, I'm talking to YOU Happy !) have played, as either a PC or NPC, of your own creation. Who is it? Name, level, class(es), race, etc. A little history, too. If its a spoiler in your current campaign, drop me a pm.

    Mine is (was; he's been long retired) a thief named Blade (aka Devin the Grey). He was initially a throw-away character; the party needed a thief, and I rolled him up on the spot. Blade went on a lot of the classic adventures, with his sidekick Logan (my DMs' NPC/PC assassin). Saltmarsh. Hommlet. The "S" series. I went through the Tomb of Horrors (1st Ed) and survived! Dungeonland. Maure Castle. The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. Tamoachan. Yep, Blade the throw-away thief did them all. Eventually, he realized how great it would be to be a magic-user, too. He learned magic, and became a dual-classed character. Got to draw from the Deck of Many Things. Drew the Throne. Drew the Star. Drew the Flames. That threw the devils into the mix. Fought them, too. Second edition came along; Blade the thief/mage went into the Underdark and slew many drow, including that b!tch Lolth. After a long career. Devin the Grey retired to his castle on the Wild Coast, with his cadre of magi and thieves and just sort of... went fishing. No DM ever came up with anything more for him. So, as DM, I've included him as an NPC; a powerful, true neutral rogue/wizard who is on the path to become a Hero-Deity, joining the ranks of Heward, Keoghtom, Murlynd, Kelanen and others. If only I could PLAY those adventures... Cool
    Greyhawk is dead; long live Greyahwk! It is not heresy; I will not recant!
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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:47 am  

    My number one Greyhawk character is a thief as well.

    Michael Sandar is a 13th level (2nd ed.) thief who, in his younger years was a wild rapscallion of a boy, with long red hair and a penchant for mischief. Growing up in and around Dyvers, he turned first to pick-pocketing, and then burgulary, before falling in with a group of adventurers, who claimed to have noble blood. He never expected they did in truth until they retook the family land of the leader of the group, the beautiful Kaelynne Ariannes (Ftr 9), south of Safeton, and deep into Turrosh Mak's territory. As time grew on, the family land became a town, and then a small free city, known as Karally, Rose Throne of the Wild Coast. Michaels many adventures in and around the Wild Coast, Celene, and the Pomarj paled, however, to the next quests he joined in.
    The first sent him with six new friends deep into the wilds to discover the fabled Rod of Seven Parts. The attempt was aborted by the Queen of Chaos, and five of his new good friends were slain, and he himself was magically aged several years by a ghost. After this, being only one of two people who made it out of the quest alive (and without the Rod) he fell into a deep depression. For a year or more he wandered, falling back on Kaelynne and his old friends. He gave up his thieving ways to take a desk job in the Rose Palace, cut his hair (now white, from his scare by the ghost), and was knighted for duties to the Free City of Karally.
    The next quest Michael undertook was with the lone survivor of their quest for the Rod, the beautiful elf Karyn. Gated to a city he had never heard of, Arad Domain,(though he believes himself to be still on Oerth) Michael and his new and old companions struggled against a vile creature known as the Gelf and his elemental-like minions. The war lasted for more than a year before the Gelf was destroyed in a mind shattering battle. Michael then returned home to his position as Knight Captain of the Rose Throne. He can be found in Karally with his wife, Karyn, and occasionally Dyvers or the Free City of Greyhawk.

    Special notes
    Michael Erin Sandar, thief 13 - retired
    Age 37 (43), hair: white, short. eyes: green
    +3 leather armor; Luck, his +2 rapier; Bloodline gauntlet (a unique magic item serving only members of the Sandar family, when worn will 'morph' into any bladed weapon and has a +4 enhancement)

    Michael has a brother, also a thief, known as Frog (thief 5, NE), and a son, Quentin ( 1/2 elf Paladin 5, LG).
    Michael Erin Sandar Bard of Midwood
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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:56 am  
    My fav NPC

    Well although this NPC ex Machina concept began in my early DM career as the unavoidable "Elminister" to my first couple of campaigns - as in ultra powerful NPC that is used to assign quests, fix up PC messes and steer the quests where the DM wants them to go shamelessly (note: I know I know, but we all make mistakes in our youths!); he (it) soon developed into a fully fleshed NPC in many of my Greyhawk campaigns with various groups, and becoming less of a nuisance and actually kinda fitting in with the setting and their gaming.

    Originally he was introduced as a powerful True Neutral Archlich(Cleric/Wizard) leaving in a hidden lair in the Cairn Hills somewhere to the North of Greyhawk City. After shamelessly using him to steer campaigns my way I soon found out the players where not overtly thrilled with his occasional appearance and learned by my mistakes. (The unavoidable result though was a mental scar in my original group of players that has them behaving as if under a Symbol of Madness spell whenever the words "You are the chosen ones" are paraphrased in any campaign!!). The next I used this NPC I actually fleshened up his story and described his erratic TN behaviour as madness. His neutrality went more towards the reactive :"I do something good by helping the PCs and then I try to do something equally evil to balance it" than the pro-active "I strive to maintain the balance" or downright "I don't care".

    In general I have used him in both AD&D editions. And also as a mortal wizard in the few original D&D sessions I have done for historical reasons and for trying out the game in that infant stage (I actually rolled 3d6 for his stats and did not even need to move them around - I came up with an 18 for his INT ability!!!!).

    Briefly, his story is that he was created as a lich after two powerful spellcasters, an ancient olven Wizard (Grey elf - Corollius Silverbrow ) and a Human Necromancer (Flan - Stephan of Mornd) both ended up sharing/pooling their knowledge on how to create true immortality in a mortal. Naturally their differing alignments soon (as in years) ruinned their "business" relationship but they were so close that they agreed to put aside personal beliefs for the sake of power and knowledge. Naturally both tried to con each other for their own personal belief's sake and in the end the rite of lichdom they had invented not only ended in a magical accident but inadvertently fused the two beings into one undead creature : hence fate begot Stefanius ye Archlich one who seemed Neutral in his demeanor but was actually a dr Jekyl and mr Hyde in his actions. Extremely intelligent he hid his power and actions between layers upon layers of plots and twists and intrigue and avoided becoming a visible "major player" in the world of Oerth, using proxies (adventurers, undead and outsiders) to influence the fate of this plane.

    Naturally I have never played him in any campaign as more than an NPC and even then his appearances dwindled away as my style changed in using powerful NPCs and there are of course just a couple of D&D sessions I played him as a PC human magic user - can't remember which dungeon crawl I used him in though...

    Somewhere in my piles of notes there is a let's-say campaign-arc that has him making too much of a hassle with his madness and getting drawn in Ravenloft. Naturally the PCs lucky enough to test that story of mine would have been drawn in too. While I was fleshing out his domain there though I got whiff of Vecna's "visit" to the Demi-Plane and realized that not only did it share some concepts I was already planning for my story but that the poor demi-plane had seen too many powerful spellcasters from Greyhawk trying to break through to even bother this time with Stefanius (Azalin and Vecna both tried to break out and succeeded to a different extend at least in my version of thsoe arcs :-) )
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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:15 pm  

    Ok Gargoyle, this is scary.....I was at work last night, thinking about Canonfire, and I thought to myself, why not ask people to post their favorite character as a new thread. I woke up and here it is. No joke, I really was thinking about this. But then aren't gargoyles suppose to be scary?

    Naturally, I'm the favorite character.

    My name is Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods. I am a 11th level cleric of Istus, with an alignment of Lawful Neutral. I am a human, female of Baklunish/Suloise mix. I have long blonde hair with an pair of eagle feathers worn in the back. I have a dark blue tattoo which circles my left eye and then dips down my cheek. I have another tattoo around my left wrist along with a bracelet I wear. I have a Star of Istus (a magical jewel) imbedded into the top of my left hand. There is a portrait of me drawn by Larry Elmore entitled "The Enchantress" which was printed in Dragon magazine issue #114 (see the Witch NPC class). I actually look very much like the avatar accompaning this documentry. I was born Fireseek 16, 572 CY.

    My purpose in life is to tell others that people need to go back to the ancestral ways of worship. Each person should have a patron god they worship and seeks guidance from rather than praying to many gods. I am a confident person who understands the importance of her place within the Flanaess. I am here to instruct the citizens of the Flanaess that the gods will throw down their judgments should they reject the ancient ways any further.

    People who know me would say that I am confident, polite, well educated, wealthy, and enjoy the spot light. Some see me as a pampered, spoiled and a bit arrogant, I prefer the term privelaged. I almost always get what I want because I know how to influence others. My influential approach is to make others feel good about themselves and be open and honest rather than being secretive and manipulative.

    I am very loyal to my friends providing they treat me with the respect and kindness I deserve. If I make a promise, it is always kept. I look out for the welfare of others before myself primarily because I realize that my purpose in life is to guide others rather than simply live a life of existence.

    As a Prophet of Istus, my responsibilities take me beyond the church in Greyhawk City to the far reaches of the Flanaess. Much to my regret, this means I have to explore dungeons, which I find very dirty, cold, wet, and unpleasant. I don't like sleeping outside and prefer to travel with a caravan in order to have many tents and wagons with armed guards rather than being a so called "adventurer". I hate fighting as I see killing a useless waste of life. In my opinion, diplomacy can solve nearly all issues. I over react to the slaughtering of creatures both good and evil and have many times cried at night praying for forgiveness concerning my actions reguired in these many dungeons I had no choice but to explore to further my position within the Flanaess. My favorite meal is roasted duck and I scream frequently when monsters attack or we see giant bugs.

    I have visted places such as Ghost Tower of Inverness, White Plume Mountain, Lost Cavarns of Tsjocanth, Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Ravenloft. As a result of a horrible death by troglodytes in White Plume Mountain, I greatly fear these creatures.

    My ancetral home is located on a small hill overlooking Zagyg's bridge. My father inherited the home and it has been in the family for generations. I visit the home every few weeks. Both of my parents live there. My mother is a wizard (7th level), while my father is a high ranking official in the Greyhawk militia (12th level fighter). He is positioned at the Citadel within the city proper.

    I have the following statistics:

    Str 8, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 14, Wis, 20, Cha 18.
    HP: 59

    Domains: Luck and Oracle
    Feats: Mounted Combat, Horselore, Exotic Weapon Prof. (net), Ride By Attack, Spirited Charge, Domain Spontaneity (Oracle), Create Divine Ability (home campaign feat)
    Traits/Flaws: Polite, Saddleborn, Frail, Non-combatant

    Skills/#Ranks: Diplomacy 14, Concentration 3, Handle Animal 1, Heal 2, Hide 2, Knowledge (Geography) 1, Knowledge (History) 2, Knowledge (planes) 1, Knowledge (religion) 14, Move Silently 2, Perform (dance) 2, Perform (Satyr Pipes) 1, Ride (horses) 7, Swim 1

    Magical Items: +3 mithral chain shirt, +1 ring of protection, +1 dagger, wand of deific vengeance, carpet of flying (with word of recall to the Church of Istus in Greyhawk City), cloak of elvinkind, star of Istus (home campaign item, casts omen of peril 1/day) cast one divination school spell per level, 100% accuracy to augury and divination spells, candle of invocation, belt of many pouches, incense of meditation, various clerical scrolls,

    Other items of Interest: Standard adventuring gear, chess board, satyr pipes (musical instrument)

    I was born in Greyhawk City and entered the Church of Istus as a young child when I showed the ability to give accurate prophecies. I witnessed the attack of Rary the Traitor prior to the signing of the Pact of Greyhawkat the age of 12. An assassination attempt was made upon me by Lord Othwaite (a death knight of Hextor) two days later in Greyhawk City. It was foiled by an adventurer. The leader of the Church of Istus feared me and my dedication to Istus and as a result, drew further from his faith, declaring me a heretic and a demon in disguise before the congregation. I spoke back at him and called upon Istus to reveal the truth. At that moment the floor beneath him turned to blood and he experienced complete pain and agony as he was reduced to nothing but bones and flesh, with his blood completely spilling out on to the floor. He was destroyed by the goddess he forsake. This solidified my importance to the religion. At the age of 19 I completed my doctrines, was given the Star of istus and placed in charge of the temple. I then began my adventuring career to serve my goddess.

    My prophecies and adventuring have brought about many enemies, specifically, Hextor, Tharizdun, and Lord Othwaite. I have also incurred the wrath of those who cast arcane magic as a result of my prophesies and religious influence throughout the Flanaess. Someone or something has created Pillars of Spiritual Corruption in order to lay low many religions throughout the Flanaess in order to issue forth a war between arcane and divine magic. I know not whom this is, and as a result of it, all of my divine abilities (spells, turning undead, etc) have been cut off from my goddess while adventuring in Ravenloft. Istus is the first of many religions to be affected, Heironeous will be second, followed by others. Once I complete Ravenloft I will seek out restoring this imbalance and thwarting those responsibile (I am told the DM knows and can pass this information on through a pm).

    Oh, I'm also really cute!
    Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods

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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:14 pm  
    Fav. Greyhawk character

    My favorite character is me, Ariel, Champion of Heironeous. I'm an 11th level paladin, and as my title implies, I follow the teaching of Heironeous. I am human female with an Oeridin decent. I have a tan complexion, shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes. I am also 28 years old.

    My abilities are as such: Str: 16, Dex: 12, Con: 14, Int: 10, Wis: 14, Cha: 17
    My saves are: Fort: +13
    Ref: +6
    Will: +7

    My feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium, and heavy), Sheild Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency (all), Martial Weapon Proficiency (all), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (two-bladed sword), Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Extra Turning, Dragon Cohort

    My skills: Diplomacy +6, Handle animal +6, Heal +4, Hide -4, Know. Nobility/Roalty +11, Know. Religion +7, Listen +2, Move silently -5, Perform, Oratory +4, Ride +1, Speak Language (Old Oeridian), Speak Language (Draconic), Spot +4, Swim -7

    My fav. magic items:
    - +2 shocking burst bane against elementals longsword
    - +3 Glamored full plate armor
    - Greater Slaying Arrow of Undead
    - Wings of flying
    - Talisman of Pure Good (Yes, I own an artifact!)

    Personality: My purpose in life is to spread the word of Heironeous, destroy evil, and eliminate all followers of Hextor. Because my compainions and me don't always see eye to eye, I have had some trouble getting this done. For example; our cleric Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophit of Istus, Messenger of the Gods, is lawful neutral. She has this odd belief that there should be a balance between good and evil (I think that the world would be so much better if there was no evil) Our wizard thinks along the same lines as me when it comes to evil .vs. good....However we seem to dissagree when it comes to chaos .vs. law. I uphold the law to the fullest of my ability, where as she would rather inflict her own form of justice (I must constantly remind her that laws must be abided by.)

    Other important notes: I have a baby bronze dragon travelling with me (Cheyandrithil) I also have a 5th level rouge/4th level fighter who believs he owes me his life (all I did was save him from the Steading of the Hill Giant)

    Backround: I started my life as a paladin in the Bation of Faith. I participated in the Greyhawk wars. Eventually I went to the Tomb of Horrors at level 10. Me and my party where attacked by many undead and eventually I was the only one left, and I had been reduced to 1st level. I was eventually struck down and died in that dungeon. (Luckily for me I kept a lock of my hair at the Sanctom of Heironeous; because of this I was resurected as a first level character. This is where we began our campain.
    The first big thing that happened in my campain was the "Gathering of all Faiths" this was an event that our cleric held. All faiths were represented by at least one of their members except Tharizdon. (From a DM's point of view this upgraded from 2nd edition to 3rd edition) The whole point of this event was to allow clerics to gain the magic creation feats, it also helped Eileen spread the prophicies of the deity judgement.
    Later we went to White Plume Mountain. We found Blackrazor. The sword was cursed. I brought it back to the Sanctom of Heironeous; only to discover that the Sanctom had been overun with an evil spirit. I abolished the evil in the temple (and purified Blackrazor) by sacrificing my own life, however my beloved temple was left in ruins. Once we were done with sanctom, our group left for Relmord to give Blackrazor to a celestial creature that deity sent.
    After this I traveld to the Forgotton Temple of Tharizdon where I was ambushed by 12 wraiths. Needless to say, I was incompasitated.
    Eventually we found ourselves in the Temple of Elemental Evil. We found a mounted dragon head in the chambers of one of the lesser villans. We brought the dragon back to life, and she has allowed her daughter (Cheyandrithil) to travel with me.

    I do have another fav. character which I may post later, her name is Jillion Tealleaf. (I play this girl with my friends. Ariel is played with my family)
    Loyal Follower of Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods.
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    Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:58 pm  

    This is a neat thread, thanks all!

    I think everyone has a favorite character. Mine is of course Anced Math, which I have detailed here:

    1st Ed.... and entire weekends dedicated to a single dungeon. Anced was the only character I ran in college, in a single long lasting campaign. With a mean and vile DM. Who would actually use reincarnate as a penalty? And being transformed from a gnome to an elf!?!?

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I hope others post their tales.
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    Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:41 am  

    Female Human Rog2/Sor2/Shadowcaster3/Noctumancer2; hp 43; Init +2; Spd 30 ft/x4; AC 16 (+4 shield, +2 dex), touch 12, flat-footed 14; Base Atk/Grapple +5/+5; Full Atk +6 Scimitar +1 (1d6+1;15-20/x2), +8 Shortbow (1d6;20/x3), +6 Doomglade (1d4;19-20/x2), +8 Thrown (1d4+2;19-20/x2), AL LN; SV Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +7; Str 11(+0), Dex 15(+2), Con 13(+1), Int 17(+3), Wis 13(+1), Cha 16(+3); Skills: Balance¹ +10, Bluff¹ +8, Climb¹ +6, Concentration¹ +3, Craft (Alchemy)¹ +4, Decipher Script +5, Diplomacy¹ +14, Disable Device +6, Heal¹ +5, Hide¹ +8, Intimidate¹ +7, Jump¹ +12, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (nobility) +4, Knowledge (planar) +4, Listen¹ +7, Move Silently¹ +15, Open Lock +4, Profession (Herbalist) +6, Search¹ +6, Sense Motive¹ +8, Spellcraft +11, Spot¹ +8, Survival¹ +2, Tumble +14. Feats: Leadership, Martial Weapon (Scimitar), Negotiator, Noble Soul, Sentinel's Apprentice, Favoured Mystery (Black Fire), Shadow Curse, Dark Familiar

    Ah the lovely Denha Deloran, Guardian of Adlerweg, Keeper of the Blackflame, Elder of Furyondy and Veluna, Baroness Deloran of the Shield Lands (by default as sole survivor following the occupation). Originally a 2e dual classed thief/wizard (shadow mage channeller) I struggled to make a viable 3e version that had access to her 'signature' spells that could hold her own in a fight. In the end I had to make up a couple of custom feats/flaws to get there. I think a 4e Rogue/Warlock (shadowfell pact) might get closer to the original concept but we'll see!

    She also just got to level 10 while chasing down servants of the Cabal in Nightfang Spire - trying to expose Timarn Derwent to the blackflame so that he can become a viable vessel to wield Hunger - yowser!
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    Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:43 am  

    Yeah I agree great threat - there should be more like this.

    1st Edition
    Played a magic-user as my first character who got to around 8th level. I was pretty young then and dont remember too much about it.

    2nd Edition / 3rd edition
    I played a human LG ranger10 called Nighthawk who lived near the Iron Hills just outside of Irongate. He worshipped Ulaa and uses a longsword in one hand and a light pick in the other. He dispises giantkind and is a friend and ally of the Iron Hills dwur.

    2nd Edition / 3rd Edition
    Phalastar Greycloak ml hmn LG Evkr19 master of force magic, member of the United Artificers of Irongate, former adventurer, now Lord Protector of Rockport (small town between Irongate and Naerie). Only son of a half baklunish/oerdian minor wizardess and an oeridian fishing captain, he was admitted to the United Artificers wizard's school as a Ship Mage cadet for the Irongate navy. After spending many years as a ship mage he left to pursue a career as an adventurer.

    Ghost Tower of Inverness, Tomb of the Lizard King, Egg of the Pheonix, Slavers series, Temple of Elemental Evil and Tomb of Horrors were just some of the adventures.

    Returned to defend Irongate when under siege from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Was enobled and granted title by Irongate in return for services rended.
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    Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:40 am  

    Eldric Raynor came to the lands of the Flaness, in the wake of the great war, from across the stars. The lands of his birth are now, realms forgotten to him. As a paladin in a strange new land, he was at first concerned that his patron did not answer his prayers. He was, however, quickly sought out by the local priest of the newly ascendant Mayaheine. He greeted his new shepherds (both celestial and oerthly), with open arms. Surely, he thought, this was a sign that this new land had truly welcomed him, and that he belonged her and no other place.

    In the months following his arrival, Eldric made a name for himself adventuring in the Vesve and lands further north. His time in the north ended tragically though. After making a decision that no mean man would fault him for, he found the blood of an innocent on his hands. Eldric returned to Greyhawk in secret shame to seek spiritual guidance.

    Eldric next enlisted in the Greyhawk militia. He proved himself a capable soldier in his somewhat mundane duties, and was soon offered his choice of posting. He next joined the Narwell Headhunters and continued to prove himself as more than capable.

    Several miscreants were brought to justice solely through Eldric's efforts as he worked his way up and down the Wild Coast. He was acclaimed by his superiors and welcomed at every village he passed through. Pride though, began to grow in Eldric's heart. He began to see himself as a personification of law and justice. More than once, a surrendered criminal met an unceremonious end after a clandestine trial attended only by the accused and Eldric as judge and executioner. Results, however, are what speak, and Eldric produced them.

    Pleased with his performance, his superiors chose him for a special mission. He was to lead a very small advanced force down the coast into Pomarj controlled Fax. This was to be the opening move in a gambit to retake the city, which was part of a broader plan to reclaim all of the coast lands lost during the war. As in the past, Eldric proved his worth to his commanders. Indeed, in the smoking aftermath of the push, Eldric was awarded the Militia's highest honor.

    The experience though, showed Eldric the true horrors of war. He was left shaken and resigned his commission. He wandered the domains of Greyhawk for the next several months searching for himself, his prideful ego deflated, and vision of atrocities plaguing his dreams.

    In his wanderings, Eldric encountered a man who told him tales of the jungles to the south. These tales took seed in Eldric's imagination and grew into plans of a full blown expedition. He contacted several old companions, and with their help, and backing from the temple of Pelor, quickly raised the funds for the expedition.

    In late Fireseek 591, Eldric and his companions left Hardby aboard the newly aquired Another Dawn, sailing for the Amedio. They were never seen in the Domain of Greyhawk again. Among those who knew him speculation abounds as to Eldric’s fate. Some say the expedition never made it around the Pomarj. Others claim he met a sad end after falling out of favor with his matron, and contracting a wasting sickness in the jungles. The more hopeful claim that he lives as a hermit, keeping a watchful eye over a particular savage village deep in the jungles of the Amedio.

    Misc. Details
    -2nd Ed. 7th level male human Paladin
    -Never called a mount
    -Favored a magical bastard sword & banded mail near the end of his recorded career
    -Long straight blonde hair & full beard
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    Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:45 am  

    Race: Flannish Human
    Align: NG


    Armor:Chain Mail+4
    Weapon: Fauchard Fork+3

    Do to the shoddy record keeping no one knows exactly when or where Thorrin(prounounced Torrin) the wander was born, but from what can be peiced together is that he comes from a small farmstead on the Border between Tehn and the Bandit Kingdoms. Probably raised as a devout follower of the Old Faith but abandoning the religion in his adulthood for worship of deities like Velnius then Celestian, citing a life long fascination with the stars and sky.

    Little is known of his early life, save that he often credits his Herblore and few spells to the training with the Druids in the Felreev. Which is where he met the infernalist Shaeya(note: though he would not admit it, Shaeya was probably a refugee from the Horned Lands hiding from the cambion Iuz, and his testimony is self-seving at best and an outright fabrication the rest of the time.) Perhaps it was the influence of the worldier Shaeya, or the wanderlust that consumed him all his life, but true records make no mark of him until he showed up in Furyondy near CY 573, where the only record of him is in the records of the Heironian chapel "Planting 13, CY 573: Orcish threat put down do the heroism of the Flannish Adventurer Thorrin, by deafeating thier warcheif in single combat."

    This was probably the start of his adventuring career which included putting down a Giant invasion in Geoff, destroying a Dark Elven cult in the Crystalmists, and Destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil in Verbobonc, as well as others. His best known companions were the afformentioned Infernalist Shaeya, and the Furyondian Expatriate mercenary William Lighthelm.

    It was probably his involvment with the Magus Shaeya that led to his downfall. Ever since the downfall of the so called Temple of Elemental Evil, it was rumored that Shaeya had fallen under the influence of the Demon Prince Grazzt, and became the pupil of none other than Iggwilv herself, in some defiled monestary hidden away in Perrenland. Although eventually destroyed by the own Demons he tried to control, scouring the Fortress caused the death of the then Knight William Lighthelm, and Thorrin's body was never recovered, thought to be sucked into the Abyssal rift created by the destruction of the recently arisen Lich that was Shaeya.

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    Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:40 pm  

    As DM, I have seen many characters come and go. One player sticks out in particular for his interesting characters that constantly get killed. Saxton Graehl, the mage who plucked fruit from the tree in the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun thrice, was likely his most intriguing and ill-fated character. Another player had the paladin Erikol, who long-suffered the whims and backstabbing of a chaotic group (regardless of what their alignments were stated as), until at last they kept from him the Cup & Talisman of Al'Akbar, which he had been charged with finding. Another PC was a wizard/psionicist (who's name escapes me for the moment), who became involved in the politics of Keoland and Sterich during the invasion by the giants; he ended up with a barony in Sterich near an opening into the Underdark. Oh, and there was this fool of a kensai who went up against Zuggtmoy alone (as everyone else fled or got transported to the Fire Elemental Node)... Toshiro was brave, but foolish. Laughing
    Thanks everyone for the characters. This is great stuff! I do hope this continues...
    Greyhawk is dead; long live Greyahwk! It is not heresy; I will not recant!
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    Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:18 am  

    This is a short write up on one of the characters I’ve had the most fun DMing for.

    The Supernal Cedric Magno, High Priest of Saint Cuthbert, Order of the Billets

    Cedric appears to be in his mid-20s. He stands 6’2” tall and weighs 190 lbs. While not physically imposing he does possess an athletic build. Cedric is of primarily Suloise background but his physical characteristics display a mix of racial characteristics: fair-skinned, close-cropped brown hair, brown eyes. Cedric is usually garbed in the simple brown and russet garments of the Billet order.
    Originally from the Wild Coast, Cedric has spent time in the Viscounty of Verbobonc, the Free City of Greyhawk, and most recently the Kingdom of Furyondy. His work in the service of Furyondy against the forces of Iuz has earned him a land grant, and he is currently in the process of constructing a temple and keep in the north of the kingdom close to the southern verge of the Vesve Forrest.
    Cedric has an assortment of magical items he has accumulated on his adventures. Some of the notable items he will be carrying if encountered include a shield +3, a ring of protection +3, a rod of smiting, a stone of good luck, a wand of fear, and a portable hole.

    Cedric is a 1st edition 9th level cleric played by Brian Kapolka.
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    Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:13 pm  

    Tenser and Cymaria from Vecna Lives.
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    Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:14 pm  

    Oddly enough as both DM and player I've never used the World of Greyhawk as my setting. I used modules of it on my own world which was heavily inspired by Greyhawk but I can only think of two characters that have graced the lands of Greyhawk. Argus Silverlace and Valeria Farsil.

    Argus Silverlace was a half-dragon (in second edition mind you). Raised along the border of the Dreadwood in Keoland, he was a foundling along the shores of the Cold River, right after the thaw in early spring. Raised by the Town of Seven Oaks he took to protecting the small settlement from the goblin raids. Becoming a ranger the goblins gave him the name 'Six Killer'. His bow pulled to his great strength could put an arrow through six goblins at once or so they said.
    He traveled far and wide, fighting the Goblins of the Dreadwood, the Orcs of the Pomarj even resurgant slavers that brought misery to the Nyr Dyv and the Wild Coast. What plagued him the longest however was a woman with black hair and pale skin. Her skill in magic was great but never great enough to slay the mighty Silverlace. During his travels he plied his trade as a Ranger, though when that would bring no currency he used his natural stealthiness and cunning to steal from those who were too greedy to share in the Cities along the way. He spent time among the clerics of Saint Cuthbert protecting their pilgrams on their treks and from them he learned how to call upon the miracles of the Saint to heal those who did not share his superhuman resilency. It was under the tutelage of Bigby himself that Argus learned to tap his birthright and hurl arcane energies. After a storied and saga-worthy life, Argus withdrew from adventuring retiring to a small village outside of Dyvers. There he married his long time traveling companion, Vella (A half-elven bard).

    Rough Game Info: (Second Edition) Argus was a half-silver dragon Ranger/Thief/Mage 10th/11th/12th (We used the human dual classing rules) His bastard sword was a frost brand and he carried three glass-steel hand axes which were +3 axes of hurling. He also had boots and cloak of elvenkind.

    Valeria is a recent character a half-fiend bard/conjurer. She's trying to free her demonic progenator from a prison on another plane but currently is in the Gnatmarsh attempting to build up enough power to open a gate to the plane itself. We just started about two weeks ago so there's not much going on yet. The party likes what she can do (Fiendish monsterous centipedes for the win!) but really doesn't like the fact she lies through her teeth every chance she gets. (And I screw up more bluff rolls too so they're really BAD lies.) She isn't evil, though if she ever gets past the bumbling funny bad lying she may end up becoming evil. (Much to the shagrin of the party's paladin who 'thinks he can save her' Poor guy.)
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    Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:07 pm  

    My favorite is still my first...

    Lekon Bodgarn, Arch-Magi, devotee of Boccob the Uncaring

    Lekon was my first AD&D character. Before this, I had run some other forgettable characters in some Basic D&D Adventures, but this was my first REAL AD&D character. He has been retiired for almost 15 years, but for 10 years, I ran him in almost EVERY adventure I played. I used to play about 3 nights a week and weekends with a friend when I was younger (I started playing D&D when I was 8), so Lekon saw it all. He helped clean out the moathouse near Hommlet, but never made it to the Temple itself. He managed to escape the Aerie of the Slavelords, and fought his way through the Halls and Steadings of Giants. He made it through the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, but without any of the technological swag. Descent Into the Depths of the Earth left him at 1 hp, and with a permanent limp from a critical hit to his thigh, and a scar from a sword swipe across the chest which should have eviscerated him. Later on, he fought a cult of Set in the Dry Steppes, and possessed Queen Ehlissa's Marvelous Nightingale (for a while, at least). He was brought in as back-up when another group got stuck in the Lost Caverns, and acquired the Prison of Zagyg for his troubles. Eventually, as he reached 16th level (under 1st Edition rules, no less!), he built a tower in the mountains around the county of Geoff, where he retired to pursue sundry magical interests, and the role of lord over a small community. In later campaigns, every once in a while, he popped up if a party was in dire straits (an especially notable tale was when his nephew was part of a party in trouble in the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, and had to be "rescued" by his uncle). I tried converting him to 3ed for the heck of it, but.... he lost something in the translation. I'm sure if he were a 3ed character, he would have several other classes and about 40 levels, but I kinda like my quiet, 16th level arch-mage just fine. 8)
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    Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:44 am  

    Thanks again to everyone who replied to this thread. There are some really great characters here. I'm working on a new, restart WoG campaign, and looking to throw in a few NPCs from my past campaigns and from you fine folks!

    I noticed there was a broad range of levels, from 5th well into the 30's (!). Most of the classes were ranger, paladin, rogue, cleric and various wizards. Lots of humans, elves and half-breeds, too.

    I have played numerous characters over the years. Beyond Blade (which I'll return to in a moment), I've played the wizard Ralt Gaither (yes, from Into the Unknown), Thom Fireflash (a halfling rogue), Ringold Baldewyn (a halfling bard), Ardin Brasshand (a gnome smith-fighter), Hogan Ironshield (a dwwarf fighter), Kasimir (an elven druid/wizard), and Kelvar Silvermane (an elven wizard). A character orginally created for the Misbegotten Realms that "migrated" to Greyhawk as an NPC was Corben Althuzar, a human Evoker/Elemental Savant. He showed up in various forms and various levels over the years, including an epic level version. His specialty was electrical/air elemental magic.

    Blade, aka Devin the Gray. As I said, he was orginally a throw-away character that got into play because our party needed a thief. Through many adventures, he grew to great power. Here I present his 3.5 stats, incredible as they are. I did have to take some liberties with rules (he used to be a "wild talent" in 1E rules, with a wish granting extra powers; I substituted Psion levels to represent this), and dropped some story elements (at one point I had him become a druid; I dropped it because it just didn't make sense story-wise). Trust me, I did play this, although my DM was probably much too lenient. Happy

    Blade (Devin the Gray)
    Human male Rogue 30, Wizard 30, Psion (Kineticist) 10 Alignment: True Neutral
    STR 28 (19 natural) DEX 29 (23 natural) CON 19 INT 23 (17 natural) WIS 12 CHA 16
    Description: A strong, bearded man of some 30 years age, 6 feet in height with shoulder length white hair and piercing green eyes. Blade typically wears simple clothing, in grays and muted colors; he wears a black cloak that is magical (cloak of major displacement). He uses a short sword and dagger, and always has at least one magical weapon on his person. He is able to strike with his arms folded, causing massive damage (those with true seeing or similar abilities will note Blade has two additional arms, which are permanently invisible - the result of a carefully worded wish that the DM never should have allowed! Cool ). He wears a great wide belt (girdle of greater giant strength), and a pair of rough hide gauntlets (gauntlets of ogre power). He once owned an Orb of Dragonkind, which turned his hair from red to white, and also once had Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn (lost to diabolic agents in his battles against Geryon). His prized possession is his Ring of Shooting Stars, which has served him well in many adventures. Blade has had many other magic items, most of which have been used up, lost or given away to followers and allies. Blade is master of a Thieve's Guild, the Gray Hand, which operates from a secret base in the Wild Coast. The Gray Hands use magic and trickery to garner funds and safeguard their domain. Blade has contacts throughout the Flanaess, especially in the area around Greyhawk City. A small group of cultists has espoused Blade's divinity as the "Prince of Power", which he openly ignores, but privately feels prideful about. Blade largely watches over the Gray Hands, events in the area of his keep, and is seeking a means to ascend to godhood.
    Greyhawk is dead; long live Greyahwk! It is not heresy; I will not recant!
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