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Postfest I: Summer 2001- Adventures in Greyhawk

Postfest I presented encounters set in a wide variety of locales for a DM to make use of in their campaign. It's hard to believe that Postfest I took place 7.5 years ago! Shocked Please post comments under each article in its own Comments section.

*The Thing That Should Not Be
By Nathan Irving

"The PC's aid is requested by a small village several days travel west of Greyhawk. The inhabitants claim a giant, furry dragon flew down from the sky a week ago, and has been devouring the local landscape ever since. They beg the PCs assistance in dealing with the monster before it eats everything in the region..."
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*The Way Station
By Jason Farina

"In ancient times, the Dwur (dwarf) nations constructed a network of underground "roadways" and canals to facilitate travel without having to expose themselves to the dangers and discomfort of travelling beneath the stars and being away from their beloved rock-homes for too long. This particular waystation, however, is under new management..."
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*Law Undending
By Nathan Irving

"Some people say this temple was ruined before it became the battleground of two gods of death. But as the adventurers find out, hell still has a warm place for this spot."
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*Aerie of Qilau'nn
ByMarc Tizoc Gonzalez

"Above the paths winding below, only those with the keenest of eyes can discern the aerie of Qilau'nn. The tumble of rocks provides no easy path, and the cascade that spills down the north facing cliff is a further impediment to entrance, yet Qilau'nn flies above it all. For she is beloved of Phaulkon though his brother Phyton too spirits her devotions..."
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*The Kuo-Toan Temple
By Scott "Volstagg" Casper

"Oh, so you stumbled upon their home and you're supposed to apologize? I say, Squish the Fish! Just make sure you survive that last surprise they have in store..."
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*Sanctuary of the Bloody Hands
By Taras Guarhoth

"When are adventurers going to learn to respect the religious practices of others? So what if they happen to spill a little blood in the process..."
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*The Ghost of Kelios
By Ron Carey

"Long dead travelers who followed the goddess of Death and Magic and never lived to see their destinations seek to repay the favor as your adventurers stumble upon their final repose."
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*The Amethyst Crag Mine
By Dargarth

"The Amethyst Crag Mine is situated in a small canyon deep within the Kron Hills and is owned and operated by Baronet Albruce of House Artim. A fine operation to be certain, well run and staffed. But could it be that they have a problem, only "outside" help can solve?"
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*Nea Tramul's Tower
By Justin Hilyard

"An Ogre awaits his chance to avenge the honor of his family against the Lord of White Plume Mountain. Will the curious adventurers end up screwing up his plans?"
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*Two for the Road
By Mike McKweon

"A couple of short encounters for a party in need of action: Temple of Ehlonna Dereilon and Red Dragon."
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*Hastur's Folly

By Adrian Paterson

"When a party of adventurers stops to investigate a lonely tower...they learn that sometimes being a good samaritan is a bitch."
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