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Postfest II: April 2004- Mysterious Places in Greyhawk

Postfest 2: Mysterious Places in Greyhawk

*Valley of the Mage I & Taryn-Nym
By Argon

"The Valley is currently renowned for being ruled by an ageless mage rumored to be of human decent. This Exalted or Black one as he is known is said to have ruled this land since the height of the Great Aerdy nation. None would contest the fact that the Valley is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places of Oerth. But what was this place before human-kind graced this world? Who ruled it, or what was it back in the beginning? Well a small sect of secular sages may be able to answer this question for us. Where the following knowledge was attained from or which source originated this fable is unknown, but this is by far the most information one has every come across on the valley."
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*The Valley of the Mage II
By Argon

"In the second installment of this intriguing article we explore the Calenlasse (Tree-Shapers) as well as Velo ev Biurth. "The elves had not always known the way of the Calenlasse; it was the turn of one event that spawned this connection of the elves with nature, the story of Jarsali and the Treant."
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*Valley of the Mage III
By Argon

"A chosen one too lead the land, of stout heart and beard” “Yes great Moradin this rock you have sent us gives us life, I will gladly take this position the Life Rock asks of me” “For it’s veins are gold and silvery, I will have all know who thy king be.”
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*The Catacombs of Denirkhan
By Phoebus

"The lands west of the Paynims are unforgiving and desolate, few explorers have had reason to investigate this wilderness, at least until now. An ancient clan of assassins made their home here and rumors tell of ancient catacombs with vast wealth and powerful artifacts. Almost impossible to find let alone survive these crypts have remained inviolate since the Invoked Devastation."
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*The Bonewood
By peteroui

"The Bonewood holds the source of the Thelly river, so it was only a matter of time before th river started drying up. But what clue do the gemstones of the Thelly give to the solution?"
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*The Celestial Archway
By Coldpenguin625

"It is said that of all Celestian’s holy sites, none is holier than the Celestial Archway, for within the arch is the very essence of Celestian, or at least that’s the theory. Every clergyman of the Far Wanderer is expected to undertake a pilgrimage to this site at least once in their lifetime; often this pilgrimage is taken during midlife, usually when questions of faith begin to creep into a clergyman’s mind."
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*The Rencontre Inn
By ivormac

"He stood outside the Inn, its shadow looming over him. He squinted at the freshly painted sign, the gracefully flowing calligraphy spelling the words “Mysterious Places”. He caught his breath, both excited and apprehensive at their meaning. Shoulders squared (albeit knees shaking), he pushed open the heavy door."
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*The Fane of Wings
By Oerthman

"Knowledge is discovered, lost through centuries, found again. What do we know of those who built the Five Cities in the Great Kingdom? Or who worshipped once in the Fane of Wings? Do not men ever search for the treasures of these forgotten people? - Quag Keep by Andre Norton"
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*Grot-Ugrat: Legacy of Hate
By cwslyclgh

"Horrible things happened durring the Hateful Wars, and the evil humaniods were not always to blame. Visit Grot-Ugrat, high in the lortmils, where the legacy of the hatred can still be felt."
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*The Zol River Sink
By Valkaun_Dain

"The Zol is a small river who's source is in the Good Hills of Keoland. It travels swiftly down the Sheldomar Valley providing farmers with a source of irrigation and fat trout. After 120 miles the Zol suddenly vanishes into a vertical cave shaft called the Sink. No one has ever been to the bottom and back and no one is sure how deep it really is. As with other deep places in Oerth there is probably wealth and glory to be found in the Sink. As with other deep places danger and death are sure to be found. The Sink never seems to give up its dead nor anyone else that dares venture over the edge. An old gnome that lives nearby claims to have been to the bottom and beyond but his story is hard to believe."
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*The Vanishing Obelisk of Grendep Bay
By cwslyclgh

"The vanishing obelisk of grendep bay appears for one month every seven years, and those that enter into it are lucky to be seen again, as they enter into a bizarre series of demiplanes."
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*594 CY- Enter the Dragon
By tzelios

"Long before the Twin Cataclysms, by the banks of the Jewel River, concealed by dense and hostile forestation, ruins of an abandoned city were discovered by the early Flan occupants of the land. Most of their men were lost during investigative ventures at the area by predators and monsters. Only one team, leaded by a powerful druid, was successful to overcome the obstacles and reach the depths of the dungeons beneath the ruins, merely to return infected by a malign fungus. During the migrations, the Suel newcomers were strong enough to subdue the denizens and re-inhabit the city. From the Iuz-sponsored Obmi to the autonomous Avanson recent expeditions to the so-called “lost” city, it clearly served as a sacred Tharizdun reverential place (inverted ziggurat coins were recovered), only to be destroyed by internal strife and a water catastrophe. ---Tzeliobas-Aristomenes, Greyhawk Construction Company[/i]
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*Everlasting Ashes of Greyhawk
By donimator

"Nine mysterious ash trees have existed across the Flanaess for as long as any mortal can remember. These trees have maintained their majesty throughout time and have repelled all attempts to remove them. Olea Onili, a professor at the University of Rel Mord has put forth a theory about them that involves the druids and planar travel. Following is a compilation of his discoveries on this topic up to the day before his unexpected disappearance."
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By Terrance "Abysslin" Hunt

"Rumors abound throughout the Grandwood Forest of Spikerift although a very small percentage if more than a handful of its population has ever laid eyes upon it. Not even Gwydiesin himself can discern truth from tale among the myriad of stories of this foul locale. The better part of the forest’s populace including the humanoids avoids the area entirely and only Fiorena Goldhand and her companion, Auruma, patrol the territory surrounding Spikerift."
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By WightNight

"In the Northwest area of the Adri forest is a place of mystery. A great rift in the forest that has been an engima and a vague fear for many years. Now the history of the Goldchasm has been revealed! Brave or foolhardy adventurers can venture into the depths of this strange canyon to discover the lost treasures of a forgotten people. Yet, they must beware, for all is not as it appears at first glance. Subtle forces are at work in the Goldchasm to protect the secrets that are hidden there..."
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*The Altar of Dhawar
By Mortellan

“The ferocious peoples of Ull have always been notorious for their degenerate inclinations towards worship but these questionable practices likely predate the Uli occupation to a time when the tribes of the Yorodhi claimed the sheltering southern Ulsprue Mountains as their own. Within this remote range, tales of a certain unholy site still evoke a chill in the hearts of highland ogre tribesmen and lowland traders alike.”
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*The Thelwood Horror
By Osmund-Davizid

"A sinister transformation has occurred in what was formerly known as the Thelwood. The trees of the forest have all slowly changed into a dead, bone-like matter. The plants and animals of the forest have either died or fled to other areas. A plague of calcification has been created and is now slowly spreading beyond the borders of the forest. This calcification plague now threatens to transform the entire region. What is behind the curse of the Bonewood?"
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*Two From the Marklands
By wavescrest

"Two locales of interest within the Marklands are detailed herein, for use in a Greyhawk campaign set around 591 CY.

What lies beneath the city of Mowbrenn? Fiendish cultists that seek to overthrow the young count, thieves and vagabonds, adventurers in search of the unknown. What is the story of the twin mounds upon which Mowbrenn city is founded?

Pilgrim's Gate - the only city within the Pale to allow unbelievers in. However, not all who enter leave as unbelievers. Who are the people incarcerated within the Vigilatory, and why do they only leave as wide-eyed zealots of Pholtus?"

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