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Postfest V(Summer 2005), Part III: Monsters of Greyhawk

Postfest V, Part III(August 2005): Monsters and other Creatures of Greyhawk

The following submissions conclude this summer's Triple Topic Postfest. Thanks to everyone that particpated. Now, please enjoy the Monsters and Other Creatures of Greyhawk!

*The Beaverduck (Giant Saltmarsh Platypus)
By Wolfsire

"Take the tiny homely platypus and notch it up for Greyhawk and you get … well, something not as dangerous as an owlbear, but something dangerous nonetheless: the Beaverduck! No really, it is dangerous, I promise."
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*Blink Camprat (Kund)
By Mortellan

"Rodents are among the most reviled creatures in the world, coming in many shapes and sizes. Among their kind, the camprat has become the pest of pests. It is not surprising then that out of the Baklunish West, particularly Ull, a new and more formidable breed of camprat has literally blinked into existence."
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*Coiled Dragons of the Hool Marshes
By Wolfsire

"Tucked into a copy of “The Magical Properties of Gemstones” by Mage Tenser, found in ruined library of an old abandoned mansion outside of Saltmarsh, Keoland, there is a curiously preserved undated letter addressing Coiled Dragons of the Hool Marshes."
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*The Devas: For the Love of Mankind
By CruelSummerLord

"What a strange creature man is! Both good and evil, neither good nor evil, and everything in between."
- Bjornungard of Everreach, storm giant philosopher

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*A Dissertationon the Nature of the AbolethBy CruelSummerLord

"I consider my expedition to have been most fruitful. These aboleth are much like humans..mere cattle, to be sure, but somehow so simple and yet so marvellously complicated at the same time."
- Bleckethel-Middenvulp, Sage of Monstrous Culture and History of the City of Circles.

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*The Hornwing of the Dry Steppes
By C. Wesley Clough

"The Horn Wing is one of the top teir predators of the dry steppes, read on to find out about this deadly hunter."
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*The Krakens: Puppetmastes of the Ocean
By: CruelSummerLord

"I am all that is. I am all that ever was. I am all that there will ever be. This world is mine to do with as I will. I am the master, you are my puppets. That is the way of the world, as Panzuriel decreed."
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*On the Dragons of the Flanaess: History, Culture and Nation
By CruelSummerLord

"After all, what is a dragon if not a human writ large?"
-Daesnar Braedan, philosopher of Urnst, On the Nature of Man, gods, and Skepticism."

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*The Serpentfolk
By Cebrion

"Little is known of the Elder Races, but I will tell you of one of them: the Serpentfolk. The Serpentfolk were (are) a race of exceptionally gifted magicians oft confused with the yuan-ti, to the detriment of many scholars. Little is known of them, their origins, and of the power they once held upon Oerth. Only recently has evidence of this ancient and once preeminent reptilian race begun to surface…"
-Mulgath the Wanderer, Savant-Sage of Dyvers

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