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Postfest VIII(UPF1): Seaton & Salinmoor

You just can't keep the Canonfire! Community down it seems! Happy First, here is the original Unofficial Postfest #1(or Postfest VIII as I am calling it, just to keep things in order) announcement:

"Its ON! Unofficial Postfest: Seaton and Salinmoor

Greyhawkers, with the blessings of Boccob and CanonFire! Administration, here we are announcing the first Unofficial Postfest. By that we mean one that has been initiated by members.

The topic is Seaton and Salinmoor.

Plenty has been written about the town of Saltmarsh and the nearby sections of the Hool Marshes, but very little is known about Viscounty’s capitol of Seaton or other areas of Salinmoor, such as the town of Burle.

Due: Sunday, September 15, 2007

This August and the first half of September, we ask writers to flesh out unknown aspects of Salinmoor, with particular, although not exclusive emphasis on the town of Seaton. The goal of this topic is to provide the noticeably absent details for one of the hottest adventuring spots in the Flanaess. What are the economics of the area? What are the shops and who are the NPCs? Why are the lowland marshes and upland moors so doggone salty? These are just a few of the questions your might answer. Your article may take any direction, drawing on existing works, such as Wesley's Map of Seaton ( ), or devising something entirely on your own, for which there is plenty of opportunity.

Statistics are welcome for any edition, but creative effort is better spent on the elements that make your subject interesting and uniquely Greyhawk.

The Guidelines
There are no restrictions to your imagination, there are a few rules that govern content and format.
- The subject must have a World of Greyhawk theme.
- You are not restricted to canon, you may choose a subject of your own design.
- The subject should be about something in Salinmoor, or related thereto, preferably with a connection to the town of Seaton. (If you feel like writing about something else, submit that too, you don't need a postfest to contribute!)
- Please try to keep articles to one or two pages long (600 - 1200 words), though longer submissions will be accepted.
- You may submit more than one entry.
- Entries should be submitted to Canonfire! by September 15, 2007.

Submitting Your Article Follow these easy steps:
1. Visit the Canonfire! Web site at
2. Create a site account, or if you already have one, just log in.
3. Click the "Submit an Article" link at the top of the page, on the left, just below the banner.
4. Submit your article. Please include the initials "UPF" for Unofficial Postfest in the title.
5. E-mail any extra information, artwork, or requests to

Unlike a traditional Postfest, we are asking that staff NOT post all the articles on a separate page, but rather release them on the front page, one every few days/week to help keep up the pace of fresh releases.

Have fun, and drop a note in this forum if we can answer questions or help in any other way.


And now, here are the unofficial Postfest VIII submissions, all of which bear the designation "UPF1" for "Unofficial Postfest 1":

*Thieves Guilds of Seaton
By Crag

"Seaton appears to be nothing more then an honest hard working port, however appearances can be deceiving."
Read the full article HERE

*One Clear Evening
By Crag

"Sadly, with the upheaval of the wars, many leaders and scholars tend to forget the common victims who have no one to record their tales of woe."
Read the full article HERE.

*The Sour Note Tavern
By Crag

"A simple discovery that could topple tyrants, how a small tavern could one day split a faith and endanger the stability of the Sheldomar Valley."
Read the full article HERE.

*A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor - Introduction and Overview
by Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung

"Sleepy. Backward. Ignorant. Superstitious. Hidebound. Economically irrelevant. Welcome to Salinmoor!"
Read the full article HERE.

*A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor - Who Is Who
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung

"Meet the indifferent, apathetic and seemingly cursed lords and ladies of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. Those possessed of energy and enthusiasm surely exist within the Viscounty but they are almost universally of an unrelentingly vile disposition. Sleep with the fishes or swim with the sharks."
Read the full article HERE.

*Keoish Internal Security Report referencing the Viscounty of Salinmoor
By Osmund-Davizid

"King’s Agent Lashton has recently ordered a thorough internal security check on the Kingdom of Keoland, citing various internal and external threats to the Lion Throne. Agent Verilydd Jordox, returning from his mission to reconnoiter the former lands of the Sea Princes, has provided the following report on the state of the Viscounty of Salinmoor."
Read the full article HERE.

*The Southhill District of Seaton
By smillan_31

"This article profiles a district of the city of Seaton, capital of the Viscounty of Salinmore. Two locations are listed with prospective plot hooks for adventures relating to each."
Read the full article HERE.

*The Undersea Alliance Adventure Path
By wolfsire

"This article provides for an adventure path between U2 Danger at Dunwater and U3 The Final Enemy. Alternatively, by may be used simply to explore off-shore Salinmoor without connection to the U-series of adventures."
Read the full article HERE.

*Refugee Fairness Committee
By Crag

"Someone must stand up to demand fair treatment for the victims of the war, however not all have pure motives but dark desires that end in blood."
Read the full article HERE.
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