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Postfest X(Needfest 2009): Inns & Taverns of Greyhawk

Postfest X(Needfest 2009): Inns & Taverns of Greyhawk has now ended. It looks like everyone is starting to get back into the swing of things, as this Postfest garnered EIGHT very nice submissions! Cool

First, we have a recap of the original Postfest X(Needfest 2009) announcement:

Welcome to Postfest X(Needfest 2009): Inns & Taverns of Greyhawk

This Postfest will focus on some of the more interesting “sleeperies” and eateries in the World of Greyhawk. So, here are some suggestions as to what to include in your entries:

First off, write about a location that not much(or nothing) has been written about before- make something up! A particular emphasis should be put on your chosen location being conducive to adventuring. Don't just present a description of a place, its proprietors, how much rooms cost, and what they have on the menu. Put in some local flair, such as rumors, interesting local folk, questionable characters, etc.

Think more along the lines of presenting a place where a road weary(or bored) adventurer can find all manner of trouble to get themselves into. Think of the Inn of the Welcome Wench of Hommlet fame, or of the Green Dragon Inn in Greyhawk City(I wouldn’t recommend writing on these particular locations as they have been covered rather extensively already), and the trouble one can get themselves hooked into there and you won't go wrong. Whatever you want to write about, just make sure that the main feature is an inn or tavern. Heck, your inn or tavern could be an adventure site in and of itself if that is what you want to do!

Mind you, this is not a hard and fast format, but I think that more people will find the articles useful if prospective authors adhere to at least some of the above suggestions.

Make sure you put the title of your submission in the following format:

Postfest X(Needfest 2009): "TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE"

You have until March 31st to turn in your submissions.

Happy Postfest! Happy


And here are the submissions for Postfest X(Needfest 2009):

*The White Feather Inn
by Anced_Math

"Sitting on a muddy side street, just off the Marlbridge road sits a small well kept inn. Wedged between a blacksmith and a stable, the building is three stories of whitewashed timber and pale gray brick; small windows peek out from under the wide eaves. A weathered sign showing a large white feather overlaying a tankard creaks in the light breeze."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Hillock Hunting Lodge
By Crag

“A simple hunting lodge within the Iron Hills has become an establishment to forget the hardship of frontier life, a stop over for settlers traveling to a new life and important to the powerful of the entire region”

– Agural Nuruk, Drunken Dwur"

Read the entire article HERE.

*Zelizar’s House of Ill Repute
By Galliskinmaufrius(his first Postfest submission!)

"Rauxes’ most (in)famous inn is without any doubt Zelizar’s House. However its bad repute does not come from its food or lodging, but from the (im)moral qualities of its patrons. Zelizar is certainly the best “chef” in the Great Kingdom and his cooking is the most delicious in the Flanaess. What then if Zelizar is also an adept of Pyremius, God of Murder? You have a week to spend in Rauxes, just don’t omit to visit Zelizar’s House!"
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Blind Billy Goat Inn
By mortellan

“As the main nexus of trade in Ull, Kester sees an influx of caravans from all directions. Centrally located in town, at the foot of Kester's terraces is the Caravan Circle, a wide cul-de-sac where foreign caravans stop and gather for mutual protection. Many roads and alleys radiate outward from the Circle and each lined with trading stands and weatherworn tents. In the center of this bustling yard is an old but well maintained fountain built by clerics of Geshtai. Popular superstition holds that if the fountain of Geshtai ever goes dry the town will fall into ruin forever. Among the few buildings facing Caravan Circle is Kester's only true inn, the Blind Billy Goat, a last-chance haven for merchants, pilgrims, and explorers who seek a relatively safe, quiet place indoors. The inn is also a magnet for gossip, intrigue and possible adventure.”
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Laughing Turtle
By Icarus(his first Postfest submission!)

"Made up of Rhennee barges that come and go seasonally, The Laughing Turtle is one of the more unique taverns in all of the Flanaess. Just as the fare changes along with the barges that make it up, one never knows what perfidy can be found when coins change hands at The Laughing Turtle."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Wolf's Howl Inn
By MikelAmroni(his first Postfest submission!)

“Let me tell you friend, when you’re on the road from Henrich to Verbobonc and beyond, there’s nothing so sweet as the Wolf’s Howl, save the warmth of your own sweet home.”

- Butch, smith and merchant of the hamlet of Henrich.

Read the entire article HERE.

*The Shaded Respite
by Crag

“A single drink of water within the inhospitable Bediyan Desert is the difference between life and death”

– Marzir Mushifzam, Bediyan Nomad

Read the entire article HERE.

*The Dirty Dog Tavern
By audraco

"Deep in the heart of Rookroost rests a tavern frequented by adventurers, mercenaries, and other well-armed itinerants. The locals give it wide berth, for while the regulars are known to be successful adventurers loaded with coin, they are also known to be quick with a blade or spell when trouble comes to find them. Still, if you need information about a noble far to the south, or a seasoned merc to guard your caravan into the Fellreev, or a bodyguard to keep the Rookroost Thieves Guild off your back, the Dirty Dog, Rookroost’s premier establishment for successful adventurers, is where you should go."
Read the entire article HERE.
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