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Power Groups-Paragon Classes

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:49 pm    Post subject: Power Groups-Paragon Classes Reply with quote


I have been putting down a few notes about which power groups in Flanaess have Paragon class members.

(pursuing/joining/following a paragon class _must_ be roleplayed in my games)

Anyone of a base class can seek out a mentor for the paragon class, but it is commonly known (or suspected) that certain groups have multiple mentors of certain paragon paths.

Power Groups of Flanaess -

Fellowship of the Torch : Shaman-Spirit Tempest, Warlock-Fey Pact, Warlord-Combat Veteren.

The Guild of Wizardry of Greyhawk : Wizard-Spellstorm Mage, Bard-Student of the Seven, Sorcerer-Arcane Wellspring.

Knights of Luna : Wizards-Of the Spiral Tower, Bard-Summer Rhymer, Sorcerer-Wild Mage. - Mostly Elves, Eladrin and Humans. A few Tieflings. - Bases in Celene (28 members), Keoland (6 members), Velnua (13 members), Greyhawk City (5 members), County of Urnst (5 members) and Sunndi (12 members).

Knights of the Watch : Cleric-Warpriest, Ranger-Battlefield Archer, Paladin-Champion of Order.

Order of the Hart : Paladin-Justicars, Invoker-Angelic Aspect, Warden-Storm Sentinels. - Worshippers of Bahamut, Corelleon and Pelor, mostly Humans and Elves. Bases in Furyondy (35 members), Verbobonc (13 members) and Highfolk (21 members)

Rangers of the Gnarley Forest : Ranger-Pathfinder, Shaman-Great Bear Shaman, Warlock-Doomsayer.

Sagacious Society of Nyrond : Wizard-Battlemage, Warlord-Knight Commander, Invoker-Blightspeaker.

Shadow Assassins : - Dedicated slayers of any creatures for a price. Fierce rivals of Scarlet Brotherhood. Only been around for the last one hundred and thirty years. Many dwarven members. Bases in Ket (12 members), Bissel (5 members), Keoland (6 members), Duchy of Urnst (7 members), Almor (4 members), Greyhawk City (9 members). Fighter-Swordmasters, Rogues-Shadow Assassins, Sorcerer-Demonskin Adept.

Silent Ones of Keoland : Rogue-Master Infiltrators, Warlock-Lifestealer, Sorcerer-Dragonsoul Heir.

United Artificers of Irongate : Invoker-Hammer of Vengance, Fighter-Iron Vanguard, Cleric-Radiant Servent. - Mostly Dwarves and Dragonborn. Irongate (46 members), Iron Hills (21 members)

Feel free to make constructive feedback.
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PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 10:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Knight Commander also works well for the Knights of the Watch. Warlord works well for Gran March in general actually. I realize the Knights of the Watch expand beyond Gran March, but when I think of them, I think of Gran March :)

Others that would work well for the Knights of the Watch:
Knight Protector, Giant Slayer (for their actions in Geoff), and Son of Mercy.
Knight Commander, Battle Captain, and Longarm Marshall all work well.
War Chanter

That's just a few, but they fit for the Knights - and likely for any other knightly orders very similar to them. I would suggest a general knightly order category, and then get specific by order. For example, all of the above would fit with the Knights of Luna, as would Wizard of the Spiral Tower and a number of Swordmage paths, but those last two would not work with the Knights pf the Hart or the Watch. Wizard of the Spiral Tower ironically works for the Silent ones too, as do a wide varierty of Bard and Sorcerer paths.
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