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    Gradsul Map
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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:25 am  
    Gradsul Map

    I managed to find a map, albeit one that may or may not relate to a home campaign. So far I have located the following up to about 594 CY:

    A) Old Town (area inside the original city wall)

    OT1) The Dock District: Running north from the southern lighthouse to the Duke's palace along the eastern coast.
    The Golden Anchor Inn
    The Mermaid's Inn
    The Dockworkers' Union (Thieves’ Guild?)
    The Port Authority
    The Red Belly Tavern
    The Royal Explorers Chapterhouse
    The Shelliak
    The Three Bells Inn
    The Umberdtine (Admiralty Buildings)
    The Sea Mages
    The Temple of the Children (Atroa)
    The Foaming Tower (Temple of Osprem)
    The Lechtur (lighthouse)
    Kaylgrunn Castle (Duke's residence)

    OT2) The Orgsworth (Warehouse District): West of the Dock District running round close to Highgate (western gate).
    The Azure Trading Company
    City Watch House
    Gelder’s Home:
    Gelder’s Warehouse:
    Hochonn Naval College:
    Mandrennin Trading Company:
    The Sleeping Dog Inn: (close to the Umberdtine)

    OT3) The Promenade: Wide road running from the northern third of Dock District to Garrisgate.
    The Golden Clipper Inn:
    The Garrisgate: At the northern end of the Promenade. The square is where all public executions take place. Leads to the Caisteallweg (main road north from Gradsul
    Hannay’s Home:
    Plasfeyr: (market square)

    OT4) Barndanhel: Slum district next to warehouse district and promenade

    OT5) The Gartten District: Upper middle class district between warehouse district and promenade (west of Barndanhel)
    Byellok’s Guesthouse:
    The Gartten Cemetary:
    The Hall of Inner Perfection: Chapterhouse of monastic order
    The Temple of Rao:
    Halykk’s Home:
    Silberflow Park:

    OT6) Havverd District: Upper class district at the northern tip of the Dock district. River Gate lies to the north leading to the River Road
    Baron Aubert Rautho’s Apartments
    The Illadra Acadamy - Duelling Acadamy
    The National Acadamy of Wizardry
    The Royal Apartments
    The Royal Museum
    The Temple of Zilchus:

    B) New Town: Five wards outside the old city walls, some recently encompassed by a new city wall.

    NT1) Ulgrad: Northernmost (unwalled) ward (Ulek refugees). East of Caisteallweg road and next to walls of Havverd District.

    NT2) Garrisfurd: Either side of Caisteallweg road outside Garrisgate and running southwards. Walled district of Keoish folk.
    Celesta Shadeflower’s Tower (near western gate)
    Garrisfurd Arena

    NT3) Bellsfurd: North of Garrisfurd west of Caisteallweg (outside walls next to Northern Necropolis)

    NT4) Little Molvar (Ketites & Bakluni) Walled area next to Hillgate and Garrten District

    NT5) Hillgate (Amedian & Hepmon escaped slaves): Next to Little Molvar. Closest to southernmost entrance to Old Town

    C) Maldurnanhel: Overflow from the wards outside the walls, next to Garrisford and Little Molvar.
    Garrtveyn Barracks
    Three Roads Crossing

    D) Ilbosok: Olman shanty town outside the walls near sewage outlet (southwest of the city)
    Temple of Zodal

    E) Northern Necropolis (alongside Casteallweg next to Bellsfurd and Ulgrad)
    Von Reiklande Family Crypts

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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:49 am  


    This is as far as I've got with the npcs if it's any help. Classes and levels are 3e and entirely arbitrary, based partly on my home campaign.

    Gradsul (walled metropolis): Leadership conventional (hereditary noble ruler); Alignment LN; Population 49,400 (human 92% (So), elf 3%, dwarf 1%, other 5%); GP Limit 100, 000gp; Assets 247,000,000gp;
    Authority Figures: Duke Luschan Sellark VIII of Rhola (Wz9, Fg2, LN), Duke of Gradsul, head of the Rhola Faction; Sir Adahan Strongarm (Fg8, LN), Knight-Captain of the Watch; Don Blanko (Rog14, LE), Leader of the Dockworkers Union & Guildmaster of Thieves; Admiral Falpior (Fg15, LN) of the Royal Navy; Arch Cleric Nothus (Clc13, LN), High Priest of Zilchus; Lord Mayor Solomon Rhola (Exp7, LN), Cousin of Duke Luschan VIII).
    Important Individuals: Archmage Drawmij (Wz17, HorW1, ArM1, N), Drelbin (Wz5, Exp2, LN), Master Clerk at the Royal Acadamy of Wizardry; Drogan Kegok (Clc13, LN), Cleric of Zilchus; Lady Ketta Sellark (Fg4, Brd2, N), cousin & High Herald to the Duke; Curate Lathendor (Clc9, N), cleric of Osprem and Fellow of the Sea Mages; Lady Maressa Linth (Rog6, ShD4, LE), the Duke’s new wife; Stromon Rilfepp (Clc13, N), Cleric of Osprem; Xapatl (Rng1, Cl7, MoSh1, LE), leader of the Olman & cleric of Mictlantecuhtli.
    Other Individuals: Alacata (Cm1, N), Olman mother of Nenethualpa; Lord Aubert Ruatho (Mnk3, Ari2, Ass1, LE), minor Suel noble, patron of the Royal Explorers & Royal Museum; Celesta Shadeflower (Rog1, Bard7, LN), halfling guard at the Royal Museum; Herald Charlton Pendal Dasco (Ari3, Brd1, Fg1, CG), distant cousin & disgraced herald to the Duke; Captain Dungril (Fg5, LN), city watch officer; Elios Murancho (Exp4, N), Curator of the Royal Museum; Falkas (Rog5, NG), the King’s agent in Gradsul; Flincottle (Exp1, N), gnome gemcutter & clerk for the Port Authority; Garrald Sbetlath (Fg5, N), owner of the Garrisfurd Arena; Itzectloc (Sor8, NE), Olman cultist of Camazotz; Jaquon (Exp7, N), sage with specialization in ichthyology; Jedvar Mirnau (Fg7, LN), City Watch detective and informant for the Darkwatch; Joren Belgham (Clc3, LG), cleric of Zodal in Ilbosok; Keystan (Exp2, LN), aide to the Duke; Luigi Lightfingers (Rog9, CN), bawd & informant for the Thieves’ Guild; Maztecicla (Cm2, N), Olman woman; Reld Makazian (Rog3, Exp8, N), Royal Explorer; Scar (Rog5, Asn5, NE), albino assassin; Staliana Oestereich (Clc5, LN), priestess of Heironeous & agent of the Darkwatch; Turgin Ilhane (Sor5, Sil9, LN), visiting Silent One; Wellemeynhe Myghals (Exp4, LN), Syndic of the Gemcutters’ Guild & Port of Gradsul customs authority

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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:46 am  

    I cannot be of any help, but Im excited to see what you come up with.
    Plar of Poofy Pants

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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:43 am  

    There's also the Temple of the Children, which is dedicated to Atroa. It's described as a large wooden building that competes with the Foaming Tower of Osprem in the same city for followers. Both churches share many followers, as most sailors want the blessing of both goddesses (which would suggest it's also in the Dock District). The Temple of the Children is one of the greatest orphanages in Keoland, and it's the largest temple dedicated solely to Atroa (as opposed to temples dedicated to all the wind gods). This was mentioned in Dragon #263.

    If the Temple of Osprem is known as the Foaming Tower, I would speculate that it's at the very edge of the shore (if not actually rising from the water), so that the waves splash against its walls. I'd also speculate that it doubles as a lighthouse, or did at one time. Maybe it acts as a spare lighthouse if something goes wrong at the Lechtur, or if it had a lighthouse function that's no longer used since the Lechtur was built. Or maybe not.
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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:46 am  

    PaulN6 wrote:

    The Temple of Osprem...

    The Temple of Rao
    The Temple of Zilchus...

    Temple of Zodal

    rasgon wrote:
    There's also the Temple of the Children, which is dedicated to Atroa...

    -You would think there would be more Suel gods, particularly Jascar, who is the patron of the House of Rhola (IIRC).

    Anyone got a map? Happy
    Master Greytalker

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    Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:49 am  

    Useful stuff! I'll incorporate that too - thanks!
    Adept Greytalker

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    Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:23 am  

    The d20 World of Greyhawk forum has a Gradsul subforum:

    Lots of info, no map though. Also I'm not sure about the canonicity of their info.

    Also on Scott Rennie's Sheldomar project page there used to be 2 maps of Gradsul, but that part of the page is a dead link now.

    Anybody got his saved?
    Master Greytalker

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    Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:47 am  

    Thanks for the tips. The d20 forum has some basic info - not much description but so far the LG stuff is missing a marketplace or working class/lower middle class residences in old city (if any) so I might be ableto work a few tidbits in. I don't like to go overboard with fan-created stuff after the 'official' version of Dyvers departed so much from the fan-created (and some may say more interesting) version in Oerth Journal.

    I have noted that there is a mausoleum outside the city, I just haven't got around to detailing that yet.

    Maybe when I get back from my hols I'll try emailing various people. I think any maps that pre-date the LG stuff by too great a period will most like not resemble the version I'm trying to stitch together sufficiently to be of much use.
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:26 am  

    I haven't ever seen a Gradsul map, but if there isn't a ready to go Gradsul map somewhere, it might be fruitful (especially if time is short) to try to adapt a fantasy city map from outside the WoG community.

    Most fantasy city maps seem to be sized for 5000 - 20000 inhabitants, rather than a metropolis, on the other hand, most city maps are drawn as a riverport or a seaport, and either kind could work as a Gradsul map. So there would be a fair number of nice maps floating around out there to choose from.

    Journeyman Greytalker

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    Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:07 am  

    Just as a quick note you should include human subraces on the city description, es. Humans (So) 97%.
    Master Greytalker

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    Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:50 pm  

    Ok I updated the first post to reflect the rough map somebody provided. I'll return and update this periodically if I come across anything new.

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    Mon Aug 09, 2021 5:59 pm  

    Paul, those details are mine, from my Black Hart PBeM campaign that ran from the mid-90s to early 2000s. Happy to answer any questions you have on my ideas for the places mentioned, most were not fleshed out but I had some concepts behind others.

    Scott Rennie

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    Mon Aug 09, 2021 6:34 pm  

    One of my players still had the original maps from 2007 - they're done in Paint so don't expect anything awesome, but puts the neighbourhoods/wards above into relative context. IMC the mouth of the Sheldomar is huge and only the west bank is in Keoland, the east bank being a town in the Principality of Ulek.
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