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Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Greyhawk- NPCs!

Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Greyhawk- NPCs! has now ended.

First, we have a recap of the original Postfest XI(Growfest 2009) announcement:

Welcome to Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Greyhawk- NPCs!

The topic of this Postfest is NPCs in all their various forms. From the lowliest manure covered peasant to the most powerful of world-changing wizards, from the most noble hero to the most black-hearted villain, and all the shades of Grey in between, NPCs are what bring anyone's Greyhawk to life. Your submission(s) may run the gamut of all possibilities.

Though not set in stone, it is recommended that you cover an NPC that has not been covered before, or one that has been covered very little. Better still, create something new and unique that builds on what is already known! Please post what you will be writing about in this thread. Duplicate topics are okay but we would like to keep it to a minimum.

Now, on to the format. Your submission should be in the realm of 1,000-4,000 words or so in length. That is not set in stone either, but it is a good average length for any Article. As usual, be sure to not only Spell Check your article but read it over yourself, as Spell Check will catch many things, but seldom everything.

You may submit your article HERE. Be sure to write a short introductory teaser for your article and be sure to cite any sources you may have used as well. ***See the directions at the top of the Submissions page if you have any problems with the text not being accepted(this may happen if you use Internet Explorer). Even if the text is not accepted, *you must still submit your article title on the Submissions page*. When e-mailing an article to editorscanonfirecom, be sure that your article is in simple Word form, with no formatting of any sort if possible(the simpler the better). This just makes things a whole lot easier for us to deal with, so please take the time to do this.

Make sure you put the title of your submission in the following format:

Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE

***Submissions are due by August 31st!!!


---The Canonfire! Staff


And here are the submissions for Postfest XI(Growfest 2009):

*Sir Xaris
by Sir Xaris

"Sir Xaris, the Unabashed, Proclaimer of Truth, Defender of Right, Bane of the Wicked, is an accomplished Paladin originally hailing from Furyondy, who has travelled the length and breadth of the Flanness with his adventuring companions, known commonly as the Old Characters."
Read the entire article HERE.

*Nura bint Ramil
By mortellan

"There are few sights in Ull rarer than a woman who wields power and wealth. In the seedy heights of Kester is one such woman, and though she is not a native of Ull, none dare contest her right to live and prosper in that harsh frontier land."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Chanter of Spirits
By Argon
“Destiny is not always something we seek, but often something we find.” - Caswil Gastingil.
Read the entire article HERE.
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