Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:16 am  
Golarion and Oerth

I've recently started playing Pathfinder and their world of Golarion but I will always be a die-hard Greyhawk fan. As such, I've been mulling over if the two worlds may fit together - I, of course, found a couple posts on just that here at Canon. They are fairly old posts so I figured I'd make my own and ask for advice here from anyone that has done this or has given it any thought.

Different posters gave links as to if the two were actually suppose to fit together:
since Erik Mona was once a major Greyhawk guy and he was the one that did Golarion.

Some posts suggest Oerth western continent actually is Golarion and others suggest Oerth replace a continent on Golarion while still others have suggested the two be placed equally on the same world.

Full map of Golarion:

Full map of Oerth - this map may have inaccuracies but it's the only Oerth map I could find online:

I have played with this idea for a few days now and have decided (unless I get advice against it with logical reasoning) to place the entire map of Oerth to the west of the entire map for Golarion so the Solnor Sea (of Oerth) would separate Arcadia (of Golarion) from the eastern Flanness.

This makes sense in my own head but I still wanted to get any feed back from anyone who has tried this or looked in to it.