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    Greetings & Salutations!
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    Joined: Apr 15, 2011
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    From: Staug, FL, USA

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    Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:04 pm  
    Greetings & Salutations!

    Hello, my name is Kyn and while I'm newly registered, I've looking in off and on at Canonfire over the past few years. I've been playing since the tail-end of 1st edition and continued with 2e (more like a bastardized 1.5e) until I jumped ship during the early nineties--only to be roped back in with 3e and continued until I got discouraged with 4e. I'm back again (as of 3 weeks ago), and now running a 3.5 game (I considered porting over to Pathfinder, but I've already go so much 3.x books that it makes more sense to stick with it and tweak it with houserules).

    During all that time, I've never played/DMed in Greyhawk before my current game... I've played in the FR (it annoys me on many levels) and I've run a few Dragonlance games (great place to read about, but I don't like gaming there), but mostly I played/DMed in homebrewed settings.

    Unfortunately, as I've gotten older (and saddled with responsibilities--the damnable things) I don't have the time or inclination to work on a homebrew setting--and that's where Greyhawk comes in. I've always had a passing familiarity with the setting, and a few years ago (back when Dragon and Dungeon magazines were actually in print, RIP), I started collecting various GH resources when I could find them and not pay too much. I had planned to start a game in GH, but it never got off the ground.

    The weeks ago, I was hanging out with a couple of friends (as is typical for me on the weekends) when we overheard their daughters and their friend discussing the characters they were creating for a fantasy story. That's when my friend Stephen turned to me and said, "I think they're ready for D&D."

    And so it began. Happy

    So, now I'm running a GH campaign set in Sunndi for my 30-something friends and a trio of 10-11 year old girls (all of whom wanted to play elves, of course). The girls love it, we adults are getting a kick out of it (and having fun, ourselves). My friend Jaime (mother of two of the girls) is pleased as punch and hoping they'll stick with it and the day after the fist session, Stephen took the girls to a local gaming store so that they could get their own sets of dice.

    With any luck, Greyhawk will continue to live on in another generation of gamers.[/i]

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    From: South-Central Pennsylvania

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    Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:10 pm  

    Welcome to Canonfire! Azzy1974! Happy

    It sounds as though you're having a good time . . . and that's the most important things. Glad to know you're passing D&D on to another generation. Cool

    And glad to know that you've finally found your way to Greyhawk. Its the best of worlds to play in.

    We're looking forward to your participation and contributions to Canonfire! It's good that you decided to join our never ending discussions.

    And be sure to keep us posted as to that new game you've got going, we love hearing about those. Wink
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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:24 pm  

    Welcome to Canonfire! Azzy1974! Happy

    It does my heart good to hear from others in life situations similar to my own. (Glad I'm not the only middle-aged geek out there. Razz )

    I feel the same way you do about the other worlds you mentioned, but Greyhawk has always been my choice for 'homebrew' games. Every world introduced after it was flawed in some important way. The flaw was intentional - meant to give the new world a different flavor - but it just made it unplayable for me.

    My oldest son and his friends are currently suffering, er..., adventuring under my Greyhawk DM wing. I wish you and your group lots of fun and laughter. Smile

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    Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:05 am  

    Mystic-Scholar wrote:
    Welcome to Canonfire! Azzy1974! It's good that you decided to join our never ending discussions.

    You say that now. Wink

    Welcome Azzy. Smile
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