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Postfest XV: Greyhawk Lairs & Sidetreks!

Postfest XV: Greyhawk Lairs & Sidetreks! has now ended.

First, we have a recap of the original Postfest XV: Greyhawk Lairs & Sidetreks! announcement:

Welcome to Postfest XV: Greyhawk Lairs & Sidetreks!

The topic of this Postfest is all about those interesting places you might run into while traveling hither and yon, both on and off the beaten path, in the World of Greyhawk. Don't let your mind get pigeon-holed into thinking this is just for wilderness areas either, as all sorts of things have "lairs" in, or nearby, cities too; both above and below ground.

While it is not a hard and fast rule, it is recommend that you cover something that has not been covered before, or that has been covered very little. Better still, introduce a new location of your own! Please post what you will be writing about in this thread. Duplicate topics are okay, but we would like to keep it to a minimum. Feel free to make your submission game edition specific or not, super crunchy(i.e. lots o' rules) or not at all, or anywhere in between. Basically, write what YOU want to write.

Now, on to the format. Your submission should be in the realm of 1,000-4,000 words or so in length(more if fine; less not so much). That is not set in stone, but it is a good average length for any Article. As usual, be sure to not only Spell Check your article but read it over yourself, as Spell Check will catch many things, but seldom everything.

You may submit your article HERE. Be sure to write a short introductory teaser for your article and be sure to cite any sources you may have used as well. ***See the directions at the top of the Submissions page if you have any problems with the text not being accepted(this may happen if you use Internet Explorer). Even if the text is not accepted, *you must still submit your article title on the Submissions page*. When e-mailing an article to editors<at>canonfire<dot>com, be sure that your article is in simple Word form, with no formatting of any sort if possible(the simpler the better). This just makes things a whole lot easier for us to deal with, so please take the time to do this.

Make sure you put the title of your submission in the following format:


***Submissions are due by May 1st.


---The Canonfire! Staff


And here are the submissions for Postfest XV: Greyhawk Lairs & Sidetreks!:

*Sanctigaard and the Demesne of Sir Xaris ab Yustin
by Sir Xaris

"Ever needed a higher level base of operations for your characters than the Keep on the Borderlands? Welcome to Sanctigaard, Eastboro, and the Demesne of Sir Xaris! If your campaign is pre-Greyhawk Wars, your heroes can use this village as a base from which to make assaults upon the humanoids and other mysteries of the Pomarj. If you wish to incorporate the Greyhawk Wars into your campaign, Castle Sanctigaard is a great place for your characters to make their last stand in an Alamo-like finish. If you simply need a new and exciting NPC benefactor for your PCs, this is the place."
Read the entire article HERE.

By ragr

"An unassuming shop in a quiet town. A pleasant young man. A less than noble lord. A personal hurt that must be salved."
Read the entire article HERE.

*All Dried Out, Part 1
By Argon
"In the great peaceful theocracy of Veluna, lies a small town named Shandalanar.
A land who has known peace almost from its simple beginnings. This resurrected old miners town sports fertile soil and a peace loving people. When one of the farmers sons is arrested for stealing drinks at the local tavern its big news. Unfortunately for the people of Shandalanar things are about to get much more grim."

Read the entire article HERE.

*All Dried Out, Part 2
By Argon
"Things are dire a Sunn'sebb snowfall prevents travel and a disease seems to be turning the good people of Shandalanar into blood thirsty zombies that cannot be turned. Rumors persist the dead have risen from their graves and a missing farmer's son may be the answer to such fell deeds. "
Read the entire article HERE.
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