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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:14 am  

    Hello there everyone!

    Been lurking around Canonfire for a few months now, and I thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. I am part of the new-school D&D players so to speak. When I was young (9 I think) my dad brought me into his D&D game that he was running.

    This was a few years before 3.0 was released, and I started out as a 1st level Magic-User, while the rest of the group was already well established. Anyway's long story short I hated it, there was a person in the game that had a psionic power that was disintegrating things left, and right.

    And all I had was one Magic Missle, and a staff that required me to roll a 20 to hit anything. The game was combat heavy, so I just sorta sat there, and read the Hobbit. Anyway's I decided I hated D&D, and quit that game that night.

    A few years later my friend got the 3rd edition D&D players handbook, and convinced me to play after pestering me for a while. Eventually we started running games, and here I am now years later DMing games almost every weekend.

    My childhood was played in settings like Eberron, and with very little knowledge of the more classical settings like Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms. The closest that I got to running anything in Greyhawk was a short lived RttToEE game, and running Shackled City.

    One thing that my girlfriend, and I do on some weeknights is run solo based D&D games with her playing two, three, or more characters with me acting as the DM. We ran converted Night Below as our first game like this, and since then I have gotten pretty good at running those sort of games.

    A few weeks ago I decided to start up a new game with her, and decided that I wanted a more classic D&D game. At first I was going to run a Forgotten Realms game, but the one we had done before the newest game was in that setting was also a FR game. I had run Dragonlance, but never really liked it all that much. So after some deliberation I settled on Greyhawk for the setting (though I did briefly think about Mystara, but I own the LGG book).

    The game is set 591 CY in Furyondy, though they have traveled to a number of other places in the area (such as Highfolk, Flameflower, Delvenbrass, and most recently the Timeless Tree).

    She has had a lot of fun running around in the Vesve Forest, fighting the good fight against the Old One. Honestly I have fallen in love with the setting, not really sure what has drawn me to it, but the game has been a lot of fun.

    Just for people's information the game I am running is using the Pathfinder rule-set, and her party is currently level 9. It includes a Grey Elf Paladin, a Hill Dwarf Cleric, a Human Wizard, and a Aasimar Bard. This last level the bard just picked up the Leadership feat, and now a redeemed soldier of the Old One has joined their party as a cohort.

    They are currently investigating a ancient elven temple near the Defiled Glade in the Vesve Forest, and just discovered that priests of Iuz are using it as a base. I been thinking about setting up a Campaign Journal on here as well, though I am not sure if there is much demand for such things on here, so I wanted to ask first.

    Anyway's sorry this post has been so long winded! I hope that Greyhawk will live on so I can one day teach it to my children, and I thank you for all the helpful resources that I have already found on here!

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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:12 am  

    Iressi, hail and well met! Welcome to Canonfire! Happy

    We're glad that you found the site and have decided to join us in our on-going conversations. We look forward to your participation and contributions, including your up-coming Campaign Journal posts! Wink

    Sounds like you had some uninspiring DMs when you were growing up and therefore your poor gaming experience. Many here have suffered through that, but now -- it's over! You've found Canonfire! where you can receive all the help and assistance you could possibly need in running and playing your own games. If you can ask a question that cannot be answered here, I'll be shocked and amazed. Evil Grin

    By all means, post your Campaign Journal, many here will follow it and comment on it. Our "Campaign Journals & General Online Play" forum is designed for just that. Wink

    So post away, because I will certainly follow your posts! Happy

    So again, welcome to Cannonfire! We all look forward to what you have to say and answer any questions you may ask! Cool

    And don't forget the Greyhawk wiki, it's located in the top right corner of Canonfire's "Home Page." There is literally tons of information there, thanks to Canonfire! members Rasgon and Robbastard! Cool

    So browse the site, look through the wiki, check out our "Links" and "Downloads" and have a great time doing it. Wink

    And once again, welcome to Canonfire! the home of Greyhawk! Cool
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    Grandmaster Greytalker

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    From: New Jersey

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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:21 am  

    Welcome to the boards Iressi.

    I can be long winded as well so don't worry about it. If your interested in learning more about Greyhawk you can find many answers to your questions on these boards. I for one would love to see your campaign journal here and I'm sure many other hawkers would love to read about it.
    You can even join our Thursday night chats there is a link on the left. We can always use some fresh ideas from new fans and it will keep the lurker count low.

    Happy Hawking


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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:54 am  

    Yes, welcome Iressi! We're always pleased to welcome a new member and enjoy new insight in our online threads, so please contribute. Campaign journals are a great source of inspiration for other DMs, so please post yours.

    In order to more fully immerse yourself in Greyhawk lore, I suggest you begin by familiarizing yourself with some of the classic adventures such as Against the Giants et. al, the Slavers, ToEE, Tsojcanth, White Plume Mountain, Keep on the Borderlands, etc. This information, I believe, will give you a good foundation for the Greyhawk setting. It may be a bit overwhelming if you try to figure out what's going on and don't know where to start. Wink

    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Aug 01, 2011
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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:15 am  

    Thank you all for your warm welcome :) I am a bit of a wiki-nerd myself so I was happy to see there was a Greyhawk Wiki, already found quite a bit of there.

    I in fact used a converted Scourge of the Slaver Lords in my Dragonlance game (at least the A4), but I still haven't looked into White Plume Mountain, Keep on the Borderlands, or Tsojcanth (how do you pronounce that anyways?)

    To be honest I think the lore found in Forgotten Realms is more overwhelming than the Greyhawk stuff I have seen. Maybe I'm wrong though, or just haven't looked hard enough yet. Anyway's thanks everyone for the helpful tips!
    Grandmaster Greytalker

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    From: Mt. Smolderac

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    Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:59 pm  

    Iressi wrote:
    To be honest I think the lore found in Forgotten Realms is more overwhelming than the Greyhawk stuff I have seen. Maybe I'm wrong though, or just haven't looked hard enough yet. Anyway's thanks everyone for the helpful tips!

    Welcome Iressi, and now Crys! That point is one of the things that many people here love about Greyhawk. The lore isn't that overwhelming and there is still plenty of room for people to present their own points and additions, and debate them.
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