Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:04 pm  
Re: Hero Lab?

jephkay wrote:
I've been doing a great deal of work in Hero Lab, gearing up for my GH campaign. Does anyone else use HL? I'd be willing to share my files.

Can't Speak for everyone.. but I use it quite a bit ... and have coordinated with the LW crew to push getting it into the auto updates.

As noted below, there are about 85% of the Gods / Domains set into place for HL and I have been coordinating with Dami & ShadowChemosh for an update that will cover the lesser gods listed in Sean Reynolds list of deities for known Demi-human Races, as well as other sources.SReynolds List

I have the Knights of Luna also built as a sub-class, but it is more of a homebrew, since their influence in our campaign extends beyond just Celene. But it could be stripped down for a prestige type class.
I have the bulk of the Geographical / Regional GH feats defined as well as I assign them as a bonus (upbringing feat) based on birth place.

Feel Free to IM me further if interested.... Note all of my HL stuff is built for the D20 3.5 e Ruleset. Though could mostly be cannibalized to PF or 5e.

I know Anna's Home Campaign (see her thread here or Her Site) is set up to run utilizing PF rules.. but hard to say what she has for HL, though she is closely affiliated with LW.