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    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Jan 05, 2013
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    Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:41 pm  

    Hi. Old school gamer come back to get in touch with the halcyon days of my angry and misspent youth. I'm enjoying Pathfinder rules and now in an old school group that uses World of Greyhawk with said rules. I subscribe to fine scotch, the 2nd Amendment, cigars, equal rights for dwarves and gnomes, women that say "Yes," gay rights, religious freedom, pretty women in bikini's. Things I don't subscribe to are elves, people beating on children, people beating on me, people beating on my children (unless it's me, in which case the wife will in turn beat on me), poorly baked pies, high taxes and when my stupid dice consistently roll low. Just thought I'd follow the advice given to me and introduce myself.

    Joined: Oct 06, 2008
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    From: South-Central Pennsylvania

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    Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:26 pm  

    Greetings Uptognomegood and welcome to Canonfire!

    Seems you may already be familiar with the site. Feel free to browse and join in on any conversation/topic that strikes your fancy. Happy

    In the left hand column you can see the Greyhawk Wiki, compliments of Robbastard and Rasgon. Click on it and find all kinds of Greyhawk goodies for your eyes to feast upon!

    We're always on the look out for new talent, so feel free to start your own thread and post your own writings, you won't find anything but helpful advice here and people who are happy to answer your questions.

    So dive right in and have a good time and again . . .

    Welcome to Canonfire!
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    Joined: Sep 09, 2009
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    From: SW WA state (Highvale)

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    Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:13 pm  

    Well met sir! Good to have you with us (in spite of your distaste for elves), and thanks for the information about yourself. I hope to read some of your posts and replies now that you have joined us.

    -Lanthorn, Elf-friend Wink

    Joined: Jul 26, 2010
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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:15 pm  

    Well met, Uptognomegood! And welcome to Canonfire! Happy

    Please do participate in the threads and join us Thursday nights at 10:00pm CST on Greytalk Chat (link to the left under the Greyhawk Wiki link).

    Grandmaster Greytalker

    Joined: Nov 07, 2004
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    From: Mt. Smolderac

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    Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:12 pm  

    Welcome, and great user name. It had me laughing the first time I saw it.
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