Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:32 pm  
Conversions Between Editions

My contributions will be mainly D&D3.5, but Iím trying to create equivalent versions for AD&D1 and AD&D2 (maybe not as detailed). I still have the AD&D1 DMG & WSG, and the AD&D2 Complete Thiefís Handbook, but I might ask a few questions here.

For example:

1) Did they ever create rules for an official O level Cleric or a 0 Level Druid (the blacksmith in Hommlet is a 0 level Druid, IIRC)?

I figure a 1st level Adept could be a 1st level Cleric or Druid.

2) The Dungeoneer Survivorís Guide had rules for 0 level Craftsmen who had extra hit points and extra proficiencies. What were they?

It would help with 2nd level Commoners and Experts.

For Cebrion, I put this here, since this was my immediate purpose, but I think the question of conversion between editions is an interesting one, and everyone isn't going to read the Postfest threads. Should I put it in the D&D 3X threads, or the general threads?