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    First Post : Looking to exchange ideas
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    Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:42 am  
    First Post : Looking to exchange ideas

    I'll make this brief as I'm looking to get to the meat and potatoes of this post. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post such material, as such anyone pointing me else where; Appreciated, moving on. A friend of mine asked me once when he was stuck with the direction of a campaign he was working on how I write, I decided to catalog each rewrite, and me being an amazing multitasker wanted to extend that thought for when I'm in need of feed back turning to other great writers, I would turn here. For this is my first adventure into Greyhawk, and since all of my players for this campaign are big Greyhawk nerds, I wanted to make sure i got it right. The quick and dirty is it's a low level, low magic, reduced healing, grind your way to the top Thieves campaign. All though I acknowledge the existence of demi humans, they rarely come into my writing as I don't find them that interesting. So all of my players will be human. To begin, I thought it would be fun to write four backgrounds (typical player count) to assist and drive players through the story. Although optional, knowing some of my player base allowed me to customize to those players tastes.

    --My First Background (Wealth with a price)
    "Having recently emptied the coffers of your local lord, you felt the need to take a leave from home for a bit. Especially since his lordship saw your face, and will no doubt soon know your name. You've decided to take your new found fortune to some place you might be able to lay low, maybe make some new friends. Greyhawk, the Gem of Flanaess, of course, every thief knows tales of the infamous thieves guild. Hell depending on how much you got away with you might be able to buy their protection. And with you cunning use of thieves' subtle cantor you've met some like minded fellows already on their way to the city."
    +the perks of choosing this background(for I am a fearful, but loving DM) Change the starting gold for the character to be 5d100, however.
    +the disadvantage to this background is your a wanted man, and a past can sometimes come back to haunt you.

    {I also like to leave myself notes to indicate later as the work needed yet to be flushed out in future writings in encounters and work still needed}

    1d6 hired thugs, lvl 1-3 , bounty contract, name and general description
    At first the thugs provide food and possibly shelter at a camp site at night for the players in need of assistance. After some conversation and the name of player is said, hopefully by another player, the combat begins in erhst hopefully catching them off guard.

    --My Second Background (The Vengeful Angel)
    I can not take full credit for this was inspired by the Shadowrun RPG
    "A letter you've received from you beloved uncle; the man who taught you the finer art picking a man's pocket and your main source of income; explains that in the event of you receiving this letter or last testament that he's been murdered, that his killer is some unknown agent of the Thieve's guild. He tasks you with infiltrating the criminal network and being his vengeance from beyond the grave. Knowledge he hopes you pass on before you strike your final blow."
    ++the perks of this background is the improved skill of pick pockets +10% you are also the detective
    ++the disadvantages is this is a role playing puzzle solving position. Be prepared that this isn't something easily solved, requires cunning, requires patience, and most importantly it requires trust in your allies. Be prepared to be stumped.

    {the encounters for this stem with the grand reveal, once the knowledge of the guilty party is found *cough*BOSS*cough* enacting vengeance should be no easy task, requiring playing and cooperation}

    [To Be Worked on]
    To start this background the actual letter or will of the uncle as a prop should include clues as well as hints. It should also include a contact to begin, something perhaps the player will have to keep from other players as they easily could be involved.

    --My Third Background(Mr. Sly the Likeable Guy)
    "Cold and methodical, you use your skills to further your own selfish needs. When it became obvious that your talent was wasted on such a small home town, you set your sights a little bigger, The city of Greyhawk. And what may be your particular skill? People. You've a way with them few others do. Most tend to see your side of an argument, and you rarely find yourself alone in a fight. Pawns to be played in your little game."
    ++the perks of this background is the spell like ability to charm another person once per day. You also begin the game with a henchman/follower, same level (earns 50% exp.) Who sees you a friend but would do short of killing himself to please you and keep the friendship.
    ++the disadvantages require you place your highest ability stat into charisma. Also if your charm attempt fails, the person roles a morale check, to determine their negative reaction, causing you to sometimes make instant enemies.

    {So for this background, I need to include possible negative reactions with important NPCs in future descriptions. Have this player make contacts within the city that aid as needed.}

    --My Fourth Background(Moth to the Flame)
    "You have nothing but the same dream every night. You're within the walls of this massive city. Possibly a market, sometimes your near a guard post on the wall. Hundreds possibly thousands of people bustle about their daily lives. When suddenly a thick mist rolls in and everyone disappears. Gone, deserted, with no trace, and not a sound. You Stumble about in a white haze, unable to see more than a few feet in front of you. With no one about you learn your able to explore about this empty city. Within the dream you learn of the city's name. Greyhawk. And like a fish in the river, you are drawn down stream."
    ++the perks of this background include the ability to scry out build layouts once per (night/rest) within the city.
    ++the disadvantages are the dreams show a clear sign of doom facing the city. The city you are headed to. However knowing about a trap might be the first step in avoiding it [-Duke Leto, Dune]

    So I thank you for reading it so far. Any feedback is welcome and encouraged. Spelling errors, grammar, ideas, fluidity, anything that you might have to add I would appreciate it.
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    Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:30 pm  

    The backgrounds are fine. What ruleset are you using? I don't think you need to give spell-like abilities for influencing people. So if youe using 1 or 2nd edition ruleset. You can have the PC Mr Sly guy talk the talk so to speak trying to influence someones reaction. Add the character level plus charisma bonus to the difficulty of the NPC's reaction roll. I also will make it harder for an NPC to overcome the PC characters charms if they roleplay the interaction well. Use save vs spells since this save receives a Wisdom bonus modifier. Higher Wisdom the NPC has the easier it is to resist someones honeyed words.

    If your using 3, 3.5, 4th edition or PF. Diplomacy and Bluff skills can receive a +2 skill bonus and the character may be able to influence a reaction change greater then one category when he has 5 skill slots devoted to the skill. When he has ten skill slots devoted to the skill a failed attempt on the first roll does not negatively affect the NPC's reaction instead a second roll is made to see if the NPC's attitude is unchanged. When the character has 15 skill slots in one of these skills a failed roll means the Npc's reaction is unchanged and further attempts to change an NPC's reaction's increase the DC by 5 however if it succeeds after failing the DC is normal on future attempts. Bluff attempts with 15 skill points are treated as diplomacy unless the PC's rolls a natural 1 on thier bluff roll. Npc's are more forgiving of this characters lies. If the Pc manages to get 20 skill points in their Diplomacy skill and the NPC's Sense motive skill is less then 10 they can automatically adjust reaction rolls by 1 category without rolling. If their Bluff skill has 20 points and the NPC's sense motive score is 10 or less they can adjust automatically adjust reaction rolls one category in either direction worse or better without needing a skill check roll.

    Just some ideas. Hope this helps.


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