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    Ideas for new 5e campaign
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    Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:58 am  
    Ideas for new 5e campaign

    I'm adapting "Murder at Baldur's Gate" to Greyhawk for my new 5e campaign and came with this draft idea:

    "'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' states the old adage. Now, the North Kingdom and the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, enemies since the Greyhawk Wars, are setting differences aside -for now- and putting that saying into practice, by plotting together against a common enemy: Rel Astra.

    Their plan is to use another common enemy to put their plan into action: the Scarlet Brotherhood. The objective is to break the Solnor Compact and isolate Rel Astra by taking out its allies: the Free Cities of Roland and Ountsy. If all goes well, in the end, Ahlissa will annex Ountsy and its surroundings, and the Northern Kingdom will do the same with Roland.

    To achieve that they’ll attack, under the colors of the Solnor Compact, ships of the Lords of the Isles, an ally of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Spies will also feed the Brotherhood with false information about a bigger move, of the Solnor Compact and the Sea Barons against the Isles, that will follow these attacks. They expect that all this will spur the Scarlet Brotherhood to make a move.

    The ruse has succeeded, and the Brotherhood will make a move against the Trine of Ountsy, taking advantage of the Founder’s Day festival. They’ll also try to secure the isle of Leastisle as a base on the southern flank of the Sea Barons."

    Ideas, suggestions, comments, critics are welcome.

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    Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:56 am  

    Sounds good. What part will the party play in things?
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    Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:56 pm  

    They stand to one side and applaud. Shocked Laughing
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