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    NPC Rogue's Gallery
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    Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:31 am  
    NPC Rogue's Gallery

    Hey guys. You know, I just realized that I spend HOURS of time looking for pre-generated NPCs all the time. I basically run a 1st and 2nd ed game, and as such I now find it nearly impossible to find many NPCs online. I have to make my own almost all the time. Thus, I had this idea. Why don't we create our own thread here of 1st ed pre-generated Greyhawk characters? We could do a 2nd ed too, but this is a fist ed area, so we'd have to confine ourselves to 1st here.

    Anyway, if there are others out there who, like me, like the idea of building a repository of NPCs, then this may be the place. Sound like a plan? If so, let's post some. I'll bet we can very quickly add such a font of NPCs as to really aid quite a few DMs out there.
    Master Greytalker

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    Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:14 pm  
    Altan Qorchi (Golden Quiver Bearer)

    Altan Qorchi (Golden Quiver Bearer)

    True Neutral alignment
    Archer (Dragon #45)
    Level: 9
    Exp: 250,000
    Next level: 500,000
    Human (Paynim)
    Age: 30 (Born Waterday, 12 Flocktime, CY 551)

    Str: 18-99 + 2/+ 5 Wt. Allow 235 Max Press 380 Open Doors 15(3) Bend Bars 20%
    Int: 12 (3) Languages, Chance to Know spell: 50%, Max spells/level: 7
    Wis: 12
    Dex: 17 +2 Reaction Adjust, +2 Missile Attack Adjust, -3 Defense Adjust
    Con: 13 +0 Hit Points Adjust , 85% Shock System, 90% Resurrection
    Char: 10 4 Max Henchmen

    Hit points: 66
    AC: -3 (-3 dex, ac0 armor)
    THAC0: 12 (base)
    #Att: 3/2 (3/1 with bow, +1before combat with nocked arrow)

    Khürkh-Onokh: THACO: 7* DAMAGE: 1-8+4*/1-8+4* 1lbs. Large, Piercing, Speed 4
    GreatBow: THACO: 10* DAMAGE: 1-8+6*/1-8+6* 1lbs. Large, Piercing, Speed 8
    Scimitars: THACO: 18 DAMAGE: 1-8+7/1-8+7 5lbs, Medium, Slashing, Speed 3
    Dagger: THACO: 9 DAMAGE: 1-4+6/1-3+6 2lbs, Small, Piercing, Speed 1

    0-50 = Point Blank
    51-210 = Short
    211-420 = Medium (-2 to hit)
    421-660 = Long (-5 to hit)

    * plus archer bonuses based upon range
    Bonus to hit/damage at the range given:
    Level: Point-blank…Short…Medium…Long Range
    9: +5/+4…+4/+3…+3/+2…+2/+1*

    Total Proficiencies: 41 (I use an altered system, so feel free to adjust)
    Unused proficiencies: 32
    Weapon proficiencies (6): All Blades (3), Bows (2), Spears (2), Style-Specialization (Two-Weapon), Horse Archery (N/A)
    Non-weapon proficiencies ( 26 ): Ambidexterity, Rope use (13), Swimming (14), Animal Handling (9), Animal Training-horse (10), Falconry.1 (10), Looting (13), Alertness (11), Observation (10), Survival-Steppes (10), Riding-Land.2 (15), Weather Sense (9), Signalling-flags.2 (10), Direction Sense (11), Tailoring (8), Tracking (10), Fire-Building (9), Hunting.1 (10), Jumping (14), Leatherworker (10)
    Bonus: Bowyer/Fletcher (12), Hide (13), Spot (10)
    Languages (1): Ancient Baklunish (N), Common (10)

    Horse Archers
    A proficient archer and rider who specializes in missile style gains a special benefit when mounted: any penalties he suffers for shooting while riding are reduced by 2. Normally, a character suffers a –2 penalty to missile attacks if his mount is moving at up to half its normal speed, and a –4 penalty if his mount is moving at full speed. Horse archers suffer no penalty for half-speed firing, and only a –2 penalty for firing at full speed.

    Archer Abilities:
    A magic bow and/or a magic arrow operates at + 1 in an Archer’s hands, over and above any magical bonus to hit and/or damage it may already have.
    Bonus to hit/damage at the range given:
    Level: Point-blank…Short…Medium…Long Range
    9: +5/+4…+4/+3…+3/+2…+2/+1*
    * Note: The bonuses to hit/damage given below do not include the -2 and -5 adjustments to armor class which must always be applied at medium and long range, respectively.

    Archer Spells (as 3rd level magicuser):
    Spells: 1st (2), 2nd (1)
    Spell points: 4
    Spells known: Magic Missile, Tenser's Steady Aim, Shield, Mirror Image, Melf's Acid Arrow

    Saving throws: PPDM 8, RSW 10, PP 9, BW 9, SP 11
    +1 “ring”
    +2 “dex-based”

    field rations 14 days, 2 water skins, bedroll,, Bit and bridle, backpack, 3 belt pouches,, Whetstone
    Heavy Warhorse
    Riding Saddle,Saddle bags
    Saddle blanket
    Dragon Scale Armor AC=0
    Dragon Leather Tunic,Pants,Gloves Hooded Cloak
    GreatBow built for strength (pony)
    Khürkh-Onokh (back)
    Quiver (back)
    Soft leather boots (feet)
    +2 “Blades of Khurdac” means speed They are matched scimitars of speed (belt)
    Belt Pouch (belt)
    Horn (horse)

    “Khürkh-Onokh” means heartseeker . +3 Composite Long bow of heartseeking.*
    Blades of Khurdac means Speed. Twin Scimitars of Speed
    Quiver of Arrow Storing (holds 200 arrows)
    Potions Extra Healing x2 , Plant Control, potion of healing
    10 Red Arrows: +2 arrows

    Altan Qorchi hails from the Plains of the Paynims . He was born in one of the many nomadic tribes that wander from the Plains to Western Ket. His ancestors as far as anyone can remember were always archers of the highest skill. His father , a hard task master , insisted on hours and hours of archery and sword practice every day. This training began at a very young age and continued until he reached the age of 15 where he was then considered an adult.
    He then was given a horse and weapons and when the tribe migrated to Ket during the dry season he joined the Ket military as a mercenary. What followed was 10 years of extremely difficult service. During this time he became stronger and more skilled with all his weapons. His prowess with a bow became something others talked about around the campfires at night. Greatly respected by his superiors he received the best of weapons , horses and equipment.
    Seeking more out of life than the harsh life of a mercenary he said farewell to the Ket military and began wandering the world in search of a higher purpose .


    GP: 610
    Gems/Jewelry: 10 (50gp value each)

    Notes to self:

    *This type of long bow (self or composite) always has a +3 bonus to hit targets. It acts as a normal magical bow, except when a sufficiently high number to hit is rolled. Then, the arrow it fires strikes directly at the target creature’s heart (if it has such), slaying the victim instantly. To hit numbers required for this attack are as follows:

    Opponent: Natural “To Hit” roll required
    Tiny: 17
    Small: 18-20
    Medium: 19-20
    Large+: 20
    Metal or stone* 20
    * If the foe is using a spell or device that has transformed him into this material.
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    Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:04 pm  

    Excellent idea! People could do this for all of the game system forums. Cool
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