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Greyhawk Avenger Background

Just typed this up because I really couldn't find the right type of background for a character I was putting together. Let me know what changes you would suggest.

Avenger of Greyhawk
Barbarians from the far north invaded the people of Tenh. Iuz the evil, the great demi-god, sent his non-human troops across vast stretches of the Flanaess, overtaking the Bandit Lands, the Barrens, the Horned Society, and the Shield Lands. The giants came from western reaches of the Flanaess, conquering the kingdoms of Sterich and Geoff. The Scarlet Brotherhood invaded the jungles of the south. Here they slew many, made slaves out the people and exploited the natural resources of the land. Spread throughout the Flanaess, are many powerful nobles ruling over their subjects through fear, bringing much tyranny, oppression and misery to the lands.

You come from a land that has suffered from the hands of tyrannical rulers, invaders of a foreign nation, or hordes of great monsters coming out of the wilderness, slaughtering the people and stealing their goods. The despair, horror and death you have seen is overwhelming. It is these images in your mind that will never give you the peace you seek and so you realize that someone must stand up to the face of tyranny, invasion and injustice.

When selecting this background, explore the lands of the Flanaess which have suffered from the hands of oppressors and invaders, selecting that which you feel most akin to call home. How did the injustices of the land affect you and your family? Was your home and land taken away from an evil lord bent on greed deriving pleasure watching others suffer? Were you or your family imprisoned, thrown into the dungeon to be forgotten? What monsters invaded your land, resulting in the exodus of its people? Was it a single monster such as a great dragon that burned the fields and villages? Was your land invaded by giants coming across the deserts of the far west? Did you live in a frontier town which was overrun by humanoids?

Skill Proficiencies: History, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: None
Equipment: A memento from home (such as a family medallion, sword or rightful land deed), a trophy taken from a slain invader or corrupt civil servant (such as a necklace of teeth, weapon, banner or bloodied garment), a map of the land, a drinking flask and a pouch of 10 gold

Having lived an ordinary life, pursuing the profession of a common person, perhaps the family trade or serving as an apprentice, you experienced a traumatic event as the result of corrupt ruler or invaders. This tragic moment caused you such great pain and anguish that you vowed to no longer be a victim but instead champion those that cannot for themselves. Choose or randomly determine a defining moment that changed your life.

d10 Defining Event
1. I robbed the rich and gave to the poor.
2. I watched helplessly as my family was taken away in chains.
3. My family died at the hands of a monstrous beast or horde that came
from the wilds.
4. Corrupt soldiers or religious leaders tried to break me when I served my
prison sentence for not paying taxes.
5. My family was captured by invaders and I freed them in the middle of
the night.
6. The family business was lost and I watched my parents die poor and
7. I once worked for a tyrannical ruler and at my hands or order many
people were imprisoned or killed.
8. I am related to the greedy lord and secretly freed slaves or prisoners.
9. I fled like a coward rather than fighting for my families freedom.
10. I witnessed a great hero lay down his life trying to save the helpless.

FEATURE: My defining event has caused me to realize that one person can make a difference. With this strength I am able to rally others, bringing them together and instilling courage within so that they may help me fight the good fight. Others see me as a leader and a hero. They grant me shelter and hiding when necessary.

The avenger of Greyhawk is a versatile role. The character may be familiar with the unsavory elements of their ruthless lord having been a victim or worked for them. The character may seek justice or revenge. The avenger may be a dark seeded character that believes an eye for an eye, ready to deal out justice in the same manner the corrupt lord delivered. The character may be proud to stand to evil or simply be bent on revenge and be just as bloodthirsty as those he opposes. If the character’s homeland is overrun by evil monsters they may need to develop the necessary skills before they can slay the dragon, giants, humanoids, or demonic entity that plagues them. The character may need to seek out a powerful artifact to assist in slaying their monstrous foe. Perhaps the character learns that the monster was sent by another powerful person or creature, furthering their vendetta for years to come.

d10 Personality Trait
1 I must rally as many allies as possible to overcome the tyrannical
ruler, invaders or monster that plagues my homeland.
2 My revenge is justified by the deaths of those that fell at the hands of
my enemy.
3 I was once a coward but now I am a threat to all that oppose me.
4 I always encourage others to put down the sword unless they fight for
the right reasons.
5 If I die for my cause I lived a life worth living.
6 Should I fail to avenge those that suffer I am not worthy of my title or
family name.
7 Mercy is for the weak and I shall give none.
8 I am relentless in seeking justice.
9 Once my cause is over I shall seek out others that must be freed or
10 I cannot find love or happiness until I succeed.

d6 Ideal
1 Justice: Justice belongs to the law and it shall be so. (Lawful)
2 Honorable: I shall not rest until my people are free. (Good)
3 Victory: I alone must face the enemy. (Chaotic)
4 Revenge: I will destroy my enemy and rule in their place. (Evil)
5 Allies: You may fight with me, but you must hold your own in battle.
6 Wealth: I take the victory as I choose; the people may share in the
spoils. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 My family is my life; I shall honor them with victory.
2 My enemy has captured my bride (or groom) to be.
3 I have given my word to the people that freedom shall be had.
4 Those that fight with me I honor and respect.
5 The weak and helpless must be shielded at all costs.
6 Someone saved me but at the cost of their freedom or life.

d6 Flaw
1 I secretly plan to rule once I remove the evil.
2 My blood thirst shall not be sated even once this task is done.
3 I have made a pact with another evil in order to acquire equipment or
knowledge needed to succeed.
4 Once I free the land of the evil, the people must fend for themselves.
5 My pride shall be my downfall for I will attempt this task before I am
fully ready.
6 The people I free owe me their lives; I shall come to collect my debt
one day.

Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods